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No way in heck you can ever convince me any corps deserves a score that high.

But congrats anyway!

Part of it is simply because no other corps seemed to even come close in anything but Percussion. When the gaps are that big between one corps and another, you get stuff like 2002 Cavaliers and 2005 Cadets where captions are run away with. In this case it also helped that slotted #2 Cadets just didn't improve as much as everyone below them.

I wouldn't say Cadets alone allowed this to happen by having sub-par show, but it certainly helped. Reminds me of 02-03 Cadets. Incredible talent with a non-championship product. Plus, I feel like the corps below Cadets were all incredibly hot (for them). There was obviously a strengthening of 3-bottom while the #2 slotted corps in Cadets left everyone a little bit flat. Then BD comes up and obviously is still a bit further ahead than both Cadets & Bluecoats, and apparently that's how 99.65s happen. Judges are like "well, Cadets were clearly the next most talented corps to BD in most captions coming into today... yet they kinda feel flat in comparison. I guess this gap needs to be wider."


4 GE judges in perfect scores? Really? Not one of them said "eh. It's great but not the best thing I'll ever see. 99".

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Perfect GE scores across the board. Perfect visual scores across the board. Plus another perfect subcaption in Music Analysis content, and another in Brass achievement. Just amazing! Congratulations Blue Devils on continually raising the bar for yourselves and the activity! BRAVO!!! :thumbup:

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First off, The general reaction of the corps when the score was announced is awesome... They seemed generally shocked it was that high.

Second, the amount of sportsman ship each corps shows is amazing, perfect example is BD turning to the Coats after the Cadets got third and clapping for them.

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Subjective judging...guess the judges have never seen anything else any better than this.

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