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22 hours ago, nsxanax said:

I’m guessing Philip Glass could provide a definitive answer, but regardless of the beau’s name, it is [for me, at least] one of the most powerful moments I’ve ever witnessed in marching arts.

Speaking of PG, just occurs to me that ‘99 SCV’s Inventions for a New Millennium opened with “The Canyon.”

Fellow sure translates well for drum corps👍


It's just so basic for such an epic moment! Lol.


The school I work with has played The Canyon before. One of my favorite pieces on the field.

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I got to go to their January camp show and tell this morning, some very interesting and exciting stuff. They seem to be going after a mix of very recognizable music as well as more obscure stuff. Also

More moments like that jaw-dropping company front near the end. That was orgasmic for everyone in the house and in homes around the nation. YES !

Based on what I’ve seen and heard, Crown is venturing into new waters this year, but not too far away from the concept of previous shows. The drum set fits with the direction of the show and at least

1 hour ago, Incognito365 said:

It's just so basic for such an epic moment! Lol.


The school I work with has played The Canyon before. One of my favorite pieces on the field.

Just found it on YTube.

Very nice!!!

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7 hours ago, karuna said:

Don't worry CrownFans.  The Cadets excitement does not affect our visual design team 🙂

(sorry -- is this a rumor?  i'm not sure :ninja:


7 hours ago, ndrudy2013 said:

It's not a rumor but you are right, this will not affect the visual design team..

Okay. Summin’ goin’ on here, that CrownFANADDICTS need to know about?!?!

Hoping it’s one of those, “nothing to see here folks; move along.” 

Disinformation also welcome. Provided it’s positive😎

Not prepared for any possible bad news, until after Labor Day...

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On 8/11/2019 at 11:39 AM, StrikerEZ said:

If the design team can make a show as good as they did this year, they’ll probably get fourth (or maybe worse) again. I loved this show to pieces, don’t get me wrong. But at the rate that corps have been improving over the past few years (I loved all but 2 of the shows in finals this year, and there were tons of corps that didn’t make finals that had awesome shows), Crown will need to step up their game if they want to medal (or hopefully win). 

While I’d love to see another show like Inferno or Relentless, I don’t think this design team would be able to pull it off. They need to go all in on what works for them: slightly abstract shows with insane marching and playing. If they picked a theme that was still abstract, but more relatable, I think they would have a very good shot at medaling. 

Here’s a theme idea I think would work:

Change: something about what it’s like to grow up and become something new. Everyone goes through that in their life, so pretty relatable. They could possibly relate it to the seasons as well. This would also be a kind of meta show, since Crown has been changing a lot lately. Also, maybe they could play Firebird? It’s been awhile since we’ve seen that on the field, and CrownBRASS could easily pull it off. It would kinda fit, since the Phoenix rises from the ashes and all that. 

I was at the Wright Brothers National Memorial in North Carolina last week and had an epiphany (which are far and few for maybe I'm overly-confident about this idea). 

How about a show centered around the concept, both concretely and abstractly, of flight.

Surface: The story of the Wright Brothers would be a great fit for Crown in my opinion, given their Carolina roots. I see flags and front sideline walls with drawings of various plane prototypes and equations ( Maybe a replica of their original plane that can be transported and moved around the field easily (

Firebird could work as a closer. The "plane" stays backfield until the closer when it's moved forward as part of a dramatic company front, then the Crown set (symbolizing the first flight). 

Abstract: As StrikerEZ said, this design team is great with abstract...but often at the risk of being accessible. While the concrete concept of the show is the birth of aviation (accessible), the show can also carry a deeper meaning (perhaps during the ballad) of : taking risks, achievements, personal growth, etc. Some quotes come to mind:

"Fly without wings; Dream with open eyes; See in darkness.” -Dejan Stojanovic 

“If you were born without wings, do nothing to prevent them from growing.” -Coco Chanel 

“Man must rise above the Earth, to the top of the atmosphere and beyond, for only thus will he fully understand the world in which he lives.” -Socrates 

“Until you spread your wings you have no idea how far you’ll fly.” -anonymous 

I have no professional experience with show design, but I've been intrigued by this concept since it hit me last week and thought it would be fun to play around with on here.



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