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  1. You and I agree here! He’s said on Reddit he’s all for it, too!
  2. My problem isn't with the narration itself, it's with how hokey it is. Really bad voice acting for most of it that's just not believable.
  3. Nice sounds coming from them, but the hokey narration really, really hurts this show.
  4. It annoys me that goliath’s head flexes its head arms when there are clearly two real arms on the plinko board there. And has all season.
  5. That was a stronk run from Crown. I’d have them slightly above Cavvies for tonight.
  6. I’m jealous. After a long flight from Albuquerque, I got to the Westin to find their driveway closed with signs that said “Garage full. No valet.” No useful information about where to park. No one answered their phone. I ended up parking in a garage two blocks away and lugging all my luggage through the streets of Atlanta at midnight. And then found a huge check-in line. I’ll never stay here again, that’s for sure. On the plus side, I have a nice view of the stadium from my room.
  7. Boston is by far the worst. I think Crown has done a nice job in the past, but this year the two times I’ve seen them live (Once on the 50, once on side 1 around the 35) the balance left to right has been off kilter. I think the Mandarins do a really nice job this year balancing dynamics. And the Bluecoats certainly seem to do more than everyone else with layering and distorting the sound, but in a way that feels authentic. As far as the synth bass, there are very few that use it well. Honestly, I don’t know why some corps even bother marching tubas at all if you can’t hear them for the entire show because they’re covered up with goo.
  8. I know several people have mentioned the T.S. Eliot poem as the origin of the line "The Detail of the Pattern is Movement." I wonder if there's also a tie to the Caroline Shaw work Partita for 8 Singers: No. 1 Allemande, which is also based on the phrase. I'll have to listen closer the next time I hear them to see if there are any references, or if it's just coincidence.
  9. There were some timing issues in the show tonight, particularly when the corps was spread to the 20’s on both sides. Not sure if that contributed to the surprisng score, but it was noticeable even to a non drummer like me.