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  1. I really like this Academy show, but it's a shame they didn't do anything more interesting with the Brahms.
  2. Maybe they’re just trying to cover up their very loud generators (looking at you Cadets and your two enormous gens), that buzz in the audiences face the entire show. I sat sat on the side 2 35 in San Antonio and could hear more from the generators of some corps than from the speakers on side 1.
  3. besson57

    Carolina Crown 2018

    Last night was the first time I’ve been to a show in TX. I thought it was interesting that Crown was the clear crowd favorite both before the event started when Dan potter introduced all the performing corps, and after they performed, when they had the crowd immediately on their feet and the biggest cheers of the night. The brass was awesome, but I definitely noticed a few small issues with balance and individuals sticking out. The guard seemed to have more energy than what I’ve seen on video clips. Percussion was as advertised.
  4. besson57

    Denton, TX - July 19, 2018

    I'm unexpectedly in Fort Worth for work this week, and I'm really excited about getting a chance to see Arsenal for the first time, as well as a chance to see the rest of the corps. Yesterday, it was 113 at 6:30 PM and 102 at 10:45 PM, so heat could definitely be a factor, but I hope the show goes on.
  5. besson57

    Looking for a San Antonio Ticket

    Found one on ticketmaster.
  6. I'm looking for 1 ticket for San Antonio, ideally between the 40's in the lower section where the brass will melt my face off.
  7. besson57

    Muncie, IN - June 29, 2018

    Just can’t get into the Crossmen music the first time I’ve heard it, though they’re killing it. Which has also happened the last 3 years, when it’s ended up on repeat on my headphones after the season. So not a bad thing.
  8. besson57

    Muncie, IN - June 29, 2018

    Is that the scarecrow they keep featuring? Because that was one of my all time favorite Colts shows. This one could be up there by the end of the season.
  9. besson57

    Muncie, IN - June 29, 2018

    Really enjoying the Genesis sound and pacing. Really nice job.
  10. As a new resident of Albuquerque, I'm excited to see there's some drum corps activity here! Looking forward to supporting Arsenal. It will help take some of the sting out of being 10 minutes from Carolina Crown's spring training site.
  11. besson57

    Carolina Crown 2018

    They've been teasing audition information coming soon on social media, so perhaps that's it?
  12. besson57

    Cadets 2018

    That was my introduction to drum corps. I was a freshman in high school (in Central PA), and my high school band directors were big fans of the Cadets. We did a West Side Story show that year, and had several cadets come to help instruct during the fall. I'd like to see Cadets do it on the field again, but differently than before, like they did this year with the mass.
  13. I saw Surf live twice early in the season, and didn't enjoy it nearly as much as that run I watched on Flo. I'm impressed with what they did with that show, and how they cleaned and kept my attention! Nice job!
  14. Carolina Cinemark in Asheville, NC for me.
  15. ...Then it's probably a drum corps show I want to see. This silly anti-intellectual trope of "design isn't effective if you have to explain it" is crap. I don't want to watch drum corps shows dumbed down to the least common denominator. I want to see shows that speaks on different levels. I want to see a show that's entertaining and emotional without knowing anything about it going in. I ALSO want a multi-layered, nuanced, erudite, and meaningful show that's chock-full of subtle cues to a broader theme and deeper connection. The two aren't mutually exclusive, and I'm tired of seeing this silly criticism that learning more about a design means a show sucks.