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  1. The sound quality isn't bad. And the commercials aren't (yet) intrusive or overly loud. There are a couple problems. Although they posted a schedule, the stream doesn't seem to match up with the schedule. Also, it's pretty weird to call it radio, when it's actually streaming video. On a completely different topic, Rogue Amoeba's Audio Hijack Pro is pretty cool software.
  2. Yes. Obviously. I already emailed a corps I bought tickets from to let them know that I don't want a refund, and hope they will use the money as a contribution instead. Hopefully lots of people will do the same, and corps will make it easy to do that when communicating with people about the refunds they're clearly entitled to.
  3. You and I agree here! He’s said on Reddit he’s all for it, too!
  4. My problem isn't with the narration itself, it's with how hokey it is. Really bad voice acting for most of it that's just not believable.
  5. Nice sounds coming from them, but the hokey narration really, really hurts this show.
  6. It annoys me that goliath’s head flexes its head arms when there are clearly two real arms on the plinko board there. And has all season.
  7. That was a stronk run from Crown. I’d have them slightly above Cavvies for tonight.
  8. I’m jealous. After a long flight from Albuquerque, I got to the Westin to find their driveway closed with signs that said “Garage full. No valet.” No useful information about where to park. No one answered their phone. I ended up parking in a garage two blocks away and lugging all my luggage through the streets of Atlanta at midnight. And then found a huge check-in line. I’ll never stay here again, that’s for sure. On the plus side, I have a nice view of the stadium from my room.