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  1. I love what's on the field. When I say I'm done supporting DCI, I mean: not buying tickets and canceled my FloMarching subscription (this hurts me. It's something I'm going to miss this summer), not sending corps donations (This hurts the corps...but, the corps are DCI...they need to feel the pain to know it's time to change. My yearly donations were low-mid 4 figures spread among several corps.) The Arsenal fiasco was the final straw on the camel's back for me. But the atrocious mis-handling and lack of action to take out the predator and predator-enabling trash is the bigger reason they've lost my support. And it's why I think this thread is so important.
  2. I think I'll just dispute the charges if they refuse refunds.
  3. The corps are DCI. They should have figured it out at their annual meeting. Instead, they threw support to the current CEO and buried their heads in the sand. If it takes a boycott for them to wake up, so be it.
  4. It would be pretty easy to crowdsource designs for handouts, and to create a signup schedule for volunteers to be on hand on sidewalks/other public property near venues. Maybe someone should register something like 🤔
  5. I'm out. Done, (at least) until there's a new CEO for DCI. I canceled my Flo account. I purchased tickets to two shows in 2019 from DCI's website. I'm now looking into how to request a refund. I don't plan to attend any DCI events, donate to any corps, or continue in my fandom until the activity corrects its ways. The Arsenal situation is the last straw, but the cover-ups, the lack of any meaningful reform at the annual meeting, the refusal to talk to the press, the tolerance of predator enablers remaining in charge of corps, and the lack of any reasonable apology, contrition, and healing from anyone involved in running DCI has led up to this point. It's disgusting.
  6. @Jeff Ream was right. This totally changes the narrative. Oh wait. No it doesn't. It just confirms exactly what everyone was outraged about.
  7. I really like this Academy show, but it's a shame they didn't do anything more interesting with the Brahms.
  8. Maybe they’re just trying to cover up their very loud generators (looking at you Cadets and your two enormous gens), that buzz in the audiences face the entire show. I sat sat on the side 2 35 in San Antonio and could hear more from the generators of some corps than from the speakers on side 1.
  9. Last night was the first time I’ve been to a show in TX. I thought it was interesting that Crown was the clear crowd favorite both before the event started when Dan potter introduced all the performing corps, and after they performed, when they had the crowd immediately on their feet and the biggest cheers of the night. The brass was awesome, but I definitely noticed a few small issues with balance and individuals sticking out. The guard seemed to have more energy than what I’ve seen on video clips. Percussion was as advertised.
  10. I'm unexpectedly in Fort Worth for work this week, and I'm really excited about getting a chance to see Arsenal for the first time, as well as a chance to see the rest of the corps. Yesterday, it was 113 at 6:30 PM and 102 at 10:45 PM, so heat could definitely be a factor, but I hope the show goes on.