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February 3, 2002,  1:29am ET

Newark, DE

The February Crossmen camp is now ⅔ over. Friday night went pretty well as we read down the latest revisions to “Heat of the Day” and began looking at “Supertonic Suite.” (Note - Supertonic Suite was replaced later in the winter.) Rehearsal flew by and things looked to be going pretty smoothly. I even paid my tour fee in order to get the early-bird special. Today’s rehearsal blocks did not go quite as smoothly as last night. It wasn’t necessarily anyone’s fault, though. The rhythms, time signatures, and just general difficulty of the charts require time and patience. We did do a full two-hour marching block this afternoon so it was nice to break up all the playing with some visual time. The last hour of tonight’s rehearsal was spent putting together the opener and first half of “Supertonic” with percussion. Although the task seemed daunting, we got a lot accomplished and should continue that tomorrow. The schedule for tomorrow was pushed up for some administrative things so we will be done at 1pm. I also need to find time to interview Al Chez for Drum Corps Radio, and maybe Jim Coates as well. Today during a trumpet sectional, Drew (staff) introduced everyone in the section and explained about Drum Corps Radio. Some of the members knew exactly what it was and others asked for the information for listening so that was exciting. Now it is time for some rest before the last 3 ½ hours of February camp.


February 3, 2002, 4:32pm ET

Newark, DE


My third Crossmen camp is now history, but it sure did finish strong. By the end of today’s relatively short 3-hour rehearsal block, the hornline and drumline were able to play through the first two tunes. It didn’t sound half bad either! It felt good to hear the benefits of another weekend of hard work. Brass move-in has not been officially set yet, either May 17 or May 24. I’ve made arrangements for most of my classes already so I can take my final exams early so either way it shouldn’t be a big deal for me. After camp, I got some sound bytes from Al Chez for Drum Corps Radio and he said that I’m doing well with Crossmen. My biggest problem is not using enough air, which probably comes from lack of confidence. Some hard work between now and the March camp should help with that. I’m also going to work on getting into good shape so that I’ll be ahead of the game come spring training. Bones!


(Next posting will be March 3.)

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