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Carolina Crown 2022


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Mike Stone is on GE judging. 👀

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And Crown enters the field for competition. 

looking good too 

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6 minutes ago, DCIFan2022 said:

How is Crown doing?!?!1

Really great. Just impressive live. The guard is on it .. brass was awesome. 

marching some holes tonight. 

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Crown had a great run tonight. As BWise mentioned a couple holes tonight. Guard was great but I did see a couple of drops. They'll get it clean. The Brass .....Holy crap!!! They are consistent with the power they are producing from them horns. They are truly God's Hornline. The final push of the show was so in your face too.  The Battery is getting there but they are great and I love their book this year. Not worried.  


This Atlanta mid-season show was great. The stadium was really nice but it was hard to find your seat due to it being unmarked. Also you couldn't leave the stadium after entering. The weather was perfect, a nice cool breeze which I think helped all the corps have great performances.  I do hope this show is added to the years to come along with the Southeastern Championship. They should also add maybe a few more corps. I think Spirit will be at this one when they come back; the did have their souvenir stand there. 


Anyway Great Performance from Crown !!! 83.45 Let's keep it going.

....short Video will be posted soon.

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I’m gonna get crucified for this, but after my 3rd live performance of crown the app gimmick just isn’t working. I don’t mean that it technically doesn’t work, I mean from an audience perspective it just isn’t working yet. It seems like no one wants to watch a drum corps show while they have their phone in their hand. The corps March and play well, but the gimmick and all just seems a little forced at the moment. Maybe more will buy into it as the season progresses. 

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