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Friday, August 12th “DCI World Championship SEMIFINALS” Lucas Oil Stadium Indianapolis, INDIANA

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1 hour ago, BDCorno said:

If I recall, in a recent season they did have two percussion judges. One was a field judge and the other ensemble. The intent was to get a better read on the front ensembles. I guess now that they restrict the field judge and keep them off the field, they felt they didn’t need the second one. IDK.

In 2013 Semis, Glenn Fugett spent more time with the front ensemble than most percussion judges do; that's how Crown's percussion was able to place 4th (they placed 6th on Finals night).

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1 hour ago, MikeRapp said:

Historically there has been a direct and inarguable correlation between age/experience and achievement. This is why I have asked to see the average and mean age of world class corps. I would bet it is 90% aligned with the final rankings.

Concur with your conclusion.

Perhaps this should bump to a separate thread, but have you been successful in your attempts to obtain corps-specific age data? If yes, that is a dataset that I would have endless fun running through regressions.

If you've not been successful (and this is the real question), why do you suppose that is? What has been the reason(s) for refusal?

I get that there is no automatically presumed public access to this info, which comes form private, non-profit organizations. It's not a government record. But if this info is kept under lock and key, I am curious why the member corps have put such strict restriction on it.

And I get that DCI needs to have the person-by-person age data in order to adjudicate any age-eligibility questions among the membership, but I don't quite get why the member corps would insist that . . . 

  • anonymized -- no names
  • corps-specific
  • age and
  • experience 

. . . data must be kept in a vault.

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The last ten pages have had to be heavily moderated and not been on topic, so we will close it and encourage everyone to focus their attention to tonight's finals thread. 

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