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2 minutes ago, Cop said:

Cavies new closer flag is lovely on multi cam.

Nice run Cavies!  great energy 

Yeah, that was impressive.

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1 minute ago, ediblewaffles said:

Call me crazy, but I still think this show can move up one more spot

Phantoms Guard and GE scores are big.  If the drumlines scores were removed, PR is 2 points over Cavies

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1 minute ago, Onionhead2 said:

If your percussion, do you want the WC more than the Sanford ?

If I’m placing lower than 3rd, I want the Sanford.

If I’m top 3, I want the ring.


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4 minutes ago, t.a.r.b. said:

Seeing these uniforms along with that classic Cavies style makes me so nostalgic. I don’t know if they’ll be hatless next season, but I’m emotionally thrilled they went back to their roots this time around. You love to see it.

I hope they keep the hats. At least for part of the show. They’ve been so visually effective for them for decades. When you have something unique ,hold onto it. 

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5 minutes ago, KPinCAL said:

When did the Cavies do West Side story? 80’s??

Cadets did it 84 and 85, and again in the 2000s I believe 

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It's not Phannom Regiment, It's PhanTOM Regiment.

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