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Sorry you feel (like all other pro-amp/borg-esque folks) that criticism is belittling or bashing LOL !! well, its not, and its not inteneded that way,

Sometimes it is.

and it doesnt come across that way.

Many times it DOES. You may not think so, but then again, you probably agree with what's being said.

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The singer sang the introduction in a lounge act style (better than announcing it I guess) but she was hard to hear over the amped pit.

Just wanted to add that the introduction is "History Repeating" by the Propellerheads, and they stayed extremely true to the original with Shirley Bassey.

I'm also wondering if people are starting to complain about most amped pits being too loud only because we're not used to hearing them while the hornline's playing, ya know? Now that all the parts are being heard, some people may think that they're covering up the rest of the corps, when really, a more proper musical balance is being achieved.

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The way I'm seeing things, if you're gonna give a review, you better have good things to say since the kids are busting their butts.

I don't think the negative comments are directed at the kids but more towards the show, amps and clutter. We don't have to agree!

And who do you think are performing those shows? There is such a thing as "constructive criticism" which is why each corps staff attends critiques after each show and speak to those who will give them the feedback they need to help them with their productions. Do you think our judges are telling these corps who are using the amps 'to get rid of them'?


Fan of the Arts

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I liked your quick review. Your opinion. Your thoughts. Your conclusions. I wish you get to see BD and SCV, as I think you will truly enjoy those shows (assuming they don't over-amp the pit).

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To the original poster I would say give many of these shows a second or third viewing before you judge for several reasons: these shows are being designed at a VERY high competitive and creative level and there is a lot of trial and error involved (you seem to be in love with the old OPENER, CONCERT SELECTION, CLOSER played louder higher and faster in 4/4 time era)

Hey! We didn't do that as far back as MY day...we had no concert in 72, and we marched in 3...4...5...and 6.


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Are you talking about the booing?? How does one distinguish a BOOO from a BLOOO?! I'm not even being facetious here.

Had the placements been reversed, I think the obvious crowd reaction would have made plenty clear whether you were hearing BOOO or BLOOOO.

Mike in OH

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thanks for the review-- i did enjoy the 20% of that review that wasnt you being upset out about amps, mixers, soundboards, and mics... i mean... trust me, i dont like that stuff either, i REALLY REALLY dont-- but i'm not going to let it ruin my DCI experience like i can tell you let it yours, you know what i mean?... what kinds of POSITIVE things happened? what made you HAPPY? what were the guards like? the drill?

there are tons of aspects of the shows that dont have anything to do with amps-- what about those things?

being different than things were "once upon a time" does not make DCI by definition worse or bad... its just makes them different... and in my humble opinon, Dan Achenson is doing an incredible job...

Maybe, I'm wrong, but I got the impression that the things he disliked were so overwheming that it obscured any positives for him. I know that if I go to a fine restaurant and pay good money because the restaurant has a first rate fine cuisine reputation....... but my food was truly awful and made me nauseous, , I'm not inclined to want to talk about how much I liked the potted plants, the ambiance of the place, nor the knowledgeable and capable waiter, etc, , Perhaps his experience was so overwhelmingly negative,it blurred out any positives for him. Just a thought. Perhaps he could comment further. My guess, like a bad dream, he's trying to put this experience behnd him. If so, that could be interpreted as a positive.

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I'll see the Cadets Friday in Maryland. So will make more comments at that time.

However, I am a trained musician. My ears are trained to hear nuances in the music; in timbre and intrumentation, in tuning, blemd and balance. I have always been sensitive to loud sounds. I can't stand alarm clocks.

So when I go to a drum corps show, my triaining is there. I can't help it that when I hear band sounds, whether the horn line is out of tune or the mics are way to loud I don't just notice it, but it really bothers me. When pit instruments like cymbals stick out and are out of character because of amps, it bothers me; distriacts me and makes it difficult to over look as hard as I may try (and I have tried).

So far for me amps, not just vocals, but ALL AMPLIFICATION has had more of a negative affect on shows than a positive one. :ramd:


I've also heard several indoor concerts over the last few years where part or all of a show/concert was miced and to be honest it lessened, and in a couple of cases ruined, most of those performances.

You said above....." I can't stand the sound of alarm clocks. " ' Just curious, are there people who DO enjoy the sound of alarm clocks ? ( oops, nevermind....I thought of two groups.....the people who make'em and the people who sell'em. )

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The SCV in 8th was a good point. As a matter of fact, there were many more fans at the Quarters, Semi's and Finals at DCI in Boston last year that found the SCV show much more fulfilling and satisfying than that of the Cadets. I don't think there is much disagreement on this point. Even the Crossmen, who failed to make Finals were more well received than the Cadets. Not to slight the Cadets, as they were very efficient in all areas. But they were clearly nowhere near the crowd favorite. Phantom Regiment was the crowd favorite last year at DCI.

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