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  1. BigW

    Staff Merry-Go-Round 2019

    I hear they're thinking of playing "A Slow Ride in a Slower machine" as their high energy opener.
  2. BigW

    Standings as of now DCA

    The ability to change scores in the intermission blocks should help in large part with that issue, but it does have some effects.
  3. BigW

    Pioneer Member Rant

    Mike, a suggestion. It may be more important to verify who this person claims they are, and I know you're savvy enough to do it and at least I (and would believe many others) trust you. Might be better to figure that whole thing out later.
  4. BigW

    Pioneer Member Rant

    It depends on the individual, Jeff, and also.... there was a rather sticky wicket thrown in there if you're correct. Dan probably needed to talk to individual staff without others around one after another. Who wants to be the person who threw one or more of the other staff members under the bus in front of DA and the rest of the staff for anything short of outright criminal behavior? (meant as all-encompassing there) Were there messages sent to DA afterwards when someone had the time to call someone else out for a lesser level of outright incompetence? Likely. Also on my mind, when did this meeting take place? If it happened at A-Town, the question whether the corps could finish the tour is pretty moot. Things would have to be a total shambles not to limp it in with one week to go. BC? Can you help there?
  5. BigW

    Pioneer What Next?

    Yes... From the looks of things in the 'ideal' situation, a corps provides high quality services/amenities to attract solid members and provide quality product to the fans. If a group doesn't, the Darwinian process takes hold. Maybe this is one of those instances.
  6. BigW

    Pioneer What Next?

    You may be right- its been a selling point of the organization for years. If that's the case, it's sad.
  7. BigW

    Pioneer What Next?

    From the Wiki article on the Troopers: "... in 2005, the DCI Board of Directors suspended the Troopers from competition for non-compliance with membership rules. "
  8. BigW

    Pioneer What Next?

    Bingo. There needs to be more thought put into it in so many directions. What instructional curriculum, who they need who can do this well and keeping them... how to also be professional...fixing what looks like a crumbled infrastructure so the kids have good instruments in their hands and ride reliable buses... The idea of being willing to teach everyone willing to learn deeply appeals to me. I think there's a consensus here that even with that as a primary goal, the corps can and should do better/score better/present better/have better morale/be a far better overall experience.
  9. BigW

    Pioneer What Next?

    There is one thing they aspire to that is good- their open admission policy as it were. They take anyone from anywhere, even train woodwind players on brass. If there's another team out there in DCA or DCI that does this in the scale Pioneer is known to do it- they're not needed Their services are redundant. If there's not, either some group would need to pick that idea up and run with it, or Pioneer would need to be totally rehabilitated so it can do this function well in the way it should be done.
  10. BigW

    Pioneer Member Rant

    Real professionals (and that doesn't mean a degree either just how one carries themselves) whether they are paid well or not don't do this stuff. Worked for peanuts or nothing here and there and wouldn't do that.
  11. BigW

    Pioneer Member Rant

    If the malfeasance is proven, Clean house... start over fresh with the same positive goals in place. If they can't or won't, unfortunately I agree.
  12. BigW

    Pioneer Member Rant

    It's not easy, Tim. I made a personal decision years ago to err on the side of the individual, if they're hurt, they're hurt, not dogging it. I figure it's on their conscience if they're faking. But given the largely hand picked status of the MM's, I just can't see why they'd be 'wimping out'. Even in this case, the individual or their families or sponsor's shelled out a lot of money. You're going to do it if you can and rehearse, not fold.
  13. BigW

    Pioneer Member Rant

    Interesting-- The question would then become... will the associated manufacturers make their money back by increased sales by making sure some manufacturer supply every corps with a free horn or drum line? The next and extremely loaded one is this: If I'm the guy at System BigW, the bestest Marching Baritone in existence, would I want to sponsor and have my good name (LOL) associated with a team that's not well managed and has a bad rep?
  14. BigW

    Pioneer Member Rant

    On the face of it, YES. Lord knows if there's a fear of liability because a MM helped another with something because no one else would or could. If that's an issue, why isn't there someone capable on staff!? We both know, and many of us, 'grumpy' or not... that the days of "Just cut that leg off if it hurts, you'll grow a new one, git back on da field, kid" have been over for a long time. Maybe it's reading that this stuff is alleged to be happening is making us 'grumpy'.