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  1. Upstate NY Circuits

    The RCA was just before my time-- basically a circuit where non-DCA members could compete and get input. The Westshoremen were heavily involved until they cracked finals, and I know the Thunderbirds were also very active. My guess is that the Guelph Royalaires were also active occasionally as well as Hamburg. Later on ICA formed to do much the same thing that the RCA did for all-age corps, then went away when it was no longer really needed.
  2. Upstate NY Circuits

    Johnsonburg's paper mill makes it a pretty smelly place. The Westshoremen rehearsed and I think did an exhibition there around 1980.
  3. Upstate NY Circuits

    The area the Cambria Cadets are out of barely had the resources to have a corps even back then... and while there were some very good HS bands out of that area in the 80's and 90's, they fell by the wayside as their administrations pretty much strangled them out of competing and the area became more and more depressed financially. I know they had talent and some pretty good people.
  4. The problem is those shows tend to be eclipsed by the Cadets and to an extent BD in 1983 in that era. IIRC, the drill is also rather conservative?
  5. Sad News Krista Fawber

    I had heard, my deep sympathies. Those of us who played when Kris was there, I think we tried hard to give something more from our hearts when we performed. There was that great sense of respect from both sides.
  6. Wow... (Top 5 in no particular order except for the last one which is 5th) 1982 (Was in Montreal, they made me cry after Spartacus killed his friend) 2008 2003 (The Bartok to the end- Shaw and and Front Ensemble arranger get Bartok. The drill, not fancy, but fits the music wonderfully, the drill with the percussion feature simple, sublime, but it FITS. Your eyes draw to the section they should draw to, the end when the full ensemble cuts loose, nicely framed... I can go on.) 1996 (Sheer force of will. Unstoppable.) This one is the tough one- Not their "best show" perhaps, but one that's had a real influence on me in terms of discovering Astor Piazzola, for which I have to thank the corps for. 2004. Honorable mentions: 2012, 1995, 1993, 2005, 2006 (Those last two shows knocked the socks off of the DCI East crowd that otherwise pretty much sat on their hands all night) 1979 (Have to mention Elsa) 1989, 1991. The not so goods.... A mixed deal on 1980. Russian Easter Overture, cool... but Romany Life... Egads... We had a copy of a performance tape done about 2 weeks before finals of PR at Westshore, and even my 17 year old ears heard a lot of... eesh! Oh gads...that Battery, GAH! Oh, oh goodness, very bad... I think they cleaned most of it up by Championship weekend, but.... If people wonder why Phantom couldn't seal the deal against BD in that period, one word. Percussion. And this one might be controversial, but I just never locked into 2007 with the exception of the last 90 seconds.... the program felt like Phantom trying to be someone else.
  7. Cadets 2018

    On the C2 end.... the two dozen rocking chairs last year on the field were also rather easy to figure out.
  8. All time shows: Troopers

    That, Fran, is the "Introduction and Fantasia" I was talking about earlier. It was written by the composer as his interpretation of an Apollo Moon mission. That's what he told us. One of those daggone Symphonic Band pieces that, according to a certain person in a couple of his threads a bit ago... ruined the activity. Kind of Ironic that even the Troopers are guilty of wrecking Drum Corps....
  9. All time shows: Troopers

    Have things to do the next couple of days, before I head out, the scary thing about this thread to me is how most of the discussion's about the pre-DCI period. With a couple of exceptions, it's kind of like, yeah they do things now, but nothing's really grabbing people and involving them except for 2009 and maybe another show since 1979?
  10. All time shows: Troopers

    It may have been Pete or Mel Stratton's WCU Clinic that specifically mentioned the Troopers, I think it was Mel's in 1983, for those very reasons. He also mentioned some tricks they used to make them very hard to tick like body placements and stances. :)
  11. All time shows: Troopers

    I had the opportunity in 1982 to see Pete at a WCU clinic. Dynamic, thoughtful, thorough, and exact. He really enforced using good consistent methodology to achieve excellence- that the design was almost secondary to making sure whatever you did that it was done exceptionally well.
  12. All time shows: Troopers

    Odd, that. West Chester was known for it's James Burden Godspell arrangement where we sang for part of it and it always got a really nice crowd response in that 80's era. Just not as familiar with F-Troop pre 1979. And when I did see them in the 80's they just appeared to be stuck in the same rut design-wise and didn't seem to be able to get out of it. it just appears to me that from say... 1966ish to 1974ish they were downright brilliant and very innovative during that period visually and arranging brass-wise then decided to stick with what got them there and never managed to get away from it while everyone else grew and passed them by- especially Vanguard, BD, and Two-Seven.
  13. All time shows: Troopers

    Jeez.... I've very rarely ever felt like I really have been into what they did when I've seen them over the decades.... though what pre-DCI footage I've seen is impressive. There's one show I've really, really liked... the other likes are way behind it: 2009 Other ones I like- 2011 1973 (soft spot for Black Saddle) 1975 (soft spot for Introduction and Fantasia though the composer drove me nuts as a kid) 1971(got to have the pre DCI end represented to be fair) Dislikes 1979 *koff koff koff koff*