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  1. As for people who would be upset by any comparison, that's outright insane- and I'll use the term outright idiotic to have been offended by it. 1976 to 1982- Who was the big influence in the overall activity in terms of excellence, success, musicality and quality, and the total show concept? It wasn't the Vanguard. I'll give anyone reading this that clue. Yeah, they won the 2 championships the Devils didn't, their 1980 show was ahead of its time visually and paid in spades for that, but BD was the edge in so many ways. There were other great corps, but in terms of having everything together in the total package.
  2. Had nothing to do with it where this person was concerned. My thoughts then and still about this individual were, "If you have that kind of a hangup with the personality of this corps and who we are in terms of the west coast jazz style, then why the (intercourse) are you here?" I know why they had the hangup, but I don't want to go into too many details publicly to protect the identity of the very, very, guilty. Though I will give a hint- this is the individual I tried to strangle in my sleep on Bus 1 some time in August. Neidiger would remember for certain---he saw the whole thing go down. I remember vaguely, mainly the rocking headache when I woke up and Neidiger laughing his can off at me.
  3. The one thing Pete was very explicit about in his clinic was that carefully teaching methodology and thoroughness in fundamental marching were perhaps more important than the actual show design. Mel also made that very clear as well. Without fundamental excellence, it doesn't matter what you do..... it looks like crap. IIRC, Pete was one of the brains behind the Live Oak "Emerald Regime", which was killing it in early BoA big time in the mid-late 70's, I could be wrong about Pete's involvement there- but there's a lot of in period video of them on YT where they were pretty much beyond everyone else, period.
  4. Speaking of those WCU Director's Clinics in period... listening to Pete Emmons... Zingali, Joe Marella, Mel Stratton, getting to interact and stretch one's mind with them was marvelous for me. Things were taken away that have lasted a lifetime from all of them.
  5. Mel Stratton wrote the drill for Westshore that season. One of the three people I mentioned was all snippy and snotty about Mel because of his affiliation with BD, which I was rather disgusted and taken aback by. Several of us were pretty honked off about those comments. I did the WCU Band Director's clinic in '83 with Mel as one of the presenters (Bruce Schaffer was also there) and he was fantastic. His work at Clovis HS was masterful. IIRC, a 1980 BoA Class championship was part of his success there as Director. Mel had a ton of common sense and sensibility with teaching and putting a program together. I regret he never had enough seasons putting the California Dons together to really make that a top end group- they were fairly close to it right out of the box. IIRC the Cabs were using someone from Two-Seven post Zingali at that point. Some nice stuff and solid design for that era, esp. for DCA.
  6. Yes. Many people I will always be fond of, George. Doesn't matter where I see them or how long it's been.
  7. Every year but one. 1983, there was a lot of infighting, caused in large part by some folks new to the corps. Not all of them, three in particular. Spoiled that season for me in a lot of ways, in spite of the fact it was the best freakin' hornline I ever played with. When those people were gone in 1984 because they were marching elsewhere or realized Westshore was a long, long shot to make finals...... I enjoyed that 6-week season far, far more because we all did get along a lot better and treated each other with the kindness and respect that was missing in '83. I haven't reached the half-life in my anger and disgust about 1983 and some of those people. I....just can't.
  8. Same happened last year, Fran and F.S. Part of the modern environment to get everything signed, sealed, and contracted regarding the performing rights. IIRC, Gary told me regarding last season, that was the big reason the T-Birds were mum for so long, for example. On that tangent- Amin Bhatia has a specific contact when Corps and Bands want to do his music. (Read this as Interstellar Suite if you don't know who the guy is...) Scroll to the bottom. I wonder if the side $$ he gets from Bands and corps keeps him with steady income and helps keep him in the black while he works on other projects.
  9. Well, it was a known thing about Styrofoam coolers and that they never held up on a bus for more than a weekend at best. People were warned, and if they didn't listen, so be it. Again, for anyone outside the activity reading this, Drum Corps took place during all of this. Just a rather pointed reminder that amongst all the buffoonery and goofball incidents, the Westshoremen beat everyone in DCA at least once at Finals during the 1979 to 1983 period and placed no worse than sixth (yeah, Bucs, Cabs, Sky, Empire, Sun, Hurcs, so on and so forth....). Tom could play. We all could play. We may have been a bit nuts, more then a bit dysfunctional, but we had top end talent and a lot of desire.
  10. I don't remember Tom ever doing anything damaging in a bus unlike the incident on Bus 2/Ogre Bus with the can of shaving cream, which Tom had nothing to with.
  11. People weren't aware of what traumatic brain injuries from diving into sawdust piles could do to you back then.
  12. A lot of it again has to do with my upbringing- I still respect your Dad and he's always been good to me- and I've never forgot that. If I would have been a jerk around you, it would have meant being a jerk to your Dad, and that's not cool. For the most part, stuff happened that was so out of control crazy, I never had to do anything. I could just sit back and watch the tire fire go off and be entertained with little personal risk. The only time anything really happened I was kind of involved with was Chumley's ginormous smoke grenade in the Burger King Parking lot near Milton off 15. I.... kind... of suggested that something should go off, and well it sounded like a great idea to Chumley.... Now, someone else who come on here sometimes might remember something I forgot, but I think for the most part the spectacular stuff was done by a select few- short list being the recipients of the yearly "thoroughbred posterior" awards handed out at the end of the season banquet. Which I never got one of.... THANK GOD. And there were people who TRIED to get them. Like, before they did stuff, a couple of them would yell, "KEEP THIS IN MIND FOR THE THOROUGHBRED POSTERIOR AWARD, LARRY!!!!" and then do something out of control insane. I personally thought that was outright pandering to the selection committee, kind of crass. McShane NEVER did that. He just did what he did.
  13. Left a note with the Funeral Home, Jim. Condolences, man.