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  1. BigW

    Rt 15 traffic alerts

    Read an article that with security at Airports and all of the wait... any trip under 6-8 hours wasn't worth it. If Williamsport had an Amtrak station, I'd think about that but from the looks of it it doesn't. Even Lewistown, where I grew up has one, though it's on the main line between Pittsburgh and Philly.
  2. BigW


    Friends took me to nearby East Petersburg for a dinner at the Mad Chef. I REALLY liked it. Must go there before or after the show. The Pomme Frites are killer, and I thought their fish and shrimp Po'Boy rocked.
  3. BigW


    Hmm... a step up from the ones like "Ran into Fran and we ate brats and drank Leinies, everyone was great from outside the stadium, great show!"
  4. Good question. Unknown. I'd need to see sheets/boxes and figure out the DCUK 'value of a tenth' to have any sort of a half-guess. A 79 would normally be a pretty sweet A score. This season... Lord knows given the entrants in A. Too many solid programs with smart people involved there.
  5. BigW

    Rt 15 traffic alerts

    Nope! It's south of your approach by about 40 minutes. Affects more of the Harrisburg folks coming from the South.
  6. BigW

    Cadets 2018

    They had to. There's no other way to put it. Looks like Mike Tanzos is getting things done in terms of the brass ensemble maturity at C2, this bodes very, very well for them. They just didn't have that roundness and depth before.
  7. If you want to talk scouting- Madison at one time was an Explorer Post, which is different from the run of the mill Scout Troop. Those have been co-ed for years. I think Jeff is very right, though. There's been some ups and downs, some kind of malaise in terms of programming. I took a beating from Crossmen fans over 2008 when I felt Madison wanted it a lot more and squeaked in through force of will...2011 and 2013 were signs things were improving... It just seems they're battling to make finals when everyone seems to feel and imply there could be more. A lot more, regardless of who is in the corps. My guess is they're just not on the 'first choice' list of a lot of people who want to march. They need to figure out how to get themselves back on that list, and I don't think this is a panacea. If they move towards co-ed, it's just a part of more that needs to be done at best.
  8. BigW

    Welcome To Highland Regiment

    Well- you did get an answer about a definite Reading appearance and other appearances being finalized. That's great!
  9. I still have my doubts. Sorry. He's a certified misogynist through and through.
  10. BigW

    Rt 15 traffic alerts

    Nice- but for around here... shifting's awful. I had a shifter from about 1987 to 2008ish and because of Harrisburg rush hours I'd never go back. The Passat will let me do manual sequential stuff but I've found sport mode is quicker and smarter than I am. From the Harrisburg area, depending on where one is.... Taking PA 147 up is the answer, or in my case, 225 over Peters Mountain to 147. Going home, I'll take 11/15, more places to stop and snack.
  11. BigW


    Okies- need a Hempfield ticket- need to get off my can and do it.
  12. BigW


    Will be at Milton, so will Jeff from the looks of it. You'll get some info out of us then.
  13. BigW

    Rt 15 traffic alerts

    I'll be headed there. Looks like I'll be setting the transmission on Sport and taking some scenic roads on the East shore...
  14. BigW

    Cadets 2018

    Sounds like a Private school I taught at that's since went out of business. I've referred to it as a "Klingon Death Camp for Teachers".
  15. BigW

    Cadets 2018

    Friend rode it and really loved the experience. Saw the pics he took, wow!