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  1. bgg80

    Orlando, FL - July 8, 2018

    Bluecoats: Wow! Sleek and smooth. Classy, tasty jazz. Bird and Bela in B Flat ... awesome! Loved it when BD did it in 1991 (and the snippets in 2012) ... and love it now! Great, classy. smooth and sophisticated show. I can't wait until BD and SCV go up against them. Particularly SCV, who has a wonderful concept, huge energy and is performing the snot out of their show. Can never count BD out due to talent and pure execution down the stretch (think 2015...) but right now feels like SCV vs Bloo for the title with BD in a firm third. I missed Boston on the broadcast, but sounds like they are lighting it up! 4th? Crown: Ugh ... start with the good .. no one plays big major chords like em. Beautiful! BUT ... visually, a mess, starting with their uniforms and colors (no contrast between horns, guards, silks, etc.) . I thought Madison had the worst unis last year that I've ever seen in DCI. Crown exceeded them. Musically, I like them, but several flat zones in the show. That rocking beast thing? Pure cheese. Worse yet? The snarling and gnashing of teeth between sets by the members. Just doesn't work. And that ending with the horribly overacted/done snarly thing? ugh! The design just isn't there. Overdone and cheesy. Not how I think of Crown over the past few years (well ... up until end of opener (Giannni piece) last year)
  2. bgg80

    All time shows: Blue Devils

    Top 5: 1. 1986 2. 1982 3. 1984 4. 1994 5. 2014 And the BD show I did NOT like: 2005
  3. bgg80

    Blue Devils 2018

    Well ... funny you should say that. I was inspired by your stopwatch thing. I replayed the top 3 and timed how long BD, SCV and Crown each had their full brass line marching and playing (didn't count soloist or small SCV brass ensemble playing. I wouldn't have counted all of that singing, but for much of it, the brass line was indeed backing her up ... wouldn't call that so demanding .. but credit given). Also didn't count any body movement stuff made popular by ... Crown. The results? BD: 2:40 SCV 2:00 Crown: 3:15 I was actually surprised by how little all three brass lines marched traditionally while playing. Yet, all three were outstanding shows with TONS of movement. Just not that marching and playing variety by any of them. The result? A lot of great movement, and a lot of amazing sound. Works for me!
  4. bgg80

    BEST BD BALLAD 2014-2017

    Everything Must Change, to me, captured everything that is Blue Devils.
  5. DrumManTx: Best DCP Forums has to offer. Thank you for the awesome recap!!!!
  6. What a wonderful weekend for SCV! An amazing, highly innovative show. And the alumni corps brought me to tears. And Vanguard Cadets! Congratulations for a wonderful season, including High guard (first time?), high percussion (again) and an inspiring performance.
  7. bgg80

    Blue Devils 2018

    Oh you're so right. BD can't do that. #18. Goodnight!
  8. bgg80

    Blue Devils 2018

    Now I'm picturing the standing ovation after the ballad this evening, except for you in row 12 frowning, staring intently at your stopwatch. Let's agree to disagree. You equate "more work" with playing and matching fast, as much as possible. I love the perfect blend of amazing sound, amazing movement and best-in-class overall performance. The same judging community that awarded PR in 2008, the Cadets in 2011, Crown in 2013 and Bluecoats in 2016, also awarded the Blue Devils in 2009/2010/2012/2014/2015/2017. Excellence and innovation wins in this activity. And that's a lot more than only playing while marching drill nonstop. Meanwhile, can't wait for 2018!
  9. bgg80

    Blue Devils 2018

    All I can say is ... watch more closely?
  10. bgg80

    Blue Devils 2018

    But wouldn't that be unfair? How to achieve much more than: Vis Pro: 19.8 1st Vis Analysis: 20 1st CG: 19.6 1st Gotta look beyond the BD winning fatigue you are suffering from. No one moves and performs at such a high level. Countless judges throughout the years agree. Are they all missing something? I don't think so.
  11. My first year seeing the Blue Devils was 1982. From that point, I was hooked! In honor of BD's win tonight, and their 60th anniversay, a recap of my years as a TOTAL BD Homer fan/donor: 1982: TO, Pegasus Wings (saw them again this year!), One More Time Chick Corea (now my third favorite "concert" feature) :) #5 1983: Everybody Loves the Blues! High Drums! 1984: Two words: La Fiesta (now my third favorite "concert" feature) 1985: Two more words: First Circle! Amazing 1986: One word: Unparalleled #6 1987: Loved Fanfare for the New and Harlem 1988: Should have won. Madison was awesome and all, but.... :) 1989: It takes real bxlls to attempt those notes as a soloist :) 1990: Scott Chandler's first BD guard. Tommy was awesome awesome awesome 1991: Stan Kenton -- one of the most difficult horn books ever put on the field 1992: Everyone talks about "When a Man Loves a Woman" I remember the opening groove and hit 1993: RAIN on Finals night. Strawberry Soup! 1994: Oh wow .. opening number with the saber feature. Pure character #7 1995: Should have won! :) 1996: There we go! :) Opening and closing hits were LOUD! #8 1997: Virtuoso performance. Brilliant and classy Casablanca #9 1998: Should have won, like they did in quarters! Loved the WSS/R&J arranging. Guard was particularly outstanding 1999: A tie that brought a smile to my face. Favorite moment: Swing number #10 2000: One of my favorite music books 2001: Awayday Blue! Great style 2002: They struggled out the gate. Big rewrites. Came back STRONG to take second only to a special Cavies corps 2003: COOL #11 2004: TRAIN -- one more week and they had 007 cornered... 2005: Ugh -- I have to say .. the ONLY year as a fan I could just not wrap my heart around a BD show. That trumpet soloist (same as 2004) was off the hook 2006: Low brass hit after intro of main theme. Pure bliss! 2007: More of those wings! The opening minute, Pegasus and the closing hit with Beethoven's Ninth. Drum majors' tears. Pure joy #12 2008: ok ..... S H O U L D H A V E W O N!!!!! beat by pure emotion (and a stadium full of fans begging for an upset). What doesn't kill you.... 2009: ....makes you STRONGER! Opener was pure class. Loved adding Rhapsody in Blue in the closer #13 2010: Stunning. Bizarre. Mirrors #14 2011: Lyrical. Do you know the wayyyy to San Joseeee :) Lost to an amazing Cadets show (last time Cadets showed true innovation in design for me...) 2012: Stunning. Bizarre. Dada. :) #15 2013: Loved the execution. Only liked the book. Lost to an amazing Crown show. 2014: Pure execution and emotion wrapped up in a perfect design. GOODWIN!!!!!! More more more! #16 2015: This show grew and grew and.... penalty in quarter! Crown was outdueling! semis... then a reminder for everyone: NO ONE can bring it on Finals Night like BD! #17 2016: My first year attending Finals. My favorite moment was attending BD's rehearsal in the Colts indoor facility. Mind was blown by the sheer professionalism and TALENT (and VOLUME!) Loved the trombone GLISSSSSSSANDOS! 2017: My new FAVORITE Concert number! Forget traditional drills. Has anyone been more MOVED by this ballad??? Moment of the decade for me. Brought tears. #18!! 2018: Can't wait!!!!!!!!!
  12. bgg80

    Blue Devils 2018

    Ha!!! Love it! Goodwin show would be amazing ... but after 2014 and 2015 features ... wouldn't that be not quite fresh enough for BD? Oh nevermind... I would LOVE IT! :) Good luck for Chief Guns to start the BD 2018 thread. If I recall, he started 2017.
  13. Agreed! Mic'ing the eight top brass performers playing as part of the ensemble from beginning to end was a bit much. I don't mind for soloists. And I can't ever get behind amplified singing. The performers who sang were great. But I just think it's the wrong format/venue. IMHO
  14. BD Wins Guard on finals night!!!! Perfect 20 in visual analysis. Sweeps GE judges, with Mike Stone giving them a perfect 20. Prosperie gave BD percussion a 99 (1st) in achievement. Wow! BD knows how to bring it on Finals Night!
  15. #18!!!! Well deserved! Congratulations BD! Congrats SCV and the rest of the finalist! best year in a long time!