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  1. All I can say is that whatever they do they better make sure that they take into account the suicide rate for transgender persons and have gone over this with a fine tooth comb. The stress of a drum corps season does many things. Hope them all the best this year.
  2. Mello Dude

    Phantom Regiment 2018

    They will be fine. Just gotta wait til we see it on the field. It's funny those that know least spout most. Makes for funny reading. Go Regiment!
  3. As long as one guy is not being a gold statue on the field I can deal....
  4. Interesting. Should be fascinating to see how this pans out.
  5. Tradition is always relevant to an organization, sort of know thyself. I don't see Madison's survival at stake. Hindering growth, perhaps.
  6. Nothing wrong with tradition. Keep all male.
  7. If they do can we remove all the changes he implemented over his career because of the taint that will have surrounded them?
  8. Mello Dude

    Phantom Regiment 2018

    You act as though trajectory cannot be altered (and has many times in the past by many corps). Your logic is flawed. Unless you subscribe to pre-season slotting?
  9. Mello Dude

    Phantom Regiment 2018

    How could you know the trajectory of PR this year? Hating already?
  10. Mello Dude

    Phantom Regiment 2018

    That's their problem, one shouldn't need to research a well done show. It should be able to stand on it's own and if you are inspired to do further research (because you love it) the show is a success.
  11. Mello Dude

    Sign the Petition

    Even so. All it takes is ONE incident to make the 10 o'clock news and for sure they will be wishing they had put a policy in place.
  12. Mello Dude

    Sign the Petition

    3% in an online petition is significant considering. But, numbers aren't everything. Either you are trying to do the right thing (IMHO) being proactive (kind of) or you are going to ignore it and hope that it never becomes an issue or let me re-phrase an issue that makes the nightly news.
  13. Mello Dude

    Sign the Petition

    My sig covers this.
  14. Ya a big no to more people. The gulf already widened between the haves and the have nots..lets not make it worse.