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  1. Show isn't bad at all. Frankly they are suffering from the ADD of music composition like every other corps is doing for the most part. You don't need a #### drum/pit break every 24 counts. Please for the love of God complete a musical thought as an ENSEMBLE and quit leaning on synth and pit and percussion so heavily. I mean it's not just Regiment doing it but for goodness sake 24-48 counts playing...drum break while we scatter loud. Repeat. I dig it to a point but seriously it's like watching the Chicago Bears run, run, pass, punt. I understand they require everyone to have trombones now to get the score but really...what is the point? IMHO there are just taking up space in this show. I mean it entertaining and I "get it" but we need to get a new formula.
  3. Naw, I learned from the best. Seems to work on everything.
  4. Embrace the change!!! All change is good change! Doesn't look like the numbers in the seats agree with you. Adapt or perish. Kids love this stuff!
  5. Hey it's the future of Drum Corps if you don't embrace Flo you are a dino or a hater. Evolve or Die right? :P
  6. Not a lot can be done about it. When electronics were released into the activity this is what you are going to get. This is why decisions that are made have consequences good and bad. We want to be an artistic sport but don't understand what that means. I am just awaiting the marching robots at this point.
  7. Bring out the auto tuners...LOL No seriously why bother having 80 brass if they need to amped? What is sad is that you go out into a stadium parking lot and the BEST sound is heard there and not on the field. Not to open a hornets nest but if we need to amp the (entire) brass perhaps moving away from the G horns wasn't a great idea after all.
  8. No. Seriously, this is a line they should not cross. Mic the soloists...meh..okay I suppose but the whole line or ensemble just creates more disparity and fake sound.
  9. That is disturbing.
  10. You don't, let me amend it. 1) Better term would be "indoctrinate". They do this very well and have a for a LONG time. Smart and a quite an advantage (among others). 2) Let me clarify, talent makes less difference than instruction or show design. The level of talent these days is very good. You don't need "god-like" talent to teach a running 16th or 32nd note lick. If you can't teach them to be very good you aren't teaching. Today they show up being able to play all this. I understand precisely how much they practice and they do a LOT more today than when I marched and that was a metric ton and we played a lot more music with less talent overall.
  11. This. I think it has more to do with influence and I dare say politics than anything else. The fact you can basically "tell" judges what is good and isn't OR tell them what is more "demand" and they go with it rather than making informed decision NOT based on what they are told but what they "KNOW". I know this won't be a popular response but you have to hand it to BD in the off season and the "training" they give to the judging community. Not to say BD isn't good or doesn't attract the some of best talent but that really means so little if instructors are doing their jobs. Frankly the amount of rehearsal over so little ensemble and brass playing should be able to teach or instruct people to play VERY well with so much time IMHO. Off soapbox.
  12. The show has a lot of potential. After they get it clean I can see this show moving up nicely. This whole idea that someone needs uber talent to win DCI needs to learn how to teach. Moderate talent with a lot of will, determination and good instruction (and a good show and support) makes the difference. You people are way too easily impressed by running 32nd and 16th note runs. They practice literally 100's of hours so one would hope you could play a #### run with all that. One would hope at the college level you could sight read it and play it that day but I digress. I think they are the dark horse this year to make a move. We will see.
  13. I thought the show was a really neat idea and was executed probably as well as it could have been. Personally I thought the biggest hot mess on the field was Cadets. By far, IMHO the worst designed show at finals. People ragged on Regiment's design but compared to Cadets...really?
  14. LOL, so many ways this can go......
  15. LOL over emoting gets national air time...fml..LMFAO.