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  1. Join The Spartans 2018

    Fun show last year!
  2. Something to discuss in the off season....
  3. O.C. Standings 2017

    I was there as well...I lost count of the standing ovations for the Spartans. Best program for them ever, if there had been more corps in competition I believe you would have seen a greater spread for them...easily 2-3 points better IMO. Also, color guard was not scored (their superpower). 7th Regiment was much improved from Cranston RI and the show is starting to gel very nicely. Raiders are still not done with the show so we should see better scores for them come Michigan City.
  4. The Legends REALLY Need Our Help!!!

    don't forget Magic......
  5. Carolina Crown 2017

    My sweet tooth is acting up, candy please!
  6. Blue Devils 2017 60th Anniversary!

    I am having a really rough day...a PM would change that. Help!
  7. Would love to see it!

  8. Music Corps Should Reboot

    Jazz Rhapsody - Crossmen 1978
  9. I just looked at last years recap for Open Class Finals, they came in 2nd in Color Guard to Blue Devils (only lost to them by .1). That's pretty awesome considering BD's guard was very good...
  10. 2017 Spartans November Practice Dates

    Spartans have been so solid the last few years. Loved the show last year, it was a nice change for them.
  11. Time To Make 2017 Spartans Happen

    Really liked Spartans in 2016, it was a new direction for them. Looking forward to seeing what they do this year.
  12. Time for top 14 on sat night

    Also, this had the effect of getting butts in the seats earlier in the show...better for DCI and the corps performing early in the show.
  13. Time for top 14 on sat night

    In the 'old days' the 13th place corps did an exhibition on finals night, I personally enjoyed that because for many or the years the battle for that last spot is fierce and the corps just missing out is worth presenting on finals night. Sometimes the performance was quite moving...Crossman 1979 for example. Troopers caught magic in a bottle to get into finals (they were awesome) but Crossman were great that year as well. We could have both the 13th place corps as well as the Open Class Champion in exhibition...there seems to be plenty of time in the pre-program to fit in another corps.
  14. No Detailed Recaps

    I do not like it, this decision is taking a lot of the fun and excitement out of the season for me.