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  1. Yes, they played it together at Pacific Procession on June 26. Really powerful. PR also joined SCV and SCVC for "Send in the Clowns". For that performance of "Elsa's Procession...", the ensemble at the beginning was all Phantom brass players, so I am not sure if the SCV brass ensemble that played it had to learn it yesterday. In any case, as others have said, it was just a very classy move by SCV to do this for PR.
  2. The show appears to have been written for 12 - so they have 5 holes - ouch!
  3. I am new to snapchat - how would you access the SCV clip?
  4. Yes, they have been my favorites since I first saw them live in 1975. My wife and I took a friend (who hadn't been around corps since the late 70's) to that rehearsal at David Douglas HS. Brandt Crocker doing the intro live was a nice touch. Do you happen to know the youtube address for the video from that rehearsal? I looked for it unsuccessfully a couple of weeks ago.
  5. I think it is highly unlikely that SCV will do the bottle dance (unless they do a Fiddler on the Roof show), but I would say the chances of SCV Alumni doing the bottle dance are approximately 100%
  6. It wasn't very effective in the stadium either. Maybe they can figure out how to light the outside of the tree for tonight.
  7. This will be the first time we stay outside of the downtown area. What are the best places to park for Lucas Oil access?
  8. I heard some of these too. I was going to blame it on new layering/body movement, but then I saw them mess up that build into the front in the ballad visually, so now I am thinking it might be more of a fatigue issue.
  9. My sound has been cutting out quite a bit. Haven't had that in the other broadcasts.
  10. It will be very interesting to see the crowd reactions to both groups next week. I would love to see SCV climb the ladder like Phantom did in 2008, although that would be extremely difficult to pull off.
  11. You have a great point - I just wish DCI wouldn't call the package "Everything but Championships". It is (unintentionally) deceptive - just a poor name choice.
  12. Just to clarify, this is NOT part of the broadcast tour package, so you will have to pay extra to watch this one
  13. The broadcasts have been much better this year - until Friday night.
  14. Same problems - I am on xfinity (comcast) in Spokane area
  15. Yes. All of these would be cool additions. I also thought it would be slick if they could bring back the lights from last year's show, and have them turn on right before the brass turns around for the beginning hit of the summer storm section.