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  1. 2018 Staff Announcements (new thread)

    Perhaps the final puzzle piece for another championship run?
  2. But it does fit the original source material, I think. FWIW
  3. I will say though, that their hornline has come a long way from the beginning of the season, esp. the high brass.
  4. Right in the face-peeling section for sound!
  5. I wish they could have staged her better so it would be more obvious that she is singing it live.
  6. Wireless issues for Pioneer vocalist - bummer!
  7. Yes, I believe it is sign language for the letter "i".
  8. I think that is the best Pacific Crest show I've ever seen.
  9. SCV 2017 - 50 Years of Class

    I really miss that tradition of the other corps playing in tribute to the winners.
  10. SCV 2017 - 50 Years of Class

    I think it is highly unlikely that we will see full corps aussies in the show, but I would not be totally surprised if they wore them for finals retreat. IMO, the aussie doesn't look too bad on the drum major as they enter the field.
  11. I believe they are looking for alternates - it sounds like all of their original alternates are being used in the show now.