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  1. Last year was my transition year ... and the biggest surprise was how I attended contests. As a fan, my butt was in the seat for every corps. As a parent, I'm heading out to the lot as soon as my kid is done performing. Of course, this wasn't true at finals :). The activity became much more like what I was used to with my kids being in marching band. In a way, it made me appreciate the activity more. As a fan, I almost thought of the corps members as "professionals" but now I see them for who they are. I now make it a point to give every corps a standing ovation since I really understand all the work that goes into it. Enjoy your first year as a DCI parent ... it was a dream come true of me (and I guess my child) and I can't wait for "our" sophomore year.
  2. Today we are officially over the hump ... finals was 157 days ago and the premier show in Indianapolis is in 156 days. Its all down hill from here.
  3. Blue Stars banquet is on Sunday after finals ... this year it was in Plainfield (west of the Indianapolis airport).
  4. "Played by the Cadets and Bugle Corps" ... guess you don't need those drums for a drum corps. Will NBC always mess up their marching ensemble announcements?
  5. Dan also says no missile like objects but that never stops us
  6. My daughter gave me her dirty laundry last night (huge laundry bag) and I took it in the stadium and no one even looked twice at me ... I haven't seen any security yet.
  8. Sunday morning, after the show at the Georgia Dome, I went for a walk in downtown Atlanta ... and the Hard Rock Cafe was blasting Coldplay's "Fix You" out onto the street. Now I can't get it out of my mind ... but the Troopers version of course :)
  9. Actually, they met at Hamilton on June 27 with the Blue Stars outpacing Crossmen by 1.3 points ... but a lot has changed since then so tonight should be interesting.
  10. The rest of the performances have been canceled due to weather.
  11. Are they on schedule? I heard there was a 30 minute delay (but it was my daughter sitting on the bus ... so who knows how reliable that is).
  12. Having been at both shows, every show felt "tired" ... I really think part of it was the dead crowd
  13. Sign up for TSA PreCheck ... its $85 but so worth it.
  14. This is just my opinion ... but it depends: Allentown is probably a better "pure"drum corps experience. Its an outdoor, older stadium and you'll see more corps. But for my money, I would pick Indy for the experience. First, if you can go a day earlier, you can see all the same corps as Allentown. Second, there is so much more to do in Indy ... it's a great place to spend a weekend (lots of restaurants and bars, Soundsport and Drumline, the DCI 5K run Saturday morning). Third, the pageantry of finals is something to experience ... plus the energy of the crowd is unbelievable at finals. If you do pick Indy, make sure to get low (100's or 200's) ... much higher and the stadium swallows the sound. Bottom line ... try to experience both at some point in your drum corps experience.