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  1. BlueStarsDad

    Cavalier Patch

    My daughter is now dating a Cavalier (yes, I’m questioning all my parenting choices). He aged out this year and said to her that the final patch he wants for his jacket is a rainbow patch from the 1980’s (it includes blue birds or something). My daughter would like to either get the patch for him or find a picture of it to frame and give him. Does anyone know of the patch? Does anyone have a picture of it? Does anyone actually have it and would like to sell it? And by the way, he’s a great guy and I’m glad the two of them are together.
  2. BlueStarsDad

    Music City approved for World Class

    I believe this is their 10th anniversary ... congratulations on 10 years and on moving up!
  3. BlueStarsDad

    New Mercedes Benz (ATL) Stadium

    I was a student at Georgia Tech in the summer of 1984 ... my dorm was right across the street from Grant Field. And I barely survived ... but that's a whole other story that has nothing to do with Drum Corps.
  4. BlueStarsDad

    Death to the Seat Poachers

    My seats this year were at the top of section 141 on the aisle, right by the main entrance from the snack area. Between every corps, I had the constant question of "are these seats taken?". Because I had 5 seats, more times than not there was at least one empty seat (visiting our daughter on the lot, getting food or just had seen certain corps too many times). Saying "no, the seats are not available" did get old. But on the other hand, some of my fondest memories of the weekend are interactions with folks who could sit with me for a show or two while members in my party were elsewhere. For a brief moment, I was a member of the fan section for a mello in the Troopers or I was able to quiz the Mandarins staff about the deep meanings in their show or able to find common friends in the Oregon Crusaders or learning about the two weeks The Company spent in the United States (and how anxious they are to come back). Drum Corps is more than just the shows on the field ... its the interactions in the stands between the Drum Corps family. And I don't want that taken away because of bad behavior on the part of some.
  5. Does anyone know if they are restricting cameras? My wife was able to bring in her big boy lens to the premiere show but wasn't sure if they would stop her today.
  6. Oh my goodness, I'm tearing up here on the plane seeing those two soloist hug at the end of the show. What a special moment for them.
  7. Oh good. Everyone else is seeing it the same way I am. I thought it was the Bloody Mary I just finished.
  8. Wow. I loved that show. The reaction of the trumpet solo at the end when he hit that high note is what drum corps is all about.
  9. Sitting in First Class at 37,000 feet somewhere over Arizona, watching the web cast and enjoying a Bloody Mary. Only thing better is knowing that when I land, I'll be in Indy. I'm shocked the wifi on this plane can support the FloMarching feed.
  10. Academy is another show that has really developed over the summer. In June, I thought they had "jumped the shark" with this one ... but they've cleaned it and modified the heck out of it. One of favorites from a "pure joy" standpoint.
  11. I am so impressed with Genesis. Early in the season, I wasn't so sure ... but they are hitting on all cylinders now. I actually visited their spring training site outside of Austin in May. Spring Training in Austin ... guess it builds up the endurance.
  12. They were 5th row on the 40 yard line ... but I was able to sell tonights tickets on StubHub ... sorry!
  13. BlueStarsDad

    2017 Blue Stars

    DATE: Saturday, August 5 - Rehearsal day LOCATION: Buffalo, NY WEATHER: cloudy, windy, cold? DAILY SCHEDULE: 9 wake 10 reh 1 food 2 reh 5 dinner 6 reh 8:30 end rehearsal 9 dinner 11 lights out
  14. I'll be a few rows in front of you ... make sure to say hi. I'll be in the Blue Stars gear (what a surprise)
  15. 3 times in 3 days ... oh my goodness