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  1. All time shows: Phantom Regiment

    This is definitely one of the hardest to choose only a few. I've got it narrowed down to a solid 3 with an honorable mention and it has taken a ton of thought to narrow it down to these 4 shows. 1. 1996 - This is undeniably one of the most passionate driven shows of all time and they brought the heat every single night that summer. I marched that year and got to see them quite a few times during the summer and watched the show progress was pretty cool. Obviously going into finals they were entrenched in a fight w/ BD for the top spot and ended up tied which I usually have a massive issue w/ but in this instance I don't think you could deny either show a World Championship. 2. 2008 - Spartacus is one of the game changing thematic shows of the last 20 years and the level of playing that they brought to the table was just unreal. To this day one of my favorite shows that PR has ever put on. 3. 1993 - I know that they are overshadowed by Star and Cadets from the magic that was '93 but I am thoroughly convinced that if they had played this show a year later they would have won a World Championship. The overall production was top notch and they were simply outscored by two of the iconic shows of DCI history. Honorable Mention - Quite a few could fit this slot but I'm going to go with 1989's New World Symphony show. This was one of the first shows that I remember falling in love with (at 11) and it still gets a lot of spin in my DCI playlists.
  2. What you want for 2018

    The only real thing that I want is a extremely competitive season with at a minimum 3 corps vying for the top spot throughout the season. Multiple winners Finals week (different winners in Quarters and Semis) would be really cool to see. Going to my first finals in about 15 years and literally can not wait!
  3. Favorite year as MM

    Favorite year as a member was '96 (Magic of Orlando) because we had a great instructional staff that pushed us to be the best we could. As a brass line we had quite a few vets and were really talented throughout. Some absolutely great memories were made that summer and as a horn line we played really well together and it just made it more fun. Also got to watch BD and Phantom through the season on multiple occasions which was pretty cool. Had probably one of the best shows I ever marched at Semis that summer in orlando which was a really neat experience.
  4. All time shows: Madison Scouts

    Great job keeping up with this and I couldn't agree more. '95 is absolutely one of the best shows that they have ever put on the field and unforunately they that was a great year for drum corps as a whole with Cavies, Cadets, and BD all having obscenely good shows as well. "96 was a pretty good year as well but that '95 horn line was out of control loud/talented and the crowd ate it up!
  5. Carolina Crown 2018

    ^^^ Love this response!! Not really surprised that the talent levels are staying at an astronomically high rate in guard and horns as both sections have been consistently top tier for years. Will be awaiting more information on this summer (i.e. show theme and source material confirmation) but to be honest they could play Mary Had A Little Lamb and I'd be amped to hear it.
  6. Sad that I missed those hornlines from 96-98 at Magic. We were still solid in 1999 but the quality of sound those lines could put out on those ancient mismatched horns speaks volume to the talent that was there. I marched '95 and '96 and those Dynasty horns were really pieces of work. I think in the baritone line alone there were 3 manufacturers of horns if that tells you anything. Great times had with those groups!!
  7. 1997 Magic of Orlando (that hornline though....) 1986 Suncoast Sound 1991-1993 Star of Indiana