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  1. All time shows: Madison Scouts

    Great job keeping up with this and I couldn't agree more. '95 is absolutely one of the best shows that they have ever put on the field and unforunately they that was a great year for drum corps as a whole with Cavies, Cadets, and BD all having obscenely good shows as well. "96 was a pretty good year as well but that '95 horn line was out of control loud/talented and the crowd ate it up!
  2. Carolina Crown 2018

    ^^^ Love this response!! Not really surprised that the talent levels are staying at an astronomically high rate in guard and horns as both sections have been consistently top tier for years. Will be awaiting more information on this summer (i.e. show theme and source material confirmation) but to be honest they could play Mary Had A Little Lamb and I'd be amped to hear it.
  3. Sad that I missed those hornlines from 96-98 at Magic. We were still solid in 1999 but the quality of sound those lines could put out on those ancient mismatched horns speaks volume to the talent that was there. I marched '95 and '96 and those Dynasty horns were really pieces of work. I think in the baritone line alone there were 3 manufacturers of horns if that tells you anything. Great times had with those groups!!
  4. 1997 Magic of Orlando (that hornline though....) 1986 Suncoast Sound 1991-1993 Star of Indiana