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  1. Cadets 2017

    I do think this show will be remembered in years to come. I can't believe some of the immature comments on here. I can understand not liking a show (i.e. music, uniforms, etc.), but some comments have gone too far and are not only disrespectful to the corps, but also to the activity as a whole. Perhaps this is a generation that we are now living in. I would hope that people would have a bit more respect for the MMs.
  2. Cadets 2017

    I sure hope this show doesn't end up in 8th place. I do like many aspects of this show. Hopefully since this is a young corps, it will be much stronger next year.
  3. Cadets 2017

    Does anyone know how man age outs are in the corps this year?
  4. Cadets 2017

    Did the Cadets have a rough night? I noticed their score dropped .9 over Allentown. I also noticed a couple of the sub-captions are hurting the corps right now. These scores don't appear to be changing much.
  5. Cadets 2017

    When was this added and if so, why?
  6. I was told that a good number of BAC's guard came from Crown. Does anyone know the total number from Crown that are now marching BAC?
  7. I miss the parade of corps. It was nice seeing drum corps parade around town. I know this hasn't happened in several years.
  8. Cadets 2017

    Go to the Phantom thread and the BOA reference isn't used in a good way, especially when referring to a staff member.
  9. Phantom Regiment 2017

    I saw them live and didn't hear any clarinet, flute, or saxophone which are in marching bands. Perhaps my musical training has gone down the tubes! Yes, most competitive marching bands use sabres, rifles, flags, and have a decent size pit. So perhaps this would qualify as being similar to a marching band.
  10. Phantom Regiment 2017

    Actually, Broken Arrow isn't too shabby!
  11. How about a Wolverine? HAIL! To the Victors
  12. 2017 Seattle Cascades

    I thought the guard was hurting their score when I saw them a few days ago. Execution was a problem during their performance and made their visual performance appear muddy at times (in my opinion).
  13. 2017 Seattle Cascades

    I really like the use of the bird cage. There are some things that I feel are really hurting their scores right now. However, I do see how they have grown and improved.
  14. I wonder if the organization has reached out to Kellogg's? Their corporate office is in Battle Creek, which is nearby. There are a few other industries in the area that I feel could be a fit for them. Since the director posted the message on Facebook, I bet all of the parents are aware of the problem. This could impact their membership next year.