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  1. The Madison thread has also had some questionable comments as well.
  2. I think so many on DCP take "their" corps placement too personal. I have read posts on a few sites calling for the firing of the director and/or staff. Yes, we all want our particular corps to do well, but not everyone is going to finish in the top 3. I am just impressed with the quality of shows this year.
  3. One thing that just hit me after watching the show last night is I think some narration was cut.
  4. I had to keep thinking of where the Cascades were a couple of years ago compared to where they are now and am amazed. I remember them only marching 7 guard at one time. This is a big step up for them. Their guard, especially weapons, seemed weaker compared to the other corps.
  5. I was thoroughly entertained tonight with their performance.
  6. I thought Cascades weren't clean visually. Their guard didn't seem confident tonight. They just need to clean right now. There are some nice spots in the show, but there are some visual problem that I feel is currently hurting their performance.
  7. I was impressed with the Cadets tonight, especially since this was the first time to have everyone marching. I really like how this show is coming along.
  8. I really think the corps is on a roll. It was fun to see the members getting into the jazz section. Even the choir and pit were jamming! I counted several 6s tossed by the rifles and they were clean. Question: I always remember the Cadets marching 10 tubas/contras. They had 12 out there tonight. I think this was a great show for having several people march their first contest. I really like the gold cummerbund in the 2nd uniform. I forgot to say the trombone feature was on! I know this is going to sound strange, I really hope the Cadets finish higher; however, I am so impressed with the show that it not going to be the end of the world if they don't. My favorite shows don't always win! :(
  9. I am back from the show and I must say that I was impressed with the entire show. I am usually not a fan of vocalists, but they blended and fit in the entire production very well. The change in color scheme of the last panels were effective. They matched their last uniform. I could see the entire corps getting into this show. There was a noticeable difference in flag execution between the Cadets and Blue Stars and Phantom Regiment. They were clean. I thought the guard did a great job tonight. The change of uniforms went smoothly tonight. The battery does some cool things at times. If I had to put one word to this show I would say, "regal." The over sized double gold lame swing flags at the end are effective. I kept checking for holes tonight and didn't notice any so I am taking it that everyone marched tonight. I definitely don't see this show being passed by anyone else and possibly moving up a spot or two in the end. As you can tell, this show won me over!
  10. Cadets will be at full strength for the first time this season. I sure hope the accident on IH435 hurts corps getting to the show site. All vehicles involved in the accident have burned.
  11. Three people have been sent to the hospital. One of them is in critical condition. Westbound IH435 is moving at a crawl. I would recommend a different route for the corps, but the large buses and semi trailers would be a problem. On a positive note, I am very excited to see the Cadets tonight at FULL STRENGTH!
  12. I just posted a notice on the Cadets Facebook page. There is a horrible accident on IH435 right now. One semi truck is on fire. Two semi trucks and 2 other vehicles were involved in this accident. Needless to say, it is going to impact the Cadets travel time to the show site tonight. Though the accident occurred mainly on Eastbound IH435, Westbound IH435 (which the Dates will be traveling on) is almost at a crawl right now. There are multiple injuries in this accident.
  13. I will also be at tonight's show. I just got back from the show site watching the Colts rehearse. They are dealing with injuries right now. CorpsKing - I will be further up from you.
  14. I just got back from tonight's show site. Colts look much better than last year. They currently have 7 holes due to injuries (ankles). One guard member accidentally hit a baritone player in the head in the gym so he is out for concussion protocol. It is just not the Cadets that are dealing with injuries this year. It will be perfect weather for tonight's show. There could be an issue with wind as it comes and goes. Hopefully by tonight wind won't be an issue. I was surprised to see the number of tickets already purchased for this event. It is not a sell-out, but pretty close. There are no seats available between the 30 yard lines.
  15. Terri - You are always so positive! You have a great perspective on life and the activity.