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  1. Boston 94 & VK 93 come to mind...2018 & 2019 wrt Spirit also are top of mind.
  2. I was supposed to be in Moscow for finals week, but the Aeroflot project got pushed a month, so i was scheduled to be in DC for 2 weeks which included Finals day so i scrounged for a ticket and git a nice 45yd line side 2 ticket and boom...great finals night. I still remember Boston just blowing me away that top 6 might possibly be one of the most entertaining top 6 in the past 20 years...definitely in the 00's
  3. oh i have it locally, thank you legacy collection. not sure why i haven't sat down to watch
  4. 1 year after my age-out year, even to this day i don't think I've ever watch the entire top-12, didn't go to 1 show, mainly because i was always in Europe & Central Asia on business, installing datacenters for SUN Microsystems. Spent all of July in Russia (St Petersburg, Moscow, Kiev, Novosibirsk, Vladivostok), and half of August in Eastern Europe.
  5. The Marching Rountable has a great pod episode about 88 Madison...definitely a great listen....with one of the Judges on the panel.
  6. unfortunately we, Nite Express, peaked about a week early and plateaued through Orlando. woefully underscored at Quarters, dropped for ~72's a week before to ~68 on D1 sheets. could've easily been in the hunt for 17. Sadly...shortly after quarters we would find out our fate, financially.
  7. i was with a bitter rival of yours, for those 3 years we could make the same argument. Remember that back then we were on different sheets than D1 and its difficult to transpose D2 yo D2/3 sheets. I remember being well into the 70's the week prior to quarters we dropped significantly. Sadly this was the last quality corps to come out of Cedar Rapids...and this was a quality corps that was ready to go D1 with a talented staff, the finances got pulled right after quarters. The staff we had has gone onto great things even today.
  8. we had to perform like 3 times in less than 12 hours (D2 prelims, D2 Finals, D1 Quarters)..stupid patriots preseason game.
  9. you aint lyin, especially for D2/3 corps...7am rehearsals for a 6 or 7PM stepoff.
  10. As someone marching in DCM that season, Phantom could have easily finished south of 5th...they were struggling with that show early season. The made a push after the DCM season ended. Top 12 in Div 1 was quality up and down, we struggled with being a D2 corps trying to do a D1 schedule after becoming Top 21 the year before. By the end of the season we were all just done and had a D2/3 bad prelims and didnt make finals. I am also reminded of an absolute tragic situation with the Colts in Buffalo, one of the parents, yet they pushed further. we had a great relationship with the Colts then.
  11. Bluecoats Homefront: 1945 was such an emotional production and still is in my top 5 all time bluecoats shows. Also a fan of Colts Sunday in the Park with George.
  12. It's in my signature...a little D2 Corps out of Cedar Rapids. Had a very very talented staff teaching us, and fellow marching members. Finished Runners up at D2 Finals and placed 21st at 1/4 finals. From time to time i pull out v3 of the CD;s and play that show. It was the start of something great had the funding not run out after the 96 season.
  13. i have the vol4 cassette somewhere with Northern Aurora and the others that didnt make the CD are on. I low key enjoyed listening to them and Marauders, Southwind, etc. I still listen too 93 Freelancers, Spirit of Georgia (Atlanta), Magic on a regular basis. I uploaded the CD audio files to my Google Music account. front to back, a great year for DCI.
  14. 1st: Some Place in Milwaukee - 1994 Last: Citrus Bowl Best: Huskie Stadium - DeKalb, IL Worst: Lowell, Mass