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  1. Flew direct from Sydney, NSW to Boston to Semis in time for top 17...then checked into my hotel after the show. Enjoyed the weekend in Boston, Cadets grew on me...Loved Cavaliers, Regiment...BD eventually grew on me.
  2. I was living in Sydney, NSW as my company moved me out there for 3-1/2 years, and was slated to be in Denver for some projects in Blackhawk, CO so i asked nicely to get me out there a few days early to "scope the project"...i.e. time to get last minute tickets and enjoy finals week. SCV was my favorite of 2004...hands down. I was so so on electronics and amps until i decided to give it an open mind, and i liked what i was hearing...i gave Bb and open mind in 2000 so why not. Solid top-12, seemed to be a start of a trend that has continued through present.
  3. I remember getting back to my hotel (near Universal Studios) about 1-1:30 ish with a bag of food from Wendys...i never really dried off until i changed clothes in my hotel room...which had a thermostat stuck on 65 cold in there i swear i saw penguins 😜
  4. Cavies put the tag on that show in San Antonio, the one we all saw at finals and for some reason it didnt click with the judges...i dont get it either. Spirit had to claw their way to that finals spot...14th after quarters, i think.
  5. 2 of the unforgettable things from 2003...the Quarterfinals Rain Delay and the absolute jacked up field after the rain delay and for Semis and Finals.
  6. Boston 94 & VK 93 come to mind...2018 & 2019 wrt Spirit also are top of mind.
  7. I was supposed to be in Moscow for finals week, but the Aeroflot project got pushed a month, so i was scheduled to be in DC for 2 weeks which included Finals day so i scrounged for a ticket and git a nice 45yd line side 2 ticket and boom...great finals night. I still remember Boston just blowing me away that top 6 might possibly be one of the most entertaining top 6 in the past 20 years...definitely in the 00's
  8. oh i have it locally, thank you legacy collection. not sure why i haven't sat down to watch
  9. 1 year after my age-out year, even to this day i don't think I've ever watch the entire top-12, didn't go to 1 show, mainly because i was always in Europe & Central Asia on business, installing datacenters for SUN Microsystems. Spent all of July in Russia (St Petersburg, Moscow, Kiev, Novosibirsk, Vladivostok), and half of August in Eastern Europe.
  10. The Marching Rountable has a great pod episode about 88 Madison...definitely a great listen....with one of the Judges on the panel.
  11. unfortunately we, Nite Express, peaked about a week early and plateaued through Orlando. woefully underscored at Quarters, dropped for ~72's a week before to ~68 on D1 sheets. could've easily been in the hunt for 17. Sadly...shortly after quarters we would find out our fate, financially.
  12. i was with a bitter rival of yours, for those 3 years we could make the same argument. Remember that back then we were on different sheets than D1 and its difficult to transpose D2 yo D2/3 sheets. I remember being well into the 70's the week prior to quarters we dropped significantly. Sadly this was the last quality corps to come out of Cedar Rapids...and this was a quality corps that was ready to go D1 with a talented staff, the finances got pulled right after quarters. The staff we had has gone onto great things even today.
  13. we had to perform like 3 times in less than 12 hours (D2 prelims, D2 Finals, D1 Quarters)..stupid patriots preseason game.
  14. you aint lyin, especially for D2/3 corps...7am rehearsals for a 6 or 7PM stepoff.