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  1. I know the director, fmr former instructor 25 years ago. he will explain in due time. Meanwhile we should all just chill. He's a good dude, with a great heart
  2. agree... i've known him for 25 years...he will explain in due time
  3. I used the flosports app via Amazon Fire Cube...running Wi-Fi mesh network on a Spectrum 400Mbps service. The only issue I had on finals night was during Phantom Regiment... Other than that it was rock solid. No issues after.
  4. I'm keeping Flo... For BOA, Soccer, WGI. I've said it before... They use AWS, which is beyond reliable... So is there is another issue... I'm gonna say it has to be at the venue or how there built their software on AWS and AWS Lambda. As big as Flo is, a few hundred "inconvenienced" DCP members won't even cause a blip on their revenue
  5. The issues could be a number is factors... Could be an issue at the show site with compressing the source... upload issue with the ISP/infrastructure at LOS... Configuration of Amazon Web Services CDN delivery (Flo uses AWS)...ISP issues on the user end. We will never know. I had to reload the app a could times during Phantom, annoying? Yes? But it's better than nothing. However DCI must be made aware of these issues so the proper discussions can be made. DCI can't afford engineers to develop a portal or steam using a robust delivery provider like YouTube, etc. We are not the only people that have had this Flo issue, just ask FC Cincinnati and DC United fans.
  6. There only issues I saw were during Regiment, I had to reload the Fire TV app 2x... Other than that, it was rock solid until finale... Then I switched to youtube. Seems they have real issues with application delivery to the web and some app platforms (and I hate the Roku platform, crappy code)
  7. That was also a world championship winning performance. I'd hate to be a judge tonight
  8. This young man on the flugelhorn is st8 up playing music. Best flugel solo all year
  9. Blue devils got dinged for that in '15 prelims. That's are signs all over the place signifying the boundaries
  10. I'm seeing on Facebook that it's due to brass warning up out of bounds at Military Park.