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    I'd have to say Crown winning their first title in 2013. Nobody outside of a group of 5 corps had won a title since 1991 - that's 21 years of the same 5 corps winning a championship.
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    Sky Ryders did it first...1987 West Side Story.
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    Yeah...no. Out of members who marched with a corps for multiple years, at least in my own corps. I would say the majority got corps tattoos. (I did not for personal beliefs, but many of my friends did). And I only stopped marching a few years ago.
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    Hornline member here. How would a member go about finding a sponsor? Because this tuition is reeeeally expensive, even as drum corps tuitions go. I'm trying mass letter-sending at the moment, but from the looks of it, it isn't really working.
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    The kid I sponsor in the battery and has marched Cadets battery since 2014 says this line is the strongest to date. Very talented and driven. It should be fun to watch and listen to this season.
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    Good here, jonwoody, but so depressed that the drum corps season is still so far away.
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    And who could forget the triumphant bull from '88 Velvet Knights? If that wasn't a fairy tale ending nothing is!
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    I know the OP states "Ending", I've got to toss in the Bluecoats 2008 "Knockout". Another one of the best storyline shows I've ever seen in DCI. Although "The Boxer" didn't end the show, who cares - just absolutely astounding! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TYXIRuXlSRY
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    2010 Phantom - from the chevron formation until the final note. A simple storyline that many interpreted in their own way.
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    The form after the "Free Bird" yell was the REO Speedwagon logo. Please keep this thread in mind come April 25.
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    I would love to see a resurgence of PR. Since becoming a super fan of DCI in 2010, there has still not been a show that has affected me the way Spartacus did - on video even! And I've been to Finals four times! Go Regiment!!!
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