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  1. dbriggs

    Just A Thought!

    now that you mention it, don't think I saw HS groups in attendance this year. there were several at Buffalo DCI, and pretty sure some at past DCAs, if only local
  2. you're prolly right. was behind the stadium, in a car. prolly mis-heard it
  3. was out in the car waiting to pick up someone, but did I hear the Alumni announcer say, at the end of the show, "Be sure to come back tonite for DCI Finals"?
  4. dbriggs

    I & E Results

    Mini Corps Results 1. 97.000 Star United 2. 94.667 Freelancers 3. 84.667 Brig Juice 4. 84.333 Bridgemen 5. 83.333 Sine Wave Brass 6. 80.667 Tri-Valley Brass 7. 79.500 Govenaires 8. 74.167 Warriors fr pg3 of the other thread
  5. dbriggs

    Williamsport 10-day

    on a brighter note, forecast included with my hotels.com reminder today says SAT cloudy SUN intermittent clouds. sheesh - weather people
  6. dbriggs

    Williamsport 10-day

    now that it's close enough to be semi-accurate - SAT showers 60% day, 20% nite. SUN scattered tstorms 40% both day & nite. FYI no umbrellas policy at the stadium
  7. dbriggs

    Williamsport 10-day

    tix say 4, too
  8. dbriggs

    Williamsport 10-day

    if you've been following, like me (yeah, I'm a nerd), you'll see an optimistic change from what was forecast up to now. hope it stays that way
  9. I also have an extra set of tix, coincidentally, 1 row directly in front of these, if you happen to be looking for tix for 4 ppl. (or just the 1, if interested)
  10. dbriggs

    2018 Alumni Spectacular Lineup?

    dang, out of the loop already?? lol <heh, had to edit out a harsher word; sheesh>
  11. it's called 10-day, but actually goes out 14, so Labor Day wknd coming into view. should change and be current right thru then https://weather.com/weather/tenday/l/USPA1799:1:US
  12. new roof will be a hard roof, not canvas, or whatever. no more hurricane-force winds trying to get in. prolly worse for acoustics tho'
  13. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/2018-dca-championships-premium-parking-reservations-tickets-47302102863 in case you didn't see it on FB, and have a need/desire for premium parking for Williamsport. said about 250 left when I ordered few min ago