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  1. nosebleed seats are preferred and even prime to many. did you mean something more like endzone seats?
  2. pretty sure Hamburg, for one, has an alumni corps
  3. stldrmn there's not a wow emoji like FB, but... Wow
  4. somewhere late 90s, co-worker's son in Cru. went with him to Butler Sat, Jamestown Sun
  5. orig link was fr FB, didn't work, so got news from their site
  6. http://kidsgrovescouts.org.uk/2019/01/09/dci-2020/
  7. https://crossroadshouse.com/11th-annual-musical-memories/
  8. well, Williamsport has 2yrs now, with another 2yr option, so talk to me in '24, if I'm still around
  9. is anyone, DCA or school, gonna be there to inform them?
  10. can't find the scores anywhere (and didn't stay). how was the spread?
  11. sorry, wrong link. thought that was the one I printed the scheds from
  12. http://dcacorps.org/dca-championships/2019-ie-information/ they're pdf files
  13. have they decided, or should I say announced (pretty sure they've decided), where yet?
  14. my sometimes answer is "it's an adverb". get some awfully weird looks