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  1. still waiting also. sent inquiry to DCI
  2. and so the season is officially on
  3. still waiting. tick, tick, tick,... spring ends soon
  4. not I. still spring, I guess. be callin 'em 'bout 10 days as for the ROC thing, the stadium situation seems a mess. think the city now owns it, with no tenants - soccer team gone. all parties suing or threatening each other. latest from whacky pie-in-the-sky mayor is "it needs a dome built over it".
  5. someone I know got their DCI tix, in Canada. US addresses prolly got them earlier, just cuz of the delay in Intl mail. So, seeing as DCI prints tix for both them and DCA, I'll be expecting Wmsport tix soon. (They have said "Spring", so not much time left)
  6. ok, 6pm this year. from 4? before. little better. and sun/heat no guarantee anyway
  7. hmm... maybe they can start after the sun stops blinding and frying the fans
  8. well, I quit going to dci cuz of a "childish" reason - no variety of finals location. If they stay in Wmsport, I can quit them for an adult (safety) reason
  9. looks like Sunday isn't scheduled at Wmsport, so maybe they're at DCA just for exhibition,... or not to perform all. they look to be active Fri nite, tho'
  10. as such, one might think it wouldn't have affected them - heh
  11. Dang, missed the show in Pembroke last night. first notice I saw was yesterday, noontime; too late to change plans. but will see the one in Depew, this Sat, 11th https://www.drumcorpsplanet.com/2019/04/therell-be-an-explosion-in-depew-ny-may-11th/
  12. haven't heard much of anything from DCA, 'cept corps staffings
  13. have they been sent yet? just checking cuz my mail was fwd'ed all winter; sometimes PO messes up
  14. even tho in ROC, I like to travel. just not williamsport again. nice town, nice downtown venue, but stadium suct - bleacher seat, no stair railings, and brutal sun-in-face. my .02
  15. did I miss it? isn't the next 2yr contract usually known by this time in the cycle?