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  1. Glad to see four CDs. Would have been a shame to not have Spartans' show,
  2. Here goes: 2010 Troopers "Wanted" 2011 Teal Sound "Sinvitation 7" 2012 Jersey Surf "Bridgemania" 2013 Troopers "Magnificent 11" 2014 Colts "Dark Side of the Rainbow" 2015 Academy "A Step in Time" 2016 Oregon Crusaders "Hunted" 2017 Seattle Cascades "Set Free" 2018 Music City Miracle "Hell on Wheels" 2019 Pacific Crest "Everglow"
  3. This was my experience as well. FLO app via Fire Stick. I didn't experience many issues prior to Finals that appeared to be the result of the Flo App.
  4. Thank you Crown. Here's a shout out to their guard. They don't get a lot of love but I enjoy watching them.
  5. That may have been as clean as that backwards marching drill has been all year