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  1. This is Mestizo Waltz, and a corps really kinda has to do it: Would love to have heard a Downey special of this amazing piece, Mr. Paganini performed by Herbie Hancock and Celine Dion:
  2. As you already figured out, costs for a lot of things have gone up since the late 90s. College tuition is a decent comparison to DCI costs, I think. Kids are paying triple what I paid for tuition and board in the early 00s. Love that Surf's making it easier for kids to do. I wouldn't have been able to afford it when I was in my late teens or early 20s, that's for sure.
  3. Loved the music from Far and Away in Cadets 95, like lots of others, apparently.
  4. Sorry, I should've said "no rational adult" is calling for the demise of DCI. I put those people on ignore just as quickly as the weirdos who still engage in victim-blaming or who support those that do.
  5. the next corps to break (back) into top 3, imo. can't wait to see it happen.
  6. People aren't calling for the demise of drum corps. People are saying that there needs to be actual accountability, and no amount of weridos saying that victims are to blame for not speaking up sooner to the police or authority figures within corps will change that, thankfully.
  7. Every public educator (not sure about private schools) in my state is subject to the same. Failure to report is a crime. Again, it's not just about training, it's about accountability to act. The extent of the reporter's responsibility is to, you know, report. From there, experts in various field regarding abuse take over. It's actually a huge relief to know that my "personal judgment" or "intuition" or whatever other things people who fail to act use as an excuse needs to be excluded from the process completely. Notice how blaming the victim for not speaking up has absolutely nothing to do with it? Yep, that's because it's irrelevant and disgusting.
  8. Exactly how DCI and member corps have played this game for decades. And they're obviously trying to continue now. DCI's default has been to say it's an individual corps problem. Meanwhile, DCI has indeed put out "policies" that apply to all corps, but those policies are intentionally toothless and DCI avoids responsibility by saying it's up to individual corps to enforce those policies. One giant merry-go-round of avoiding accountability, and it works. Why would DCI or individual corps need to change if it works so well?
  9. Having protocols without enforcement is perfunctory. Not just perfunctory, but intentionally perfunctory. My only question is will this last round of survivors speaking up be enough to get corps to actually choose to put real protections in place for members. I guess we'll see.
  10. Screams both Phantom and Crown to me. Bombastic piece of music. BUT, would maybe want to hear a great low brass line at Phantom tackle this:
  11. heard Derek Bourgeois' music for the first time when I was watching an old BBC production of Oedipus Rex the other day. he was a prolific writer for wind and brass bands, and i've only listened to a few of his pieces so far. this piece and another one called "Blitz" could be good on the field, I think:
  12. The handful of people you're responding to would never ask these questions of real victims they were face to face with. Imagine any of them sitting face to face with the dozens of USA gymnastics survivors who didn't speak up for decades, both minors and over 18, now well into adulthood, and telling them "Well young lady/man, you should have gone to the police or adult supervisor or blah blah blah". Wouldn't happen because they wouldn't be behind the safety of a keyboard. Think of that instead of responding to them.
  13. If asking for institutional changes is "burning down DCI,", it means there's already vast amounts of kindling soaked in kerosene in place. So you have a semblance of a point. You take care. I mean that.
  14. Suta and pickle will get exactly what they want, I have no doubt. I see DCI throwing everything back to individual corps because so far, it's worked in their eyes. The stories pop up, eventually die out, and then they just do the same thing the next time, and the next time, and the next time. Nothing more than a way for DCI and member corps to be held accountable as little as possible. The fact that predators bounce from corps to corps is all any rational human needs to see to understand that systemic change is needed. All I can do is hope that this handful of brave people who are speaking out will encourage other victims to do the same. The number of survivors who speak up about sexual assault is infinitesimal compared to the number of actual survivors, so that 74% number or whatever that pickle threw out is completely meaningless. Sentiments like that are exactly why victims don't come forward and why things don't change at the organizational level for decades. Just a vicious cycle. It has to stop.
  15. That's an attitude that encourages more of the same.
  16. I agree. But I wouldn't let any child of mine near any corps right now. Authorities getting involved should be automatic based on established protocols EVERY corps has to abide by, or the corps should go down. But I guarantee DCI and member corps are going to just lay low, maybe put out a perfunctory statement here and there with no real changes, and wait for this to blow over. Then it'll be business as usual: turn a blind eye towards abuse, actively encourage abuse, tell victims they're going to handle it and then don't do anything, allow predators (both staff and performers) to shuffle from one corps. and on and on and on. It's at a point where I think only a national news story on par with USA Gymnastics/Michigan State will ever result in real change for DCI. But the question of who is in charge and who is responsible for keeping this from happening is so INTENTIONALLY fragmented within DCI, I don't know if it's ever going to happen.
  17. Drum corps shouldn't exist if they can't have a system where these horrific issues of abuse are actually dealt with. That's as far as I'll go. The idea that drum corps should only exist if they serve local communities has absolutely nothing to do with this conversation.
  18. One of my favorite shows I've seen live and then Cadets came right after, so wow. Great finals. I've always though of 2000 Cavies as more of a really excellent arrangement by Saucedo based on the works of McTee and Daugherty. I'd argue Saucedo based it far more on motifs and ostinatos from McTee's "Soundings" than from the Daugherty piece the title came from, especially in that extended opener. There was also quite a bit of 100% original stuff that Saucedo threw in. I feel like 2000 was a primer for the original shows he did in 2001-2003.
  19. It obviously does, I'm afraid. The idea that all or even most orgs that work with young people will instinctually "police themselves" and put in due diligence to hire non-scum is ludicrous, unfortunately. To be clear, training is indeed useless if there isn't a system in place to hand out real consequences for child abuse or sexual abuse AND for those who fail to report it after being trained. Not getting fired consequences, but legal ones. I think you'll find that reasonable people on here don't look at training as a solution in and of itself.
  20. Sorry for calling you confused when you're not. Now I get what you were saying, and we're really saying the same thing. It shouldn't be the responsibility of an instructor/educator/teacher to do any investigating, counseling, etc regarding issues of abuse. If a student tells us about abuse, we report it. Not our job to investigate or make judgment calls of any kind. We get trained on observable behaviors and physical signs that are typical of abuse that we see, and then report them or run the very real risk of getting charged with a crime. Experts take over from there, and again, I'm not talking about some "Compliance Officer" within the org. Until somebody or a group of somebody's step up and take responsibility as a governing org for the whole activity, the problem is going to stay the same. That's really my only point.
  21. Here's a bit from that Policy....and it shows that it doesn't even approach what happens with the kind of reporting/action I'm talking about. ...if the DCI Compliance Officer determines, in their sole and absolute discretion, that a report warrants further investigation, the Compliance Officer will conduct an investigation or appoint a disinterested party - depending on the nature of the possible allegation and those involved - to conduct an investigation. If it is determined that a violation occurred, a written finding will be presented to the appropriate individual, in consultation with the CEO, for appropriate corrective or disciplinary action. The decision of a supervisor, manager, volunteer coordinator, or board chair is final and not appealable. Nope. Nope. Nope. This is feckless, toothless, and perfunctory. It's not a mandatory reporting policy in league with anything I'm talking about, just some vaporous whistleblower policy. A random, unnamed "Compliance Officer" within the org shouldn't be in charge of deciding what deserves to get acted upon. I'm talking about a system where it's all automatic. Educator reports suspected abuse without any type of retaliation possible, and then officials in whatever field of abuse we're talking about come in with the force of law to take next steps and/or refer up the chain of command/jurisdiction. It precludes choice/judgment calls on the part of the reporter to report, and then experts take over.
  22. For sure. Also, it's not infallible to have a mandatory reporting system like I'm talking about in place . Even if your org has a bunch of experts lined up on speed dial ready to deal with myriad types of abuse that go up a specific, established chain of command, it doesn't mean that predators won't still sometimes find a way. But it's better than whatever DCI and/or member corps have going on right now. Somebody/something has to actually be in charge of enacting real change, and all I see right now is passing the buck and only when bad people get caught after the fact. Who/what is actually in charge of DCI in these matters?
  23. Kathy is just confused. The goal should be to train teachers/educators of any kind about issues of abuse, which is what we're talking about here. Mandatory reporting with proper training is something that's absolutely VITAL to adults who work with kids for a living. If a good system is in place, teachers are one of the first steps in facilitating experts who will take over after the reporting phase. Make it a crime to not report abuse in DCI, which is how it is in a lot of school districts across the country. Or just expect more of these stories to get swept under a planet-sized rug.
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