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  1. What happened with the color guard tonight? Huge point spread between Blue Stars.
  2. So does a corps that leaves pieces of broken balloons on the field get penalized as well?
  3. It is in fact The Boston Crusaders drumline. It was filmed before the baseball season began.
  4. Right now seems like Boston and Blue Devils are surging. Cavies and Blue Stars are slumping. Still 2 weeks left though.
  5. Please end these poll questions.They are dazed. But I will say the mid 70's Muchachos were the best first place corps before they got caught.
  6. Looks like 9-10-and 11 are the new 1-2-3. Nice post
  7. Scores not moved much at all this week. Pretty much the same for everyone all week.
  8. This is why, except in very very few cases,judges judge by what uniform is on the field. If the Cavies switched unis with Madison, the scores would still be higher for the Cavies uniform.No doubt about it. That is why sports a great because an eighth seeded team could beat a top seed in sports but that would never happen in any drum corps show.
  9. Like the great coach of the New England Patriots always says" DO YOUR JOB " that sums it up.
  10. My siblings and I are 3rd generation members. Our kids might be the 4th soon. All with the same corps.
  11. Right on the money with this one. But we don't want to upset the G7 apple cart do we.
  12. They should have stayed in the first place rather than go and try and change the world. Long gone and hard to find.