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  1. ' Just got back from Fort Myers, Florida showing........about 2rds full.....Sound definately not surround sound, nor Dolby.......Still loved the shows though despite this......Quick snapshots......Mellophone line of Star unreal. This Corps was ahead of it's time. 'Difficult charts played well.......27th Guard especially rifles, got some oohs and ahhs. Music easy, but entertaining........BD, Madison Concerts are simply treasures......George Zingalli was a Genius......BAC 's show looked better to me now,than in 2000. Liked them a lot.......Cadets show much better 2nd half than ist half. Not
  2. As for the guys review, which I had no problems with, maybe all reviewers in the future when reviewing a show should simply mention any corps in their review that they have ever been afilliated with in the past in any capacity. That way, people can evaluate the review in that context. It's just good form to do so, in my opinion.
  3. Cadets came within a whisker of beating Cavaliers at Finals ( less than .2 tenths), to secure 2nd place, so they were right there in terms of performance. I enjoyed the Corps a lot this year, but feel RPH, and Melaguena just didn't fit smoothly.
  4. Phantom appeared to be on this night. By the way, did any of the DCI clips have any other Corps final ending passages ? It seems the clips of the other corps were mostly non ending passages.
  5. Yes, I understood the context that the show coordinator was trying to convey to the crowd with the theme, and the Cavies Guard uniforms were an attempt to fit that theme. But it didn't work for me even in that context. They were simply godawful. But that's just my opinion.
  6. I did not think it would happen, but I actually found a person who said he really liked the Cavaliers Color Guard uniforms. There's lots of good things I can say about the Cavaliers, but those ugly greenies with the numbers and knee pads arn't one of them for me. But that's why savvy ice cream stores carry 20 or more kinds of ice cream. To each his own !
  7. Nice review !. Glad to hear the weather turned out better than it did for the show you had back in Canton, Ohio that got rained out.
  8. The scores may be right or wrong, but the Crossmen have never left me with the the feeling that I didn't get my money's worth. The Crossmen bleed drum Corps entertainment with this poster. I am not alone. Hope the brass arranger above doesn't change a thing with what he is doing with the Crossmen music arrangements in the future. He should be very proud of his work. It is first rate in entertainment value, and his kids really get into it and enjoy it. That's more than enough for me.
  9. That was a fun review . The Cavaliers guard uniforms are definately one of the very worst guard uniforms ever put on the field by a corps in my opinion. What were they thinking ? Geez, they are so bad that they are becoming an embarrassment and it detracts from an otherwise terrific Corps. Are there people out there that think this guard uniform is cool , neat, awesome, visually appealing, fits the Corps image, or compliments the show theme etc ,or helps the Corps in any way whatsoever ? How so ? Just curious.
  10. Not sure what the phrase " the design of the show was not very well demonstrated on the field " means .( review on Boston ).
  11. For every person that thought that the cadets show was " exploitive " last year there were hundreds that thought this New Jersey based corps that practices within eyesight of the ground zero area that used to house the Twin Towers, had just the perfect blend of respect and admiration in their patriotic theme based show. I am a veteran, and all the veterans and their families and friends ( about 200 or so )that gathered last year at the American Legion Post in Beverly Mass, after the Beverly Cardinals Alumni sponsored DCI Drum Corps show (many of whom marched drum corps ) loved the Cadets