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  1. Fred didn't say whether they fixed it or decided to press on without.
  2. Didn't years ago the judges used a "tick mark" system--deducting fractions of a point for every miscue? When did they stop doing that?
  3. Ditto!!! Thanks Fred for helping those of us who can't travel still experience the shows! Good luck to ALL the Corps tonight! If this season turns into another see-saw battle (Crown vs Bluecoats) like last year's Crown vs Cadets, I think I can take it. As long as a certain west coast group who shall not be named doesn't crash the party. [bTW: Go Crown!!!!]
  4. She didn't play the last competition. Not sure why, but glad she's back.
  5. Yes--thanks everyone for being our eyes and ears!!!
  6. I think I heard Crown's center snare was back tonight.
  7. So I'm told--I've yet to see a competition yet (have to wait until Atlanta). My wife (who's volunteering in the food truck) says he's doing a great job. Even his sister (reluctantly) agrees.
  8. As you can see by my signature, mine is John 2nd year bari. And my daughter is a Crown Guard wannabe--and I fully expect her to make it in a few years.