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  1. I think I heard Crown's center snare was back tonight.
  2. So I'm told--I've yet to see a competition yet (have to wait until Atlanta). My wife (who's volunteering in the food truck) says he's doing a great job. Even his sister (reluctantly) agrees.
  3. As you can see by my signature, mine is John 2nd year bari. And my daughter is a Crown Guard wannabe--and I fully expect her to make it in a few years.
  4. Sorry--I get really edgy when a competition is starting and I can't be there and all I have is DCP (thank goodness for that!!!!).
  5. That's why I said "you knew they would". Sheeesh!
  6. Rumor has it that Crown spent the last 2 days adding new stuff--you knew they would!
  7. I think Carolina Crown added an electric bass just for their Madonna encore.
  8. Newbie question: I know that the brass will march leaving a hole for an absent player, but I thought I heard that the percussion line always marches w/o leaving a hole. True? Sometimes?
  9. Is there anyone here who marched percussion that can tell us the importance of a "center snare"? It just seems like if they have a name for the position, it carries a certain amount of importance and when she's not there, it could affect the rest of the line. Just curious. randy
  10. Yep--but it looks like the missing recaps from the Charleston WV show are messing up the rankings except for the total scores. I guess we'll have to wait until there are enough scores past Charleston so they won't factor in.
  11. Anyone know what Jersey Surf is doing for their encore?
  12. Yes--good luck Racine!!! (That was my son's first Drum Corps.)
  13. Thanks for the reply. I was thinking about the rankings posted on DCP, not how the shows are judged (I've lurked this forum enough in the past years to know not to broach that subject ). It just appears that those corps who appeared in the WV show where there is a missing set of recaps have weighted scores (on DCP) that are about 2/3 of the other corps. For instance: Crown and Cadets. It seems the Overall scores are correct, but let's take Overall Music Caption scores. If you use the weightings posted on DCP and take the last 3 shows for CC and Cadets (FirstBeat, WV, and Normal) and give them both zeroes for the WV show, you will get something close to the weighted score shown on DCP. Ex: Crown: 31.7*0.5 + 0.0*0.25 + 30.1*0.25 = 23.375 (compare to 23.405) If you give them a reasonable Music score for WV (29-30), then they both shoot up to near the top (where I'm thinking they should be). Ex: Cadets: 31.0*0.5 + 30.0*0.25 + 30.3*0.25 = 30.575 (compare to 22.980) [i hope my math is right!!!] It just appears that the missing WV recaps are not being reflected in the weighted scores and those corps who marched WV are not getting their true rankings. Am I making sense here or am I still missing something? And, yes--there are/will be some GREAT shows this year. Can't wait to see one in person! thanks, randy