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  1. Thank You Super Sader Fan. Couldn't agree more. Luck has nothing to do with it. Instead of wishing them luck let them know you are confident in how great they will be tonight. Let's Go Boston !
  2. Tonight The Boston Crusaders will shock the drum corps world !
  3. Then why is Boston not in the Lynn, MA show or the Cranston, RI show ? They are out in WI instead. Very strange
  4. I really thought Boston was going to move up in placement this year. I guess the good news is the corps appears to be on solid footing. I am confused to their low placements this year. My first question is why is the Board so large ? Never knew of Board with so many ? Do they all have voting power ?
  5. Wed Boston is practicing in PA. Thurs and Friday Boston will be practicing at Milton High School. Its official per Rick Woodall.
  6. Boston will be practicing in PA tomorrow,Wednesday. Do not about thursday, show day yet.
  7. They are still looking for housing for the 29,30, and 31.
  8. There is no housing info listed for the 29th,30th and 31st. Where will Boston be ? Hopefully Quincy but...
  9. Emc2 look at their schedule again. There is no info for housing. Only that the show on the 31st is in Quincy
  10. Does anyone know the location and dates that the Crusaders will be in town for the show on the 31st in Quincy ? TY
  11. I heard Boston was outstanding. no worries. They will do their usual climb up the standings. Great talented members with a great show.
  12. Red 2000 One of my all time favorite dci shows. The crowd was electric when Boston was announced at finals. They were the first corps to be shown live on national tv that evening.