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  1. Omni, Marriott, Crown Plaza, Hilton, Hyatt are all great. Though the Alexander is hip, it's near noisy, screeching train tracks. The Sheraton has great views overlooking Monument Circle. Embassy Suites is above the former DCI HQ. All of these are walkable to Lucas Oil. La Quinta is probably one of the longest walks from the stadium, but it's near a Whole Foods grocery and the city's bus transit center.
  2. I bought 3 tickets for Lisle, in row S. I guess I may be sitting directly behind Terri. I remembered to NOT buy top row T as it is a BENCH - which some years means SQUISH CITY. Jane and Manny are probably in row T dead center.
  3. Finally looked at the detailed schedule on Wednesday, November 27. Considered 15 shows, will head to 6. Regrets to Detroit, Canton, Zionsville, Evansville, Hamilton, Muncie, Stevens Point, Madison, and LaCrosse. Whitewater: 109 miles. Opportunity to see the new era of the Madison Scouts. Rockford: 88 miles. Like Waterwater, a Saturday night show. Lisle: 25 miles. Only 5 corps but the line up is solid and includes Blue Devils. DeKalb: 64 miles. Is this Pacific Crest's first appearance in DeKalb? Allentown: out east. My favorite DCI weekend splurge each year. Indianapolis: Megabus.
  4. If the Velvet Knights perform a Thanksgiving program during the 2020 summer season, what music, drill, uniforms, or props should be included? Would a green bean casserole costume read well from the grandstand?
  5. Dream big. DCI wins every lottery ever held and builds a traveling outdoor stadium. The stadium repels any bad weather. 30,000 hotel rentals always available at each site as well as no pickpockets and plenty of scholastic rehearsal space. Stadium ticket includes complimentary air travel and gratuities. Four town picks: Thermopolis, Wyoming Mackinac Island, Michigan Key West, Florida Crescent City, California
  6. Terri, there was one gently worded question: Did you sit in the seat that you purchased or did you move around?
  7. Trying to recall some of the other questions ... We were asked to rank 7 items in order of our engagement or affection. I think the choices were percussion, brass, guard, visual, music, the whole package, and uniforms/costumes. Another series of questions asked about EACH and EVERY corps's performance. No surprise: we were asked if we prefer traditional corps uniforms vs costumes that match the performance. How did we get to Indy? How many nights did we stay? How did we obtain our hotel room? How much did we buy at concessions and at souvie booths? Did you attend the 2008 Finals in Bloomington? How is the sound in Lucas Oil? Did you attend SoundSport? Friends breakfast? InStep? DrumLine Battle? Open Class finals at Marion? On a scale of 1-100, what score would you give to your overall Finals Experience?
  8. Were the Armed Forces questions new this year? We were asked if we served in the Army, Air Force, Marines, or Coast Guard. ... And did any of our kids, siblings, parents, or grandparents serve?
  9. They finally added Shapiro's to the long line up of Indy eateries, but continue to omit my annual trek to The Slippery Noodle.
  10. Wow, the yard sale has very few items this year. Time to mark down Phantom Regiment's large french fry props.
  11. Friday night, it was chilly in 241. From time to time, you would feel a big whoosh of cold air. Saturday night, it was just right in 141.
  12. For sale: Four regal staircases. Ideal to glam up your school production of 39 Steps.
  13. It was great seeing the Sky Ryders Alumni meet up for a group picture during intermission in the Southwest Concourse.
  14. Possible penalty for Music City. Rifle handler in guard crossed the front line.
  15. I notified the MODS from the Megabus. The thread title has been updated from Wednesday to Friday. I want to sit in your 140 front row seat for a second today to be scolded.
  16. I thought today was Friday. (reference to Wednesday in thread title). Darn it, now that Cher song is rattling around in my head. IF I COULD TURN BACK TIME ...
  17. Don't forget: There's a 10 percent senior discount at White Castle for all guests ages 55 and up.
  18. DCI was not checking tickets on the way back in. Everyone, come on over!
  19. Well, I wasn't planning on posting tonight, but as there is a weather delay, might as well shoot the breeze with you fine folk. I reached the stadium at 4 PM. Parked on Chew Street 3 cars behind DCI fan Matt. Matt was pouring bottled water over his hair to clean himself up for the evening! Next, held court with Mike Boo by the corps entry gate. Surprisingly, this is Mike's first show of the season! It was great hearing Mike's stories of Don Warren and Jim Jones. Though Mike had eaten a veggie wrap and grapes today, he longed for a shaved ice or snow cone at the stadium. The National Anthem was performed at 6:30 by a solo trumpet who added several embellishments to the tune. Section Q row 19 does NOT have seat numbers. This has been an annual problem. The row 19 fans are politely bickering with each other. I'm one row down, in the spatially numbered row 18, sitting next to cousins Kit and Ron, who have been attending Allentown for YEARS. Like me, all the weather delays are worth it to hear that glorious outdoor brass sound. Kit is wearing his homemade earcups to absorb the maximum sound. There is still lightning at 9PM in the distance but not above us. The sprinkles have been minimal. It's dark in the rental car, so any spillage from a pork and mustard on a biscuit sandwich is fine. I sorta wish I would have showered today.