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  1. Looking at the Katy 50-yard line logo on the field, I finally realize that SCV will be covering the Colts helmet at Finals.
  2. If I may answer, it looks from his picture that he is sitting in top row, between 30 and 35. When he is facing the field, the Rosemont busses are to his right, outside the stadium.
  3. Hook em Cavies - What a joy to feel YOUR joy.
  4. Why can't you burn candles during the week? They only burn on wickends.
  5. I visited a glamorous yard sale on Sycamore in DeKalb and bought a 3 shelf wood bookcase and a Revere Ware skillet.
  6. Ever since the finals moved to Indy, it's been very affordable. The Megabus has only cost $1 each way on the Chicago-Indy route. The annual splurge is Allentown, one week before finals.
  7. Host Phantom Regiment is rehearsing at Huskie Stadium.
  8. Even though I live in Chicago, I'm spending Saturday night in DeKalb. I hate driving late at night. Last Saturday, I got totally lost leaving Whitewater and showed up in Racine 3 hours later. OMG.
  9. Madison performed a great arrangement of the Anthem for 10 brass. Colt Cadets are settling up. Weather is ideal. Parking was slow but more and more lots were opened. Terri is sitting bewteen Jim and a skinny boy.
  10. One of my favorite venues. No track, a beautiful line of pine trees backfield, and bratwurst.
  11. Santa Clara and Cavaliers performed encore together: Send in the Clowns, then Over the Rainbow Cavaliers Age Out is next.
  12. Santa Clara! You have discovered a volume louder than triple forte. Wow, Loved the tether ball scene.
  13. Bluecoats and the Beatles. Drum corps nirvana. Outstanding.
  14. Cadets are aggressive and accessible. Sweet percussion, winning brass, and guard on fire. After the lime green frock is removed, please hide it. It was easily seen beneath one of the 4 staircases, pulling my focus. Loved the show, start to finish.
  15. Blue Stars pants are distracting in this otherwise very musical show. Lots of moving while playing. Change in schedule; Intermission for 20 minutes, then back with The Cadets.
  16. Colts have a great show. Love the over the top staging. Biggest visual stunt of the night.
  17. My first show of the year tonight. Thank you Academy for the goosebumps. Colts are on the field next.
  18. Visually pleasing white uniforms and orange props up next .... The Academy.
  19. Legends solid, but it felt like 10 minutes of the same loud chords. Looking forward to more contrasts in this good show.
  20. Beautiful solo trumpet played the Anthem. First up is Legends.
  21. Tony, Judy, Teresa, and I are dining at Wheatstack on route 53 at 5PM. Please stop by our table and pay our check.
  22. Grumpy Dean says to the new audience .... realize you are cold BETWEEN shows to put that sweatshirt or jacket on. Same thing goes for suddenly wanting to place your hair into a scrunchy. These are BETWEEN show activities. Cause I said so.
  23. Thunderstorms are in the forecast for Friday night in Lisle. Is there an indoor backup plan?