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  1. The last time I hit the Murfreesboro show, I sat next to a dude who was drinking hot coffee. He was sweating profusely.
  2. I met his admin asst/secretary many years ago at DCI finals in the food court at the Circle Centre mall. She said he was a great boss.
  3. Problem has been fixed. Carry on. Moderator: topic can be deleted.
  4. Did anyone else receive notice from Ticketmaster that Semis and Finals have been moved to 11PM? Clearly a glitch. Or is it?
  5. I LOVE Allentown. You want to get to the stadium early both nights to take it all in. There will be fans sitting in lawn chairs at the fire station, located behind the press box a short block away There will be ticket hawks at Gate 1 searching for a great ticket at a fair price. There will be fallen, slender pine cones from the trees at the entrances. There will be a moment this weekend from your seat in the stands when you see a flock of birds off in the distance in the skies above. You will recall past trips, past shows, past friends. You will kvetch that the washrooms are not air-conditioned. You will sigh when an emergency-vehicle siren on Hamilton passes by quickly. You will hear the brassy echoes of warm ups outside the stadium in the park. You will admire a weeping willow tree nestled next to the creek. You will see colorful spinning flags in the park after dark, lit by portable lamps. Though you're there to see everyone, the energy in the stadium increases tenfold after intermission. There's no place else you want to be. You will forget your problems as you are being entertained by hundreds and hundreds of DCI performers. You will get back to home or the hotel and take a quick shower, then read a few more DCP posts before drifting off to sleep.
  6. When the Crossmen busses rolled by earlier on the Lincoln HIghway outside the pizza parlor, I waved at all the darkened windows. I think the performers feel welcomed that way.
  7. I have finished the 12" pizza. It was sublime.
  8. Have arrived in stunning DeKalb in a 4-wheel car rental from Midway. Checked into the luxurious Red Roof Inn across the street from the beloved Taco Bell. Leaving the car at the hotel. Pre-show thin crust pepperoni at the busy Pizza Pro. If it ends up raining, there’s always pizza to satisfy the ache.
  9. The Taco Bell immediately south of the stadium on Lincoln Highway will be slammed tonight with corps staff. Bring it!
  10. Meanwhile, have received today’s 2nd flash flood warning, which expires at 6:30 CST. Travel not recommended.
  11. Changed my mind. This rain is relentless! Will remain home and watch Mork and Mindy.
  12. Though the rain should be gone, I am planning to listen to a line up of STAND STILL performances tonight. Packing a hand towel to dry my stadium seat. And a visor for the setting sun.
  13. Two worries. 1. My favorite meal of the week is the early Saturday dinner before Finals with friends. 2. After the chaos of loading Lucas before Saturday Finals last year, I hope the Oil Can staff can efficiently remove the DCA audience before loading the DCI audience.
  14. Plainfield, Michigan hosted DCI many, many years ago - so I’ll count that as a possibility for the Western Michigan show. Kalamazoo has also hosted several times. The stadium is near the town’s Amtrak station. Battle Creek is central/east, so not likely. In the stands a kajillion years ago, I remember baking in the evening sun at one Battle Creek show. Ypsilanti is too east to be west. Enjoying the mystery. No matter the outcome, it will be near a Tim Hortons.
  15. As the DCI site is down, I found the full summer tour on FloMarching - News. Dates are listed, but not days. I tried to look at the schedule first before reading any reactions. But somewhere a “no shows in Florida again” popped up. Likely before I reached the Flo site. Thrilled to see the Troopers heading to the Midwest for several early season shows. Gobble gobble.
  16. I like the way the Troopers often take local Casper attractions and turn them into shows. The city of Casper made a big deal out of a recent solar eclipse that passed through the center of town. Was that part of the inspiration for the 2023 show? Though it’s all speculation on my part, the active train tracks that run adjacent to the Trooper’s Bingo Hall may have inspired their train show several years ago. Their many Western-themed shows are obvious. This part of Wyoming is covered with sage and tumbleweed. Wild Horses? Wyoming has those. Oil wells? Yes, to that, too. There are other shows ideas percolating in town. Casper has a domed roller rink, a busy gas station named Ghost Town, and free parking at its airport.
  17. My favorite part of Thanksgiving are the westovers.
  18. I am addicted to drum corps notecards and stationery paper, but very few souvenir stands offer such an item. One year, Phantom Regiment did a note card set - maybe 20 or so years ago - with a dozen cards of 4 different images. Another time, very long ago, a Division ll corps sold colorful 6x9 pads of paper, the bottom of a each sheet included several comic-drawn musicians and guard members with the wording A CORPS LINE. Remember when you could buy those Troopers postcards from the canvas wagon? Best deal around. Was it ten for a dollar? One of the postcard pictures was taken at a rodeo, with a sunburst formation, if I recall correctly. I probably bought and mailed over 100 of those Troopers postcards over the years. I realize that paper doesn’t travel or age well. Often times, I’ll prepare my own drum corps stationery notecards on a color copier. It’s easy to buy cheap envelopes at a thrift store or after Christmas. Having access to a paper trimmer/cutter is helpful.
  19. The extra row atop sections 139 and 141 have been there for many years, but at Friday’s Semis, there were too many standing fans who watched the performances from an already tight space behind the top rows in those sections. There was little room for foot flow between shows due to the standing squatters.
  20. For sale: $56,000 worth of scholarships shared with an endless company front. Audience patience included. (Semi-finals before Bluecoats Alumni)
  21. Bussed in from Chicago, and headed to Convention Center, Hall K to see the DCI exhibit. THANK YOU to everyone who took the time to piece all this together. There are uniforms, drums, horns, pictures, videos, and a good mix of sitting and standing, if you wish. You can fly through the exhibit in 10 minutes, or immerse yourself for 3 hours, easily. I grabbed 17 of the free program books at the exit: years 1997, 2004-2019. The Hyatt allowed early check in, more than 4 hours. Meeting up with Ann, Teresa, Scott, and Tony at Slippery Noodle for a winning Friday lunch of tater tots and beer.
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