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  1. Lindsay Kusmierczak replaces Jim Moore as the Color Guard Caption Head is incorrect. Lindsay Kusmierczak replaces Shavon Garcia as Color Guard Caption Head. Jim Moore is the the choreographer and maybe the Color Guard Supervisor?
  2. It's part Bob Fosse and part Clockwork Orange. There's an underpinning of Clockwork Orange in their show.
  3. It's a balance of achievement weighted against the content. You all are counting ticks thinking that the content for all the groups is the same and it isn't. The bloo members were marching up walls while doing body and keeping formations. That's a whole energy and technique that no one has explored, ever. Their movement vocab was much denser than other groups. It isn't a bunch of keep the right hand on the horns and use the other three limbs. They actually put their instruments down and dance. They started their show with the drum line dancing with no drums on. No one else took their d
  4. "If said summer band doesn't have a hat with feathers then that same said band SUCKSSSSSS!" Long live the band hats!!!!
  5. The best run organizations win. They are well run and they bring in the best kids. A drum corps that is run poorly for example, can never get to housing on time and loses rehearsal time doesn't win. Ashy
  6. He never marched Crossmen. He wrote their drill for a year or two while he was writing Cadets. He marched Garfield/ Bergen County Cadets and NYC corps. Never Crossmen.
  7. Blue Devils and their use of props changed the ways teams do things. Since they did the show with the chairs more teams have used props and re-staged the way they do.
  8. The entire Cadets staff has quit in the past two years.
  9. Bluecoats had a couple of moments of clarity issues. Pathetic is a harsh way to put it. Bluecoats were way more exposed, their show drill wise was much more difficult and their content was much more dense than the other two teams. I believe your critique comes more from a bitterness that your favorite team didn't win.
  10. I don't agree. BD started using props every year and not props area a mainstay in shows.
  11. I didn't say they weren't coming second. I just don't think they're going to get much better.