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  1. The DCI board has to do what they can to try to salvage things, to try to salvage some of the revenue for this year. Its not like this activity is flush with cash, its very conceivable we could lose corps over this. It may be futile in the end if this goes on for a long time. But theyre doing their jobs in at least trying to find some way of salvaging this.
  2. Best case scenario (what theyre planning for, it sounds like), things will get compressed by a late start. Perhaps they'd look at corps getting everydays started late, abandoning the june shows, and kicking off tour sometime in early July. Corps would want to do at least a couple shows before showing up to a major regional, but at very least if they could salvage the July 12-Finals slate, that's probably a reasonable win at this point. If we're honest, the show quality will probably go down, but for 99% of the audience it will still be great. Those of us that have marched or otherwise have more refined eyes\ears can be more nitpicky than the average fan.
  3. Which is dumb as hell. I know a bunch of woodwind players that marched and a ton more that went to drum corps shows. You don't have to be able to be in a drum corps to enjoy it. I mean ####, 99% of people who see a drum corps show will never march.
  4. Gonna be honest, while Pasadena was nice and sunny, driving through LA traffic every day sucked and the rose bowl, being as shallow as it is, is a poor venue for drum corps.
  5. This is one i'd really like to see. Minneapolis is a great city in August, and i believe the schools don't kick off in the MSP area until september. Either University of Minnesota or the Vikings stadiums would make great host stadiums. Plus MSP is generally easy to get in and out of being a Delta hub.
  6. You could probably start even lower level and earlier than that. What's the gender makeup of drum corps? Particularly, what is the makeup of hornlines and percussion sections as those end up being those who most often fill the entry-level tech ranks that end up being your brass and percussion caption heads down the road. (I seem to remember those tilting especially male, especially in the percussion caption). Hell, go deeper- is this pattern of behavior evident in high school bands? A lot of times your brass and percussion sections in bands end up being more male, and your woodwind sections (particularly clarinets\flutes) end up being more female. So the candidate pool that drum corps most highly targets at its very lowest levels... tilts male.
  7. Blue Stars have a right to staff however they choose, so long as they do not discriminate. Hiring the best they can find isn't discrimination, even if that means they end up with all male staff. The fact is, the talent pool blue stars are fishing in, whether it be drum corps staff in general or even the broader pool of talent in high school and college band directors, is overwhelmingly male. Drum corps is a niche within a niche, it is going to generally reflect that. Editing to add: Does that mean the Blue Stars and any other drum corps can't take extra efforts to make sure they are giving full consideration to female talent? Nope. I hope theyre doing that- every organization needs to be able to do that kind of introspection to make sure its own practices arent leading to women not being chosen. But at the end of the day the best candidate for the job should win regardless of gender.
  8. Except discussing rumors of staff changes in no way makes someone less 'better'. It's part of any public-facing competitive activity and completely fine for people to discuss rumors of changes in any of them.
  9. No, you just don't like the rumors coming out of your favorite organization so you're getting all butthurt about it.
  10. Disappointed to hear this. Have loved what he's done with the brass there, and he's a great teacher.
  11. Drum corps is no different than any other sport in that people follow staff changes and those staff changes often come out well before the official announcement. I'm seeing all of those regularly as a fan of college sports. and its no different in drum corps. It seems like you're the one who doesn't get it. Oh, and its fun to attack people who post rumors without naming their sources, but the fun thing about sources is that people who name their sources quickly find themselves without sources
  12. At the end of the day, as much as flo may like to still try the 'its a problem on your end' thing, it isnt 2005 anymore. Most of us have multiple streaming services, so we know whether or not our setup can handle streaming flawlessly or not. If every other service works, but Flo goes down repeatedly, its a Flo issue one way or another. And yeah, i saw repeated drops from Flo. Multiple times during the same shows.
  13. Brandt is an american treasure and an institution in drum corps. Is he perfect? No. But it will be a loss the day he hangs it up, and i think he's earned the right to decide when that is.
  14. I definitely heard a couple moments where it was pretty strong on my sub during the Stars' show. Could have been placement of the mics though.
  15. Well.. the last 3-peat it felt like it was narrowly got 8th, solidly got 8th, narrowly missed 7th Last year was more 'solidly got 8th' and this year was more like 'narrowly missed 7th' so... maybe next year finally punches through the wall. But.. drum corps is tough, in that its not always enough to just get better. Sometimes to move up someone else has to also not get better, or else you're where you were when you started, placement-wise.