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  1. Blue Stars opening scores, since returning to D1\World 2019- 65.45 2018- 62.0 2017- 64.15 2016- 61.9 2015- 60.95 2014- 63.8 2013- 63.1 2012- 62.7 2011- 64.75 2010- 74.0 2009- 66.2 2008- 62.5 2007- 62.65 2006- 61.175 It probably doesnt mean anything, but i was curious so figured id post for others too.
  2. Something something cant compare year to year, but from a quick check that score from Blue Stars is the highest start since 2010.
  3. Is this based on any knowledge of what is in the actual story?
  5. I believe you in that you and your son had a positive experience and didn't see things on the level reported. Unfortunately its rather meaningless that that's what you saw. Here's the thing. It is incredibly easy to not see a lot of these things if you are not one of the ones directly affected. People get pressured not to talk, or feel ashamed to talk. Hell, in some of them the younger victim of mistreatment may even not recognize anything was wrong with that situation until years later. I'm actually quite amazed members are posting publicly their disapproval of the group, as it seems like most DCI groups have a 'keep issues within the family' mentality, for better or for wors.. And it happens and has happened at far too many places. I, like your son, had the greatest few summers of my life with Blue Stars. But i know now, some from information that came out years later, that there were some that did not due to some staff members behavior. Hell, one of my favorite (at the time) vis techs from 05 is now serving 15 years for ####### 8th graders. You just never know.
  7. The question being, how hard was 'better' looked for? Over the years, its easy to notice that its often the same names getting recirculated among the corps. Drum corps prefer to hire people who already have a drum corps history, rather than go for someone 'up and coming'. By doing this, are others not given an opportunity? Could a section tech have excelled if given the chance at a caption head job that was instead given to a retread? Could a spot have been filled just as well by someone new, outside the existing staffing 'circles'. I've never been involved in hiring or the search for staff, so i'm kind of curious what the applications:hires ratio looks like.
  8. Then you'd have to do that for all the shows. Your show is not special. Every one of us have had shows rained out and didnt get a rain date, nor could we be expected to. The tour rolls on.
  9. Those corps are already multiple hours down the road towards their next show at this point.
  10. Have to wonder how much of that is because of the show being on 2 nights (and 2 separate tickets) vs other regionals. A little harder than just flying in friday night\sat morning and coming to the show saturday. Combine that with the rain risk that isn't there at other regionals and it becomes difficult for some to pull the trigger on.
  11. Its extremely hard to do. Just because there isnt much going on for the schools doesnt mean that every school wants to host a drum corps. And plenty of places don't want to. Hell, i think in 07 I was driving and we got our housing site while en route to Allentown. A few of the corps already didn't have housing until just a couple days ago. And ome of the sites flip out corps- so one comes, rehearses friday, goes to perform, then another corps comes and takes the site later that night for the next day. Finding another dozen housing sites on the contingency that some might need to stay around for saturday is not a reasonable proposition.
  12. Problem is most of them would need a housing site for tonight in Allentown. Housing is already scarce near there.
  13. Playing some shows in the rain used to be a fixture of DCI tours. Times change.