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  1. It's finally show day, let's get this. Later on I have prior engagement which falls right into the start of the last group, and I am to miss that ? I dont think so!!. I am definitely bycotting that engagement because the day have arrived and I can't miss out anything. My Flo $50 is not going to go down the drain like that, worst they haven't streamed anything up into the week. Nah ah... no way
  2. I Saw it and it was really good to watch, just the raw drill and music alone..
  3. Ikr, But guess what, let them talk all they want.
  4. Interesting and sounds good.. I also love that show.. one of my faves
  5. Thanks for that Cappybara. Looking forward to read your thoughts on monday rehersal.
  6. Yeah, it surely is and will be.. last year few or more of us did say this year might be SCV year in different ways, and it is ongoing proving to be really so, and I agree woth you on that I don't mind at all. Happy for great organization like scv to be making this year so successful for them. On the other hand I have my gripes that I don't express because of not wanting to come off as the person who is trying to find faults or critizing, or appear to be hating, otherwise I love the show MUSICALLY. BD Is definitely keep the streak going, I solute them.
  7. This year corp is a fighter indeed... Admire the drive within these kids 1.Whats your thoughts on this week BD heading to Atlanta ? what do you think ? 2. Does anyone have access to any inside scoop may it be rehearsal, changes or addition so whats the plan for them, even if it's speculation based on prior seasons.. Whats the scoop ? give us some updates please.
  8. Can someone please tell that drum major we dont have all night... Lol
  9. I love SCV show but I was falling asleep, but as soon as BD begin I woke up. Not lieing...
  10. Will join in on the stream in the next hour or so... hope you guys having a blast. Hope not much issue with flo
  11. I was expecting that tonight... I did. Yeap. BC had changes along with their performance that push them pass BD. Just barely though. But BD haven't started making their last changes and addition yet. A tough show to complete. They just croozing along this week and doimg what they do. I heard of changes being rehearsed up in this week but I haven't seen any on the field yet. But they had a little issue with still a great performance.
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