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  1. Yes i agree, i think the same thing too.. he really need defining. well i hope they give him some piece of clothing eventually.
  2. Pheww! really difficult show... so incredible impressive.
  3. yeah thanks i will check it out. i did figure that part out looking closely over last weekend, the part where the guy coming from war and falls in love with the woman then there's a fight broke out over the women... but i didn't know it was the smooth criminal who fights the soldier
  4. Ya.. saw it too and your right it's coming together very well. I like it more and more each week. What I didn't see though is the changes they have made to the opener as I was told ealier up in this thread. So I assumed they probably saving it for this weekend competition.
  5. Dominant in the sense they win that caption the most in comparison when they compete with....... Stating from the statistics here so in YOUR MIND you can put it any which way you feel you want to. I done make that statement and sticking by it, even when you bring a chart wont change my view. And yes whatever I say.. comprehende' lol. Ok let me be now.
  6. Why should that blows your mind ? SCV brass been phenomenal this season. There's nothing to be suprised about.they have exchange that caption with eachother but Scv been more winning that caption more than BD. So ?????
  7. Well until then they still dominant in visual... and been so in every meet up with Scv and with Bluecoats too and it aint gonna dwindle down.. only gets stronger.
  8. I disagree. Yet BD have been dominating Visuals since the start of the season. So yeah I hold on to my words on that visuals for BD is already in the bag, only gonna get better.
  9. Oh yeag! It's a good place for them.overall seeing the work to get done.. these spreads means they have surely been improving more and more, lets hope they work out the music caption and clean it, and beef up the general effect. Visuals is already in the bag not going anywhere.
  10. I definitely agree with this.... its a wild ride right now. Anthing can happen with these three.. consistency going to play a big part for Scv to mentain this streak to finals or else.. BD is coming and Bloo right there too.
  11. It sure is, uh... sadly i didn't follow through the process 2015 to see how this year compares, but i know they really had competition and i remember them getting second a couple times, even i was thinking it was gonna be a Carolina crown 2nd win that year, in which they would have deserved it, if it had went that way, boy was i wrong and felt the energy of the BD kids rising through finals and earning that gold, it was one of my favorite finals because of the story for BD. That experience only add more dept and strength to the organization and will carry that lesson over to this year. seeing the show is taking the entire season to come together. i am really having good time just watching.... curiosity sometimes kills me, but i remember it's the blue devils.
  12. I wonder what this week will be like for The Blue Devils. Heading to Sanantonio and having won last night so closely to Bluecoats, will we see any more addition and layering or changes ???. I think they could work a little more on the general effects . Three incredible shows oozing general effects would love if BD get a boost in that caption compare to SCV and BC. The energy they brought was electrifying and do look like the firce BD I know. They really competed so strongly with what they have finish so far. Visual is not problem for them so staying on top of that caption is very easy for them even though this show is particularly more challenging. I have to admit they are having mic issues, sometimes sounds coming from the mic in places with solos seem to be on when not to and sometimes interupts the flow a little. Tomorrow they compete against SCV lets see how that goes. Otherwise they are improving faster than any other corps it's amazing watch.. like wow! They are dangerous with this level of improvements weekly. Any thoughts anyone on this week BD ?
  13. they seem to be making the correction, they've remove the scoring all together on DCI.org
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