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  1. It’s really nice and maybe it’s just me but it reminds me of Santa Clara’s opener the year before. Which I really liked as well.
  2. Rapid testing . I’m sure she did rapid texting as well.
  3. Yup. I even was COVID tested by the doc when I visited ST for the day. I got a lanyard pass to wear before I could sit in the stands in a designated section, saying I was an approved visitor. Wasn’t allowed near members or staff or inside any of the facilities. The doc did rapid COVID texting constantly throughout the summer.
  4. I visited a spring training this year, and other rehearsals, and it is so different that the old school days. When students arrive they get checked out by medical staff. They get an arrival pack that includes a water jug which must be with them at every rehearsal block. They begin visual rehearsal with stretching, stretching and more stretching and a little yoga. Water breaks are constant throughout the day. They travel with an MD and 2 PT’s. They are fed well with dietary needs provided for. They get a good amount of down time to recover from long rehearsal days.
  5. Maybe one thing learned from this year is, with the ability and quality of virtual instruction, ST time can be reduced. Planning and managing well run ST, all facets of it, is key.
  6. As I’ve aged I find myself needing to hold onto handrails. Like white knuckle tight. Not for fear of heights but knowledge that my balance is worsening. As I’ve seen when I’ve been skiing “a fall could result in a long tumble”. Or something like that.
  7. I think BAC’s deal there got rooms for half that. Other corps groups must do that as well. JW Marriott is nice too.
  8. After all the hardships over the past year, what was delivered by all corps was amazing and a joy. I wish all organizations a successful off season and a return to competitiveness next year. But maybe a way of doing this type of season can be created. Alternate competitive and exhibition years. For exhibition years do Regional tours over 3 weeks and meet in Indy. Could keep costs and the arms race down, but max out creativity. Just a thought.
  9. I’ll defer to jwillis on an explanation about them musically. The brass line is amazing with a strong book. Mello’s are really really good and Green Hornet is a musical treat. Drum line is greatly improved and most musical than ever.
  10. Might I suggest you move over to today’s thread?
  11. Well it wasn’t just rookies and you are talking times where members today could be children of members in the 80’s. Those days are happily long long gone. So thanks for bringing it up.
  12. I hope there is a good crowd. Haven’t read any commentary on attendance. For what all these mm’s have done a good size crowd would be nice.
  13. Here’s a thought to ponder; BAC is aging out about 17 guard members, leaving 47+ eligible for 2022.
  14. May he have the finest performance of his life for you his grandmother and himself.
  15. They have worked the show performance as they would in a typical season. Thanks for all your hard work Boston. And special love to BAC percussion. They are really good but are overlooked.
  16. The singer for the ballad is the singer from Wicked Games.
  17. This is one of those shows that you wish you could see it all again….and you get to; tomorrow. Then rinse repeat and see it again Saturday.
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