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  1. I agree. I think top 14 is a good goal for 2020.
  2. That sounds to me like the good old days of drum corps! Only it was the members who settled things in the lots.
  3. Or, sadly, it is probably the case in recent years that Madison has become a feeder corps for the top nine.
  4. And you had deluxe transportation to get there!
  5. Wouldn’t slowing a roll create a bigger tear?
  6. That’s awesome! Congrats! But since you won’t be needing those seats in front of me at LOS, I have a couple of friends who would be interested in buying them from you... 😂
  7. OK, just to get this straight ... you’re a Rutgers fan AND a Jets fan? And I thought being a Lions fan was as low as you can go!🤣
  8. You know, I’m from Michigan, but lived in Columbus for 14 years. As much as I hate admit it, TBDBITL is far superior to Michigan’s band. So what the heck, I O!
  9. Hi everyone! Bloo has not gone inactive despite the lack of recent posts. Auditions have gone very well. Can you envision having almost 100 trumpets audition, alone? Or can you imagine a 100% Bloo vet snare line? The design team has many decisions made and are busy working to bring Bloo to the next level. I can’t wait to see what drum corps’ mad scientists bring to the field this year! Oh, and no drama.
  10. If you are a Kiltie alum, that is! 😂
  11. I’m from Detroit. We have the Lions (aka Motor City Kitties). I don’t have a dog in this fight. In fact, for as long as I have lived, I have never had a dog in this fight.
  12. Only today? As opposed to every other day?
  13. Even in ‘79, 27th was top of the pack with synced quints. Now 7s and 8s aren’t too uncommon. Look at BD’s opener last year ... were those 8s or 9s in sequence over the doors? And they were clean AF. And they didn’t even win the Zingali! The talent in today’s guards is unbelievable!
  14. I just want to see Cadets be Cadets and deliver their best show since 2011. Is that too much to ask?
  15. I always thought the 80’s was the golden age.
  16. I am not sure how to address your incredulity that corps fees are $2000. But I am curious, how many WC corps have fees less than $3000? How many have fees more than $4000? $5000? Now you can be incredulous.
  17. I totally get it, too. Like I said, camel noses and tents.