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  1. If Bloo was cheese this year (Bloo Cheese?) then more cheese for me, please! because Bloo was really Gouda!
  2. Actually, a “Kiss Me Kate” show might be interesting with a Cole Porter soundtrack. Or how about “Guys and Dolls”?
  3. I am pretty sure she was gone by then. I marched with Mike and Phil in the Windsor Guardsmen. They marched Schaumburg Guardsmen in 1980.
  4. Or in my case, when I speak off the cuff, the law of averages catches up to me and I say something smart!
  5. Oh, you’re welcome! I was just bemused about the trinary nature of 202020. If you know anything about me, it’s I am easily bemused! And most of the time, I am even amused!
  6. I never knew the term Crownie was a bad thing. I thought it meant a Crown fan. That’s not bad.
  7. Or as I learned in1982, one “aw ####” wipes out one hundred “‘at a boys!”
  8. I saw that 76 corps. I thought they were gods.
  9. LOL, thank God I was a sop! Sops are friggin’ light, y’ll!
  10. I’ve always heard that bees are adverse to water — even Queen Bees 🐝
  11. Down in section 141, I was comfy in my shorts and T-shirt.
  12. No vitriol from me. My comrades and I even toasted BD’s win last night.
  13. Blooooooooooo! Your all time record score! You’ve been amazing all year. I will be watching this show over and over for many years to come! Peace and love, you are, The Bluecoats!
  14. Congratulations to the 19 time World Champions, the Blue Devils! Your show was amazing and your championship is well deserved. Bravo! We’ll see you again next year!
  15. I thought Bloo had an excellent run. Crown 15 Finals run was rough.
  16. Back at the bar waiting for results! Hoping for a Bloo victory. But if BD wins, I won’t be upset.
  17. Congratulations BD on your semi-finals win! How about a rematch tomorrow night?