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  1. Dear 2011 Troopers who read this: You made this alumnus proud. Your show was awesome. It was so subtle and beautiful, and the brass line was gorgeous all year long. Congratulations Troopers on a GREAT year! The Long Blue Line will never bend. >11< HLD!
  2. LET'S GOOOOOOOOOOO TROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP! Continue to make this alumnus proud! Time to take THE ROAD HOME!
  3. ARG! Wish I had the Fan Network. I was prepared to buy it around Atlanta, because I thought it was still a year from when you bought it, but I realized that all subscriptions expire in May, and I didn't want to pay $80 for three live events...
  4. Troopers got 13th from one GE Vis judge and 17th from the other
  5. To quote the dinosaur next to me in the theatre. *grumble grumble* Madison's clip of 75 comes on. *gasps and grunts* Now that's a real drum corps (where I roll my eyes) He proceeded to do the same thing every time something from before 1990 was shown (including but not limited to 27s clip, Blue Devils 79) He also liked to point out that he remembered all of these things, and continued to say, "Back when it was real drum corps."
  6. It's not an unfair advantage. If they have the money to do that, nothing is stopping them. I heard that and was confused as well. My mother leaned over and said, "you guys never stayed at a hotel did you?" I responded with a no and a chuckle. I assume they do it because it's more comfortable than a gym floor.
  7. Yet again, you consider 2007 a failure? They placed 2nd (and should have won IMHO). How is that a failure at all? I know when I marched we would have been plenty happy with 2nd. It's really sad that you think that out of all the shows this year 22 of them are failures, and the only successful show is BD.
  8. Am I correct in assuming rookies to the Cadets, but not to drum corps? Obviously some are complete rookies, but are all?
  9. Oh, and the documentary about football in Massillon is available to watch instantly on Netflix. Looks interesting.
  10. I loved this show every year that we did it. Always a great crowd. It was fun.
  11. I saw them in Stanford, and their show has MUCH improved since then. I think that soon we'll see their scores begin to rise.
  12. I thought it was $25, but $15 might be right. I looked for it and couldn't find it anymore either. You can probably stand right next to the stadium and watch the shows if you want.
  13. No such thing as a "cheapie" ticket at this show. I seem to remember the cheapest tickets were more expensive than DatR cheap tickets, which is why I'm a lot lizard tonight (I like that term).
  14. I shall be watching in the lot tonight! No tickets, but hey, the outside is fun too!
  15. Honestly the scores do bug me now more then when I was marching. They definitely used to bug me then though. I HATED having a great great show and going down a point, and then you have a terrible show and go up 3. It stinks having to play the "drum corps game" all the time.
  16. That's sort of a strange thing to post after the FIRST show.
  17. I've heard some rumors, but I don't know if they're true and don't want to spread them around.
  18. I'm very interested. Hoping to get some info from the show soon!
  19. Is Bluefield Middle School the site where you have to walk down a gigantic hill for a while to get to an awesome turf field? If so, then I rehearsed there last year and it was awesome. There were fences along the ridge line next to the stadium, so we called those the "raptor fences" and we hoped they they weren't out. Great place to practice, hope Cadets enjoy it.
  20. My first prediction of the season: Crown - 75 Cadets - 74 Bluecoats - 73 Phantom - 71 Glassmen - 68 Spirit - 66 Teal Sound - 63
  21. Troopers' uniforms are sweet. I saw them at their preview tonight. Sorry, forgot the camera or I would have pics.