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  1. So with all of the rumors swirling around, I was wondering what everyone's favorite I&E performance they ever saw, in person or online, was.
  2. GEM's Aaron Blackley did a fun little interview with the synth player from Genesis https://generaleffectmedia.substack.com/p/on-the-dot-ep-1-josh-tran-from-genesis?s=w Looks like they're doing a Texas Sized version of the Colts' Cornfield Tour, and some insight on the connection between Genesis and the Wizard of Oz.
  3. This just in: SOME ADULTS ARE DOING POSITIVE THINGS FOR DRUM CORPS PERFORMERS: https://marchingartseducation.com/scholarship/?mc_cid=c38757cfe6&mc_eid=ef0a8ecc15 Scroll down for profiles of the recipients.
  4. Hi all, I am selling off my DVD/VHS collection of DCI Finals Videos. All videos work and are in good condition. I will take $300.00 or BEST OFFER! Payment accepted via Venmo or Paypal. add $20.00 for shipping, and payment must be received prior to shipping videos If you're intersted, please text me at 971-319-0818 The lot of videos contains the following: Historical Series (VHS) 1988 – 1993 DCI Finals – Top 12 1994 DCI Finals – Top 12 (VHS) 1995 DCI Finals – Top 12 (VHS) 1996 DCI Finals – Top 12 (VHS) 1997 DCI Finals – Top 12 (VHS) 1998 DCI Finals – Top 21 (VHS) 1999 DCI Finals – Top 21 (VHS) 2000 DCI Finals – Top 21 (VHS) 2001 DCI Finals - Top 21 (VHS) Missing volume 1 DVDs 2002 DCI Finals all on DVDs (COMPLETE) 2003 DCI Finals all on DVDs (COMPLETE) 2004 DCI Finals all on DVDs (COMPLETE) 2005 DCI Finals all on DVDs (COMPLETE) 2006 DCI Finals all on DVDs (COMPLETE) 2007 DCI Finals all on DVDs (COMPLETE) 2008 DCI Finals all on DVDs (COMPLETE) 2009 DCI Finals all on DVDs (COMPLETE) 2010 DCI Finals all on DVDs (COMPLETE) 2011 DCI Finals all on DVDs (COMPLETE) 2012 DCI Finals all on DVDs (COMPLETE) Extras Cadets of the ‘00’s DVD Instructor Guide to Movement Fundamentals WGI (DVD) WGI 2000 Percussion World Championships (VHS) Dynamic Marching and Movement Volume 1 & 2 (DVDs)
  5. I got this in my inbox today due to my use of their services. No doubt this is an attempt to do some major PR control. I'm not sure what specifically made them want to send this out though. Maybe issues related to DCI, WGI, and MFA? "Dear #### I would like to take this opportunity to re-introduce Tresóna: who we are, what we do, and why we do it. Tresóna was started, and is currently staffed, by musicians, educators and music fans. We have created a simple and cost-effective licensing platform and are committed to protecting the rights of songwriters to make sure that they are rightfully compensated for their work. Thousands of hard-working songwriters and publishers are dependent on the royalties collected from the licensing of their music to survive. A vast majority of these publishers are small family businesses with one or two employees; they are not multi-national corporations. They are no different than the arrangers, choreographers, set designers, costume creators and thousands of others whose livelihood is dependent on a vibrant music industry. Music is the key ingredient and the foundation of all performance ensembles. Without songs, there would be no marching bands, show choirs, a cappella groups or any other musical performance group. The licensing of custom arrangements, which is required by the U.S. Copyright Act, is often one of the smallest line items in the budget of many ensemble programs. Most performance ensembles obtain the necessary licenses; however, there are some ensembles and organizations which refuse to do so. The abuse of the system by these groups for illicit financial gain has been shocking. There are large enterprises with ensembles that travel all over the country performing at both nonprofit and for-profit events. They pay enormous sums of money for choreographers, arrangers, contest entry, lighting, costumes, props and a host of other outside services. Despite having budgets of more than $500,000/year and generating surpluses of over $150,000/year, these organizations refuse to get the licenses they need and compensate songwriters for their songs. Rather than pay the relatively small licensing fee and promote proper licensing behavior, some ensembles have opted instead to retain high-priced lawyers and consultants to avoid obtaining the necessary licenses. When the dedication of this small group of ensembles deprives songwriters of their ability to make a living, Tresóna and the rights holders we represent are forced to defend these rights in court. When this happens, it is disappointing and begs the question: How can the community as a whole promote participation in the arts and suggest to students that a career in music is viable if it doesnt support the foundation of the entire music ecosystem - the songs and the songwriters? Tresóna is proud of the work we do and deeply value the excellent working relationships we have developed with thousands of arrangers, directors, music educators, parents and performers around the country. We are committed to partnering with, and listening to, the ensemble community so that we may grow these relationships, as well as nurture new ones. We thank you for your support and look forward to our continued relationship in the years to come. Best, Larry Mills EVP, Tresóna" ..... End of letter I absolutely understand the need for composers/arrangers/creators to be compensated. I also understand that there are groups (both scholastic and independent) that have extremely bloated design budgets. But in my opinion, this copyright situation is getting a bit out of hand, at least in regards to video performances. We are losing an opportunity to share with our younger generations the great performances organizations like DCI, WGI, and MFA have to offer. Our kids (and educators) are missing the ability to see their peers across the country achieve things that they didn't know were possible. I can't even purchase older BOA and WGI DVDs for our library anymore. What are your thoughts about what Tresona is saying?
  6. This coming Sunday - August 1st, Bluecoats is performing our first post-pandemic public event: a free concert in Canton's beautiful new Centennial Plaza! Bluecoats will perform in standstill concert at 8:30pm at the end a day-long festival that includes performances by the Canton Symphony Orchestra, the Matt Corey Band (he's a Blast! alum!) and The Scenic Route! Learn more at partyintheplaza.org and please share with your friends! We're really excited about bringing the Bluecoats back - and we want all our drum corps friends within driving distance to come say hello and enjoy their first taste at live drum corps!
  7. 2021 Official Programs & Playlist: This master(first) post will only be updated based on OFFICIAL organizational announcements. An announcement on the corps official website or official social media site and/or newspaper publication announcement will be considered written authorization to post their musical selections here under this master post. Any other comments will be considered unofficial until verified by at least one or more of the aforementioned methods of disclosure above. NO RUMORS. Links to spotify will be available once any corps announces any musical selections and confirmation is secured. *** Full credit needs to go to frontensemble.com for the Corps logos used below.*** ***Any new corps not included currently in this list will be added if found on the official DCI schedule when or if it becomes available for 2021*** ================================================================== Blue Devils Blue Devils will not be performing in the 2021 DCI Celebration Tour Announcement: https://bluedevils.org/news/article.php?ID=1004 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Santa Clara Vanguard Santa Clara Vanguard will not be performing in the 2021 DCI Celebration Tour Announcement: https://www.scvanguard.org/executive-team-2020-year-end-letter/ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Carolina Crown - In My Mood Carolina Crown will not be performing in the 2021 DCI Celebration Tour Carolina On My Mind - James Taylor Long Time Traveler - The Wailin' Jennys Seize the Day - Peter Graham Gravity - Sarah Bareilles Toccata Andromeda - Paul Halley Announcement: https://carolinacrown.org/index.php/news/item/70-project21 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Boston Crusaders - ZOOM Featuring Music Inspired by: Air Phoenix U2 Rimsky-Korsakov Hans Zimmer Perez Prado Billy May Holst John Adams “Lights Out” – Ryan George, Colin McNutt, Iain Moyer, Michael Zellers This is not an official repertoire and is subject to change. Announcement: https://bostoncrusaders.org/2021-production/ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Phantom Regiment - Harmonic Journey Repertoire: Canon in D - Johann Pachelbel Harmonium -John Adams - The Lord's Prayer - Miklos Roza Ostinato - Bela Bartok Announcement: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=125666529477288 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Troopers - Unleashed Repertoire: The Triumph of Time - Peter Graham Knockin' on Heaven's Door - Bob Dylan Dark Side of the Moon - Pink Floyd Announcement: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=2602533193380729 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Blue Knights Louis Armstrong Billie Eilish Joni Mitchell Moses Sumney Announcement: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=4089728327738483 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Colts - Leap of Faith Stevie Wonder & Ariana Grande ABBA Paul Williams & Kenneth Ascher George Michael Announcement: https://colts.org/2021_339 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Genesis - There's No Place Like Home Announcement: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=503751823949683 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Cavaliers --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Madison Scouts The Cadets Seattle Cascades Pacific Crest The Academy Blue Stars Spirit of Atlanta Jersey Surf Mandarins Bluecoats Music City Crossmen
  8. Greetings! For about six months now I have hosted Sketchbook Podcast which focuses on creativity, preparation, & effort with artists, creators, & educators. Part 1 of the interview with Chris Komnick, executive director of the Madison Scouts, releases at midnight on April 13th. I fully realize that to many, Komnick and/or the Scouts tend to incite some polarizing posts and threads. But this episode is drum corps related and so I thought I would make sure to publicize here. Ep. 28, Part 1: Chris Komnick (Executive Director, Madison Scouts D&BC) So that you have an idea of what exactly we talked about, here are the bullet points for Part 1: Personal Profile Life, Education, and career Komnick's path from marching member to executive director. Is drum corps too expensive? Increase in costs, where does the tuition go, & how much does member tuition actually cover. The effects of BAC assembling their "super group" of designers and staff in 2016 & the California Wage & Hour Laws on DCI. Have the two coasts altered the financial landscape of DCI? Does the cancellation of the 2020 season function as a "financial reset" for DCI? The timeline and process behind deciding to become gender-inclusive. To some, this may not seem we got too deep into DCI and/or the Madison Scouts. But I assure you that Part 2 will definitely focus on the highs and lows of the Madison Scouts. Part 2 will release later this week. Sketchbook Podcast is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, & wherever fine podcasts are downloaded. Ep. 28, Part 1: Chris Komnick (Executive Director, Madison Scouts D&BC)
  9. 2005 Cadets member jacket and 2005 Cadets world championship ring are posted FS on eBay. Apparently the jackets aren’t even offered anymore because the original maroon material to make them isn’t available.
  10. Available for sale on eBay! 2005 cadets world champion ring and a 2005 Cadets member tour jacket. eBay link for ring ebay link for jacket
  11. Although this was written to the citizens of Alabama, it is relevant to every one in the country. Even more so to some in other states. Please read. https://www.al.com/opinion/2020/03/renowned-aids-expert-alabama-not-prepared-for-major-storm-of-covid-19.html
  12. Recent corps announcements introduced Drum Majors for the 2020 season. Many are pursuing music educations which sparked my curiosity about what a drum corps experience would equate to in a career for women. Like many, my experience in drum corps was mostly male with a few female players, but as drum corps has evolved, it seems like there has been an increase in female players. I've recently discovered Rachel Portman who is a cinematic composer and the following clips of some very talented female trumpet players on youtube. I would love to hear comments especially from the women on the forum and your experiences as a female brass player. There are many. Meanwhile, enjoy these few samples of some wonderful trumpet players Alison Balsom Song - III. Rondo - Minore - Maggiore Artist - London Mozart Players ________________________________________________________________________ Ten Thing Brass Ensemble plays Mozart's "Rondo alla turca" from Piano Sonata 11 in A major, K. 331 Published on Mar 28, 2017 The ten women of tenThing, the lively and distinctive Norwegian brass sensation, spent a day in Chicago as they made their way from concerts in California to performances in Virginia. In addition to sampling our city’s famous deep-dish pizza, they visited WFMT’s studios to perform on Impromptu. Watch them perform an all-brass arrangement of Mozart’s “Rondo alla turca,” from Piano Sonata No. 11 in A major (K. 311) below. ________________________________________________________________________ Jazz Trumpeter Cindy Bradley In The DM Zone Plus Live Concert Footage The DM Zone TV Premiered Jun 18, 2019 A video interview also features some great live performance footage from Cindy Bradley Live At The Rhapsody Jazz Cafe! Enjoy this extraordinary musician. ________________________________________________________________________ Best of Melissa Venema - A Sampling of Melissa Venema Published on Sep 3, 2013 ________________________________________________________________________ The OHMI Trust - Alison Balsom talks about the Trumpet 260,994 views•Oct 18, 2012 ________________________________________________________________________ Introducing the Baroque Trumpet with Alison Balsom - Classic FM 6,081 views•Dec 20, 2019 What is a baroque trumpet (or a 'natural' trumpet) – and how on earth do you play it? ________________________________________________________________________
  13. Hello! Over the past half year I have been trying to compile a list of all the percussion caption heads throughout DCI, for what years they taught, and their corps they were with. Corps write "caption head" titles in different ways and these titles have meant different things throughout DCI history. For the purposes of this project, by percussion "caption head" I mean the head of the percussion section (think top honcho). EX. Colin McNutt: Boston Crusaders: 2017 - 2020 I've posted multiple forums like these over the internet, one here, and I want to thank everyone who has contributed to this project. A special thanks to corps who have responded to my email requests and took the time to ensure that the information that I have is correct. The previous forum can be found here. Saying that, I have made a more organized google sheets file that is easier to use. Click this link to be taken to the google sheets file. If you want to contribute : Please leave a comment with the relevant info and a source if you can find one (not necessary). Here is the same post in "Historical Junior Corps Discussions."
  14. Some disturbing and questionable news has arisen once again in the DCI community. Before you continue reading, please read the following post put out by the now defunct drum corps Encorps. Encorps December 13 at 11:21 AM · FINAL STATEMENT AND DETAILS REGARDING ENCORPS As you know, the Board of Directors of Jersey Arts and Music has decided not to continue with Encorps DCI Open Class Drum Corps as a program offering. Instead of explaining all of this everytime someone asks, we have decided to lay out the facts and reasons for our decision in exact detail so that we may go on official record, and put to rest any questions or misinformation. We want to preface by stating that we, the Board of JAM and Encorps, were fully prepared and had every intention of fielding a competitive drum corps in 2020. We were preparing in every way, from finances and budgeting, to infrastructure and staff. Additionally, we already held design meetings to plan our 2020 production, "Magic," all before our first Open House Experience Day which was to be held November 17th, 2019. While we received excellent interest from potential members, and with an excited member base returning, we came to this prudent yet regretful decision because of the due diligence paid to the following issues and actions that were presented to us by DCI: 1) ENCORPS NOT ALLOWED TO TRAVEL TO DCI CHAMPIONSHIPS. In phone conversations from DCI staff to Judy Ulchinsky, Executive Director, we were told that "our tour ends in Allentown," and we were not allowed to travel to Marion or Indianapolis for DCI Championships in 2020, which is merely a one-day bus trip from New Jersey to Indiana. While there is no written rule that precludes us from traveling to championships, and we understand that we have to be “invited” by DCI to attend, we were nevertheless very surprised and disappointed. Also, we were not advised of this decision via email that any committee vote, or existing rule precluded us from attending. This seems to be an ad-hoc decision that was made which had an adverse effect on our recruiting and retention, as members were expecting to take that step this season. We were surprised that this decision was made so prematurely, before we were given any opportunity to present our tour plan for 2020, or how we feed and transport our members (which is was handled very well in 2019). DCI said we could "appeal" the decision. Indeed, when we submitted our "appeal" as recommended, we outlined the travel budget and details, yet we received no response on a vote that was to happen for our appeal to travel. This is the first factor that directly influenced our decision. 2) LACK OF COMPETITIVE OPPORTUNITIES OFFERED TO ENCORPS. There were initially around 7 shows offered to Encorps. However, 3 of those shows in the Northeast were unfortunately canceled. That left Encorps with only 4 competitive shows total. One of which would have required us to stay overnight, for which we were FULLY prepared. To put in all the effort to organize, plan and practice for only 4 performance opportunities in a season was also disappointing. This might have been acceptable if we were allowed to go to championships, but that was not the case. Again, this was another strong factor in our decision. 3) NEW OPEN CLASS MINIMUM FOR PARTICIPATION TO 55 MEMBERS In the DCI policy manual, Appendix 216 - Participation Levels, there is a new policy put in place by DCI this season (October 2019). It explicitly states "Number of performers 55 - 154". Jersey Arts and Music/Encorps was never informed of the new 55 member minimum policy officially, in any way, after requesting it via emails to DCI. However, after having asked several Open Class directors, we finally received confirmation and written documentation in a direct email from a corps director that stated as follows: “The Membership Affairs Committee just ratified by the Membership that the minimum is now 55 members. The policy is 216 - Participant Levels – and is housed in the Policy and Procedures folder under Corporate documents in Backstage.” Upon reading this email forwarded to us by the other corps director, it confirmed to us the new 55 member minimum is indeed now in effect. This rule was concerning to us, having fielded 37 members in 2019. With no clear direction as to any consequence if we did not reach the stated minimum of 55 members, especially if we legally sign show contracts, this put the corps in a tenuous position. What would happen if by Spring 2020 we did not meet the minimum membership? Would we be allowed to compete? The consequences are not clearly stated or defined at all in the Appendix 216 policy. We were not going to take a chance of fielding a drum corps that possibly would not reach the 55 member minimum without knowing said consequences. It's not fair to our members. This was a HUGE factor directly influencing our decision. 4) NO NOTICE OF FURTHER EVALUATION OR STATUS DCI's approval of our Open Class membership in 2019 stated the following: "To approve Encorps for participation in DCI’s Open Class for the 2019 Season for no more than 5 single day trips. There will be further evaluation for any continued participation following the 2019 season" As of November 2019, we were never informed in any way that our status would change for the 2020 season, or that any further evaluation would need to take place. We were not asked to provide any supporting documents to show that we could travel, or how we would feed our members. Indeed, we were being offered shows in which we were asked to sign contracts. This signaled to us that we are cleared to FULLY participate in the 2020 season, for which we were preparing. This is what made their decision to not allow us to travel to championships even more puzzling. In conclusion, after taking all of this into consideration, the Board did not feel it would be prudent to field a drum corps. We did not have confidence that DCI was being helpful and supportive of our growth as a viable, competitive drum corps. We also feel that Encorps was not allowed to fully participate in the DCI experience competitively, which is the reason why we founded the drum corps in the first place. We had no idea that as we grew, we would have so few performance opportunities. The risk/reward of having such a short season and not being allowed to travel to championships, combined with the uncertainty of reaching the 55 membership requirement, did not justify the amount of expense and effort it takes to field a competitive DCI Drum Corps. This was a very disappointing and stark reality for our Board. The Board of Jersey Arts and Music Inc. will continue to monitor future DCI decisions, statements and actions as it pertains to how rules are applied to the other Open Class Drum Corps vis a vis number of members needed, travel to championships, and participation in Soundsport for NEW DCI drum corps, which we were told we had to do as a first year member in 2018. Jersey Arts and Music Inc. followed every guideline and rule that DCI mandated for the organization and we are proud of what we accomplished in our two years of existence. JAM will continue fulfilling our mission statement, by providing musical experiences to students in the New Jersey community with other worthwhile programs, including Youth Jazz and Rock Ensemble programs, Special Needs Music classes, and many other music ventures. Respectfully, Jersey Arts and Music Board of Directors ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This post is revealing. The statements in this post by Encorps should be very concerning to all of us. Now I know what most of you will say this should be put in the open class forum. However, I think the central key reason why this should belong here is because of the fact that it is representative of DCI and its treatment of all its constituents. Furthermore, this incident could be just the tip of the iceberg that reveals what might be happening across the DCI community. There are several key things to take from this: 1. "In phone conversations from DCI staff to Judy Ulchinsky, Executive Director, we were told that "our tour ends in Allentown," and we were not allowed to travel to Marion or Indianapolis for DCI Championships in 2020, which is merely a one-day bus trip from New Jersey to Indiana. While there is no written rule that precludes us from traveling to championships, and we understand that we have to be “invited” by DCI to attend, we were nevertheless very surprised and disappointed. Also, we were not advised of this decision via email that any committee vote, or existing rule precluded us from attending." "We submitted our "appeal" as recommended, we outlined the travel budget and details, yet we received no response on a vote that was to happen for our appeal to travel. This is the first factor that directly influenced our decision." This right here is concerning due to the fact that this may be representative of how DCI treats its members based upon status. According to the DCI rule/policy handbook, there is no division within open class corps; the only place where this existent is at the world class level ( WCP and WCM ). Simply put, Encorps status is equal to that of Blue Devils B. We heard earlier that Blue Devils B was approved to return to open class championship less than a month ago. This shows that DCI is responsive to petitions by corps to either do or accomplish certain feats and goals. Yet, when Encorps was denied going to open class championship and after Encorps submitted a petition to challenge that ruling ( which was actually recommended by DCI ), no response was given. In this case, and unless proved otherwise, I think that it is safe to assume that Encorps submitted their challenge petition to DCI quite some time ago. I don't think that Encorps would just submit their petition, wait one day, and then go out to say that DCI ignored them. So at this time, it can be concluded that DCI is being selective and partial towards those who are poised to be significant and worth their time; all others are to be left in the dust. These actions by DCI can further be supported by the incidents involving Arsenal, Incognito, Pioneer, Oregon Crusaders, and the Cadets. 1. Arsenal was denied Open Class evaluation and DCI left it at that. It wasn't until people started to rally behind Arsenal that DCI went a step further and attempted to defend itself. The lesson here is that action only took place when DCI was under scrutiny. 2. Incognito is no longer listed as an active corps. Yet when Oregon Crusaders folded, there was a big announcement and coverage. Why is there nothing about incognito? What might they be hiding? 3. Pioneer's was pretty much brushed off until the threat of DCI's shutdown from possible lawsuits that may have erupted from the situation. Before hand, it was dismissed by the BoD until it exploded from the whistleblower(s) claims that were made public. Other whistleblowers from other corps came forward afterwards but DCI essentially did nothing in those cases. What has become of those other cases? 4. Cadets were immediately given special care throughout their situation just because of the fact that DCI thought that if anything major happened to the Cadets with regards to their abilities to compete as the result of a DCI ruling, people would lose their minds and the sanctity of the activity of itself would be jeopardized. Even after all this simple statement of facts, there is more evidence to be found in the abrupt change of rules/policies. Exhibit A: Open Class corps must have a minimum of 55 members. - This is what DCI wants out of open class corps. While understandable in the aspect of trying to make the activity more competitive, they left no room for potential negotiations. In other words, DCI doesn't give a crap about the drum corps organizations themselves. They only care about having the best corps survive through what is best known as natural selection. Those who prevail, good for them; those who don't make the cut, they are left to rot away. This is also seen at the world class level with its similar requirements such as 110 minimum for members. So far, here are all the corps that have died under DCI's iron fist: Encorps Incognito Lone Star Appalachian Sound Thunder Racine Scouts Below are corps that potentially could collapse because of DCI and its brutal policies. Les Stentors Watchmen Heat Wave Impulse Raiders Seattle Cascades Jersey Surf All the corps listed here are based upon membership from the 2019 season. We still see basic promotions for all the corps and their audition camps, etc. However, it seems pretty clear here that the policy of drum corps natural selection has already been written into the future of drum corps. This combined with DCI's ineffective ability to properly manage its constituents should have all of us worried. It was less than a few years ago we saw corps like The Battalion, Shadow, Vessel, Encorps, Golden Empire, etc emerge from what was known as the rebirth of a golden drum corps age. Now, DCI is threatening all of that and God forbid, that with the way that DCI is treating its constituents, and the policies that it is enforcing without taking into consideration any outside views, that we don't end up with the beginning of the end of drum corps as we know it. I have no doubt in my mind that stories like this will repeat itself, both at the open and world class levels. The true question now is what can we, they, anybody do to stop this?
  15. 2019 Official Programs & Playlist: This master(first) post will only be updated based on OFFICIAL organizational announcements WITH confirmation. An announcement on the corps official website or official social media site and/or newspaper publication announcement will be considered written authorization to post their musical selections here under this master post. Any other comments will be considered unofficial until verified by at least one or more of the aforementioned methods of disclosure above. NO RUMORS. Links to spotify will be available once any corps announces any musical selections and confirmation is secured. *** Full credit needs to go to frontensemble.com for the Corps logos used below.*** ***Any new corps not included currently in this list will be added if found on the official DCI schedule when it becomes available***
  16. I don't know what happened to my 1981 Drum Corps International Legacy Collection DVD as I HAD the whole set, but it has gone missing and I need to replace it. If you're willing to sell, reach out to me and we'll talk.
  17. 2021 Proposed Rule Change. TITLE OF PROPOSED CHANGE: Uniform Uniformity DESCRIPTION: All competitive drum corps will use the same uniform during competition. Each corps will have their own uniforms, but they will be of the same design. The same style and construction, color and fabric. This includes hats, shako’s or any type of head cover. The same style shoes and socks. The only style and construction differential would be for different sections of the drum corps. Color guard, Percussion and Brass may need special accommodations. These accommodations will only be acceptable, if they are dictated by the needs of the section. These accommodations will be the adopted by all competing corps. No individual drum corps will be allowed to have a special accommodation. Members with disabilities, will be able to appeal the to governing body, to make accommodations. Such accommodations will not be granted if they appear to be requested only to provide a competitive advantage. Drum Corps is a competitive activity. Corps compete with the goal of becoming the best drum corps in the world. Competitive activities require rules. Rules set parameters, rooting out opportunities to cheat or to gain an unfair advantage. With the advancements made in uniform design, corps have sought to use these technical advancements to edge out their competition. Many of these competitors would find themselves with much lower scores, without these technically sophisticated uniforms. It also should be noted that some of these uniforms contain technology that has not been tested, or in some cases, not licensed in the United States. The Color Karma Corp., based in Moscow and funded by the Russian Federation, has worked with companies supplying uniforms to top rated drum corps. The Color Karma Corp. is known for designing uniforms that strategically blend color. Using color blending technics, created by the Russian Army, these color blends are designed to subconsciously alter the perception of those who look upon these fabrics. Spectators emotions can be changed with a simple costuming change, causing one to feel happy, sad, enthusiastic or even confused. In recent years, some corps have sought to create exclusive contracts with such uniform companies, to exclude other corps from this technology. PURPOSE: Drum corps will be judged by the quality of their performance and not by the fabric of their uniform. EDUCATIONAL IMPACT: The focus of the uniform design will not distract from the content of the show design. Show designers will be forced to focus on the content of the shows and not the uniforms strategic design. Corp members will need to focus on their performance and advance their competitive skills in the activity. CREATIVE IMPACT: Show designers will be forced to focus their writing on shows that capture the imagination of the spectators. They will be forced to write shows that challenge the competing members, focusing on outwriting and performing the competition. No longer will they be able to fall back on the uniform design to deliver scores. FISCAL IMPACT: With all corps wearing the exact uniform, they could be purchased in bulk, bringing the cost down. Standard fabrics would be used, which are considerably cheaper than unregulated technical performance enhancing fabric. AUDIENCE IMPACT: Audiences will be able to enjoy a pure drum corps performance. They will not be subjected to unregulated, untested and potentially harmful Soviet Block Fabrics. (*TM) SHOW PROMOTER IMPACT: There would be no impact to show promoters LOGISTICTS IMPACT None JUDGING IMPACT Judges will not be exposed to unsafe color blends. Submitted by : Fans Against Untested Fabrics
  18. Hello! I am putting together a comprehensive list of percussion caption heads throughout DCI's history and have been scourging the internet for information and emailing the corps (some I haven't emailed yet). I still need a lot of information and was hoping to find some help here. Below are the lists of years that I haven't been able to find caption heads for or information that I haven't been able to verify. I have also included a link to the google sheets file that has all of the information that I have found so far. Click here for the google sheets file. ******* I've been away for awhile. I've updated everything that I could verify/ had years for. Thank you to everyone who has contributed!!!! The Academy 2001 - 2007 : ?? The Bluecoats Complete! Thank you to mingusmonk! Hopefully I transferred your descriptions accurately. Blue Knights 1963 : ?? 1975 - 1977 : ?? 1982 - 1990 : ?? 2002 - 2005 : ?? 2011 - 2012 : ?? The Blue Stars 1965 - 1981 : ?? 1986 - 2005 : ?? 2010 - 2011 : ?? Boston Crusaders 1940 - 1963 : ?? 1965 - 1990 : ?? 1992 - 1993 : Thom Hannum? 1994 : Tom Aungst? 1995 - 1996 : ?? 1998 - 1999 : ?? The Cadets 1934 - 1969 : ?? 1972 - 1973 : ?? 1978 - 1979 : ?? The Cavaliers The Cavaliers were kind enough to respond to my email and helped me fill out my list. The only years that they couldn't find were 1952 - 1955. Thank you to the Cavaliers and alumni who helped!! Colts 1966 : ?? 1968 - 2005 : ?? 2012 - 2016 : ?? Crossmen 1983 : ?? 1997 : ?? 2000 : ?? 2006 - 2008 : ?? 2010 - 2012 : ?? 2014 : ?? 2019 : ?? The Glassmen 1973 - 1975 : ?? 1984 - 1987 : ?? 1992 - 1996 : ?? 2004 - 2006 : ?? Madison Scouts 1954 - 1991 : ?? Mandarins 1978 : ?? 1984 - 2008 : ?? 2010 - 2012 : ?? 2014 - 2016 : ?? Music City DBC 2009 - 2013 : ?? Oregon Crusaders 2000 - 2002 : ?? Thank you to the Oregon Crusaders (Mike Quillen) for helping! Pacific Crest 1996 - 2018 : ?? Phantom Regiment 1964 : ?? 1970 : ?? 1973 - 1974 : ?? 2019 : ?? SCV 1967 - 1972 : ?? Seattle Cascades 1969 - 1979 : ?? 1985 : ?? 1991 - 2012 : ?? 2014 - 2019 : ?? Troopers 1958 : ?? 1960 - 2004 : ?? 2006 - 2018 : ??
  19. Let's start a streak of me starting a thread, that leads to a championship.
  20. DCI World Class Rankings (Caption Compilation) Posted by DCI after 7/29 Going into Allentown I wanted to see how the corps are Ranked by caption so I put this list together to share. The Caption Scores are the latest listed performance scores up to 7/29 from Soaring Sounds, NightBEAT, Drums Across the Tri-State, and DCI Southeastern contests. (Please Note! - I prepared as "TEXT" document so it could be copied if you desire. The columns are adjusted in the post so the columns kind of line up to view but if copy the text to another document, the fields will not be in line. -- Sorry, I'm still learning how to do things in the forum) 😁 Place Corps AVG. MOST LAST LAST LAST LAST Music LAST Music Last Music LAST 3 RECENT GE Visual C Guard Brass Analysis Percussion Contest 1 Blue Devils 94.137 94.625 37.800 28.400 18.900 18.700 19.250 18.900 Soaring Sounds 2 Bluecoats 94.062 94.350 38.100 28.100 18.700 18.500 19.100 18.700 Soaring Sounds 3 Santa Clara Vanguard 93.075 93.400 37.400 28.100 18.550 18.300 18.600 18.900 NightBEAT 4 Carolina Crown 91.079 91.575 36.050 27.525 18.150 18.700 18.850 18.450 NightBEAT 5 The Cavaliers 90.504 91.400 36.500 27.275 18.100 18.200 18.650 18.400 NightBEAT 6 Boston Crusaders 90.308 90.275 36.000 27.675 18.950 17.900 18.050 17.250 NightBEAT --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 7 Blue Knights 87.483 87.825 35.450 25.975 17.150 17.200 17.700 17.900 NightBEAT 8 Blue Stars 86.838 86.850 34.800 26.250 17.700 17.100 17.000 17.500 NightBEAT 9 The Cadets 86.217 86.650 34.500 25.700 17.300 17.300 17.600 18.000 NightBEAT 10 Mandarins 85.483 85.750 34.900 25.900 17.500 16.800 17.400 15.700 Drums Across the Tri-State 11 Phantom Regiment 84.317 84.800 34.000 24.950 16.500 17.000 17.000 17.700 Drums Across the Tri-State 12 Crossmen 83.138 84.213 33.700 25.250 16.600 17.000 16.675x2 16.850 DCI Southeastern --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 13 Spirit of Atlanta 82.567 83.000 33.100 24.950 16.500 16.700 16.500 16.700 NightBEAT 14 Colts 80.658 81.450 32.600 24.200 16.000 16.400 16.400 16.500 Soaring Sounds 15 The Academy 80.192 81.300 32.900 24.200 15.900 16.200 16.900 15.300 Drums Across the Tri-State 16 Pacific Crest 80.167 81.000 32.700 24.500 16.200 16.500 15.500 15.600 Drums Across the Tri-State 17 Madison Scouts 77.125 77.350 30.800 23.000 15.300 15.500 15.400 16.200 Drums Across the Tri-State 18 Troopers 76.608 76.950 30.900 23.150 15.600 15.300 15.200 15.300 Soaring Sounds 19 Music City 73.500 74.200 30.000 21.950 14.200 14.800 14.900 14.800 Soaring Sounds 20 Genesis 73.200 73.550 29.750 22.250 14.700 14.850 13.950x2 14.300 DCI Southeastern 21 Jersey Surf 71.033 71.150 28.300 21.350 14.400 14.600 13.950x2 14.450 DCI Southeastern 22 Seattle Cascades 69.392 69.650 27.100 21.100 13.800 14.400 14.100 14.400 Drums Across the Tri-State
  21. This post may sound a bit "Corny" but I would like to acknowledge cfirwin3 as "Teacher of the Weekend" for the week ending 7-28-19. He has provided us with some very detailed and informative posts explaining a number of points about music and the drum corps activity. Additionally, he has uploaded a series of videos on youtube comparing older drum corps shows to newer show designs. Well Done and Thank You
  22. Previously, I made a private request to a member of this forum for this info but my request was either ignored or it was lost. I tend to believe the latter. Searching for information on DCI's judging sheets led me back to an old post here in the Drum Corps Planet forums. The original post: Judging system/score sheets By JustinDMoore, June 17, 2014 in DCI World Class Corps Discussions JustinDMoore was looking for info detailing How the final score is calculated on the Recap sheets. Thanks to jjeffeory It's Just "Jeff", jjeffeory Posted on June 20, 2014 the following link: Maybe some of this? http://issuu.com/drumcorpsinternational/docs/2012_judging_sheets_full_set/2?e=0 This is a "flip" 34 page docuument outline the judging criteria for the Recap captions. While it is from 2014, it is still useful for those who want to better understand the judges scoring. You should be able to do a screen capture or "print screens" if you desire to save this info. Thankyou to jjeffeory for posting this. If anyone has any current detailed info to add, please add to this post. I think this is useful to everyone who wants to understand The Recap Score Sheet.
  23. Hello! I'm thinking about auditioning for BD synth, and had a couple of questions. 1. About how many people usually audition for synth? 2. Do you have to know MainStage? 3. Would a piece like Chopin's Prelude in B minor (op. 28 no. 6) be okay? (https://musescore.com/classicman/scores/68550) If not, what kind of piece would be suitable to audition with? I assume that it shouldn't last more than 2 minutes, but I could be wrong. 4. What is the audition process like? 5. When did you hear back from BD? Thank you for all your help!
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