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  1. Hi Everyone, I was bored and couldn't sleep this morning, so I decided to do some research on the 12th place corps, and how their scores change between semifinals and finals. Here's the statistics for every corps that placed 12th place on finals night (there are a couple of exceptions, where a corps jumped into 11th on finals, in which case I used the 11th place semi's corps for the 12th place finals placement) Year Corps Semis Finals Difference '22 Troopers 87.425 86.425 -1 '19 Phantom Regiment 87.775 87.2375 -0.5375 '18 Crossmen 87.25 86.75 -0.5 '17 Madison Scouts 86.475 85.25 -1.225 '16 Boston Crusaders 85.525 84.8 -0.725 '15 Crossmen 83.875 85.025 1.15 '14 Crossmen 85.45 86.225 0.775 '13 Blue Stars 86.2 85.45 -0.75 '12 Crossmen 84.8 84 -0.8 '11 Spirit of Atlanta 86.55 85.35 -1.2 '10 Glassmen 86.5 85.8 -0.7 '09 Troopers 85.9 85.1 -0.8 '08 Madison Scouts 86.375 85.225 -1.15 '07 Spirit 85.5 84.5 -1 '06 Spirit 85.275 84.825 -0.45 '05 Spirit 85.75 86.075 0.325 '04 Glassmen 86.375 85.95 -0.425 '03 Spirit 85.5 84.4 -1.1 '02 Seattle Cascades 85.95 84.05 -1.9 '01 Colts 85.95 84.9 -1.05 '00 Bluecoats 85.15 84.4 -0.75 '99 Colts 85.2 86 0.8 '98 Colts (11th in Semis) 87.3 85.3 -2 '97 Carolina Crown 85.9 85 -0.9 '96 Blue Knights 84.6 80.7 -3.9 '95 Magic of Orlando 81.9 82.4 0.5 '94 Colts 83 80.1 -2.9 '93 Colts 84.2 81.6 -2.6 '92 Freelancers 84 83.1 -0.9 '91 Sky Riders 85.1 82.9 -2.2 '90 Dutch Boy 86.3 82.2 -4.1 '89 Crossmen 85.8 84 -1.8 '88 Sky Riders 86.6 85.1 -1.5 '87 Sky Riders 85.3 81.9 -3.4 '86 Velvet Knights 86.4 82.6 -3.8 '85 Freelancers 85.9 83.2 -2.7 '84 Velvet Knights 85.9 83.2 -2.7 '83 Sky Riders 78.7 73.75 -4.95 '82 Spirit of Atlanta 85.05 81.65 -3.4 '81 Troopers 81 78.1 -2.9 '80 Guardsmen 79.55 73.2 -6.35 '79 Troopers 81.9 77.9 -4 '78 Kilties 79.95 77.25 -2.7 '77 Garfield Cadets(13th) 84.45 78.15 -6.3 '76 Guardsmen 83.75 74.25 -9.5 '75 Troopers 79.6 76.2 -3.4 '74 Blue Stars 79.4 75.7 -3.7 '73 Stockton Commodores 77.4 72.25 -5.15 '72 Bleu Raeders 78.85 73.95 -4.9 Some notable statistics: - The largest single drop from semi's to finals was the '76 Guardsmen, losing 9.5 points. - The average score drop from 2000 to 2022 was 0.6577 points. From 1983 to 1999, the average drop was 2.97 points. And from 1972 to 1982, the average drop was 4.75 points. - Only four corps have ever improved on their semi's score in finals: '95 Magic of Orlando (+0.5), '99 Colts (+0.8), '05 Spirit (+0.325), and '14 Crossmen (+0.775). - The corps that likes to eek their way into finals the most is Spirit/Spirit of Atlanta, placing 12th six separate times. Colts, Crossmen, and Troopers all came in 12th place five times each. - Of the 22 separate corps that have placed in 12th, fully half of them (11) are no longer competing as of 2022 (This will change if/when Spirit comes back). - Five separate corps (Bluecoats, Carolina Crown, Cadets, Madison Scouts, and Phantom Regiment) have all placed in 12th at some point but also received gold medals in other years. Have fun with the info.
  2. OBSERVATION: THE ACADEMY with its production of "A World of My Imagination" has returned back (not that is ever left) to the Creation of what many are saying is more Fan Friendly Favorite show. However, I find it concerning that the Corps scoring trajectory is noticeably lagging, compared typically to their previous Top 15 shows. All the Elements are there: From the Classic Look in Purple Tux and Tail Uniforms, to a quite Sophisticated yet familiar Music Book, to an extremely demanding and well executed percussion book and battery, along with it's nearly 40 member guard displaying perhaps it's best command of equipment in performance, that I have personally observed from THE ACADEMY since it's debut in 2004. So why the unusually low/lagging scores. Sadly, I believe I can answer my own question. It's become quite evident that the Curse of the Covid-19+ Virus is the one common denominator, negatively impacting THE ACADEMY and many other Corps performances and scores. Such as the approximately 20+ missing MM from The Academy's Annapolis show and worse the reportedly 40!? missing MM from a recent performance by my beloved "Casper Wyoming Troopers," (who inspired me to march 24" Concert Cymbals in my local Corps back in 1969!) I never "Imagined" that the Corps entertaining "Creation" would see it's score trajectory partially victimized by a Virus. Godspeed to All.
  3. Hi everyone, as part of my drum corps poll series, I’ve come up with my next match up. Throughout the 2017 season Pioneer and Jersey Surf went head to head at numerous competitions throughout the season. At the DCI World Championships, Pioneer finished 34th and Jersey Surf finished 27th. Even though there is a gap between the two, that gap might close up next season. Pioneer is on a mission to field a full Corps next season. Within the goal of marching a full corps next season, Pioneer has a goal of marching a full hornline of 80 brass next season. As of right now, they have 44 brass members registered for their first camp in January. They expect to have their full 80 man hornline by their march camp. Also, pioneers 2018 production Irish Dragons is going to be a show that is going to be the beginning of a new era for pioneer. With this new growth for pioneer, Pioneer is on a mission to rise to the top both competitively and as an organization. Pioneer is going to be a force to be reckoned with next season. After having said all that, who do you think will score higher and finish higher. Please vote and we’ll find out!
  4. Thanks for considering reading this wall of text. tl;dr No there are no conspiracies. There is virtually no herd mentality on the national level. Money nor reputation matters. Become a judge if you aren't already. Also--thank you if you're a fan of any of the pageantry activities. Not meant to be a dissertation, but a reflection of my many years of experience as a judge on the field and indoor. No I am not a DCI judge but I have been judging with DCI, WGI, and BOA national judges and have had many discussions with said men and women who are actively making these tough decisions. There appear to be several of us on here willing to share information so any input is very much appreciated. I am not speaking for every judge or even any group of judges but SPECIFICALLY to my experience. I'll be available for follow-up questions and concerns for a few days until this account and thread dies--if that's the case. ------------- 1) Herd Mentality Does not exist barring very few situations*. We judge the sheets. Particular to our caption, a unit can hit the sheets according to our eyeballs and our ears or it cannot. Sometimes there are difficult decisions that we have to make on the spot. We all see different things even within the same caption. Some judges are good enough to judge multiple captions. Ranks and ratings change for the same judge because they're judging a new caption. Also, when panels change, numbers will change as you have probably experienced in the past. It's absolutely unavoidable. Please also remember that there are separate numbers in what we see the designers intended to do and what the performers executed on that particular day/evening; i.e. vocabulary vs. excellence. It's the LEFT side and the RIGHT side respectively. It's not rocket science. We all have to trial judge for this and prove we can focus on our own caption and defend our numbers at critique and thereafter. *Note: Interestingly enough, every few shows a newer judge or trial judge will ask where I put a unit at any given point. I give them the neighborhood, e.g. high box 3, mid box 4, etc. but I'm very averse to providing an actual number as is anyone I have spoken with. Remember that we have fans only a few feet away from us in virtually every direction that can hear our conversations and are probably recording us on their smartphones. Why would we be idiots and mimic each other's scores? That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard. These days we can typically change our numbers for all units at the end of a round due to the mechanics of Competition Suite. It's a magical thing and it makes numbers management so much easier and more equitable. 2) Money We get a few hundred bucks or maybe a little more. It's not much. Expenses are paid if we are lucky. Rumors have it that nationals is just about the same or a little bit more but not much. This is a NON PROFIT activity. Enough said. We mostly do this because we think we can do it better than others and provide better input. We're not in this for the money--heck, we may be better off bartending for an evening. We do get the best view in the venue. That's why I do it--along with providing input to groups who actually give a **** as to improving their units. Most of us want the activity to grow and performers to get better; however, some judges are jerks who just want to criticize and call out things that are wrong because the units are not doing what they did 5, 10, or 50 years ago. It oftentimes gets tiresome in the judge's room and occasionally pisses me off. That's the main frustration I've had. We tend to argue when I encounter a judge who made a number I sorely disagreed with in a caption I've judged; there's a 50/50 chance I'll win and they'll rethink their numbers next time around if they're given the opportunity. We're otherwise complaining as to why we got a baked potato for a "meal." 3) Reputation This gets a little complicated. Many judges have obligations outside of judging. For example, several have contracts with percussion, winter guards, winds, marching bands, drill design, you name it. However, from my experience, it really doesn't matter. Our reputation is founded on the basis that we put down a number, record our commentary, and defend every ounce of it. We sometimes get stuck with a number we put down during an earlier part of the season and have to really back up any changes later in the season. As long as we reflect our APPROPRIATE number based on the sheet of our particular caption during that specific performance, it doesn't matter if we give 3rd place to a 12th place unit or vice versa. I've done it many times, "called" many shows, and still get asked to judge again. Judge's commentary is becoming more and more public, so I make sure to talk about the stuff I want my dear mother to hear as well as the unit staff and most importantly the performing members. When I hear from either the Chief Judge or a director that they played my commentary to their students, it means the world to me. Knowing they sacrificed several minutes of their valuable rehearsal time to listen to my exhausted hoarse voice makes my day. 4) Critique Sometimes a show will have a requirement for the judges to participate in critique sessions with the units. We may also get emails, phone calls, or texts about why a unit was ranked and rated as they were. This can get stressful. This is why we take notes. I keep my notes for at least 3 years. Every show is different. Some times I'll place a unit higher than another, and I take notes as to why (even though it's inappropriate to talk about other units during critique). Focus on your own show on your own caption and unit I always say. However, it's good for me to back up to the Chief Judge why I flip-flopped or made an uncanny or unpopular choice. I do it all the time. Most times people get it--they watch their competitors and see why they have fallen (or risen) in my particular caption. Critique allows us to gather input from the units and provide feedback beyond our recorded commentary. Heck I've unintentionally made a former colleague cry during critique. I've also had a situation when we had to get the Chief Judge to kick out an overdramatic irate director during critique. What really pisses us off is when someone only rants about their score without having listened to the commentary. All I can reference is my notes at that point. The commentary is not a part of my records but a part of yours. Do your homework. Listen to the commentary. 5) State of the Activity Plan on being angered! Many current judges should consider retiring. The activity has changed considerably in the past decade--let alone the past several decades--and corps art is not being recognized properly. The newer judges, about a third of any panel; if we're lucky, have still been removed from the activity for a decade or more. Yes, this is a traditional activity and that I quite understand. Furthermore, most design and tech staff who have been a part of the top competing units are of a separate generation with separate visions working alongside older generations with progressive acuities. There's a lot of subjectivity with the sheets and what is put on the field or floor. A few older judges see this. Most, however, don't. This is, in my honest opinion, the main disconnect between the overall numbers and what the fans want to see rewarded. So where is the activity heading? Which leads me to this: 6) Next Steps Trial judge. Regardless of your age. We need more judges. Many of you are analytical critical jerks and we really could use your help. Whether it's percussion, guard, winds, visual, brass, whatever. We need new blood in every activity. Please consider contacting a local circuit and start trialing. Before you know it, you may be judging state and regional championships and knocking on DCI, BOA, or WGI's doors. Just show up. That's half the battle. You're not running for office--you're helping develop youth and art. We just need new people with deductive mindsets willing to put in their experience and research to current events on the field and the floor. We're no better than you. The activity is changing too fast for most of us. Regardless, please stay a supporting member or fan of the marching & pageantry arts no matter what. The common sports have enough fans. Show up to all sorts of our musical and "artsy" competitions just because, well, reasons. Thank you. Edit: Changed title of thread. Edit: Here's a copy of the 2012 DCI sheets thanks to @Jeff Ream
  5. I have participated and have been following drum corps for a very long time. I have adopted the changes over the years with open arms. I love most of those changes and have no wish to turning the clock back. I start with these points because I know some punk will accuse me of being old school or for not understanding modern drum corps. Rest assured I understand it quite well and I am very familiar with the judging sheets and scoring process. Having said that, it is a shame what the judges are doing to BC this year. I have watched closely all season and have seen the bias that is so obvious. It appears to me the judges have a grudge of some sort against them. Is it the guard outfits? I read the corps changed to longer shorts due to complaints about a little butt cheek or two showing. Is it because the judges believe it is destiny for BD and SCV to be fighting it out during their anniversaries? Maybe it is because they don't have enough pretty colors. I noticed BD has pink in their uniforms. That certainly must be worth an extra 3 or 4 points in visual. It apparently outweighs the extreme drill design BC is marching. Unfortunately, the scores are simply the opinion of a select few judges. They are human and have biases. This years "collective thought" appears to be against the Bluecoats. That truly is a shame given the energy and talent this corps has. The message the judges are sending to all: don't do anything risky, keep your drill simple and clean, focus on having a strong palette of color choices and color guard, both have more impact on your overall score then drill, brass, or percussion. Fast is old school. March slowly and precisely. When playing, be sure it is loud and try to stand still while doing so. If you are going to march at a fast tempo, be sure to do it while not playing. And finally, never ever make the young women in the guard where something feminine. Modern women are not supposed to be feminine or sexy.
  6. Hello! I'm a trumpet player and I write and play my own music, mostly for trumpet ensemble. I'd like to share with you my new in-progress web site. I just started it last night. https://www.blazingmusic.net/ I give away most or all of my music for free; let me know if you are interested. There are recordings of me playing most of it in multi-track using GarageBand. Example: https://www.blazingmusic.net/audio/trumpet4/100_fanfares_for_four_96.mp3 Sincerely, Robert Walliczek
  7. Remember that there are risks inherent in comparing scores from different shows. AS OF SEPTEMBER 30 1. 91.050* The Company -- Kerkrade, Limb., Neth. 9/30 (+3.750 9/23) [1st I.C. Finals; 30th W.C. Prelims; 1st DCUK; 1st DCE] SEASON COMPLETE (at 1st) 2. 81.975 Vanguard Cadets -- Indianapolis, IN 8/11 (+0.475 8/10) [1st O.C. Finals; 16th W.C. Semis] SEASON COMPLETE (at 1st) 3. 80.050 Blue Devils B -- Indianapolis, IN 8/11 (-0.125 8/10) [2nd O.C. Finals; 19 W.C. Semis] SEASON COMPLETE (at 2nd) 4. 76.225 Legends -- Indianapolis, IN 8/11 (-0.575 8/10) [3rd O.C. Finals; 22nd W.C. Semis] SEASON COMPLETE (at 3rd) 5. 74.275 Music City -- Indianapolis, IN 8/11 (-0.675 8/10) [4th O.C. Finals; 24th W.C. Semis] SEASON COMPLETE (at 4th) 6. 73.475 Spartans -- Indianapolis, IN 8/11 (-0.875 8/10) [5th O.C. Finals; 25th W.C. Semis] SEASON COMPLETE (at 5th) 7. 71.563 Louisiana Stars -- Indianapolis, IN 8/10 (-1.650 8/8) [6th O.C. Finals; 28th W.C. Prelims] SEASON COMPLETE (at 6th) 8. 70.100 Gold -- Indianapolis, IN 8/10 (-2.650 8/8) [7th O.C. Finals; 29th W.C. Prelims] SEASON COMPLETE (at 7th) 9. 69.800 7th Regiment -- Indianapolis, IN 8/10 (-2.400 8/8) [8th O.C. Finals; 31st W.C. Prelims] SEASON COMPLETE (at 9th) 10. 68.838 Southwind -- Indianapolis, IN 8/10 (-1.287 8/8) [9th O.C. Finals; 32nd W.C. Prelims] SEASON COMPLETE (at 10th) 11. 67.838 Guardians -- Indianapolis, IN 8/10 (-1.899 8/8) [10th O.C. Finals; 33rd W.C. Prelims] SEASON COMPLETE (at 11th) 12. 65.700 River City Rhythm -- Indianapolis, IN 8/10 (+1.988 8/8) [11th O.C. Finals; 35th W.C. Prelims] SEASON COMPLETE (at 12th) 13. 63.525 Raiders -- Indianapolis, IN 8/10 (-1.450 8/8) [12th O.C. Finals; 36th W.C. Prelims] SEASON COMPLETE (at 13th) 14. 62.000 Shadow -- Indianapolis, IN 8/10 (-0.225 8/7) [13th O.C. Prelims; 37th W.C. Prelims] SEASON COMPLETE (at 14th) 15. 60.925 Colt Cadets -- Indianapolis, IN 8/10 (-0.275 8/7) [14th O.C. Prelims; 38th W.C. Prelims] SEASON COMPLETE (at 15th) 16. 59.700 Golden Empire -- Bellflower, CA 7/16 (+1.650 7/15) SEASON COMPLETE (at 7th) 17. 59.100 The Battalion -- Denver, CO 7/15 (+1.400 7/12) SEASON COMPLETE (at 7th) 18. 58.600 Watchmen -- Bellflower, CA 7/16 (+2.100 7/15) SEASON COMPLETE (at 9th) 19. 57.550 Impulse -- Indianapolis, IN 8/10 (-0.575 8/7) [15th O.C. Prelims; 39th W.C. Prelims] SEASON COMPLETE (at 19th) 20. 57.400 Heat Wave -- Knoxville, TN 7/19 (+3.450 7/15) SEASON COMPLETE (at 12th) 21. 57.100 Columbians -- Denver, CO 7/12 (-0.200 7/12) SEASON COMPLETE (at 10th) 22. 54.725 Les Stentors -- Indianapolis, IN 8/10 (-0.475 8/7) [16th O.C. Prelims; 40th W.C. Prelims] SEASON COMPLETE (AT 22nd) 23. 50.400 Incognito -- Bellflower, CA 7/16 (+3.050 7/15) SEASON COMPLETE (at 19th) 24. 48.100 Blue Devils C -- Bellflower, CA 7/16 (+1.550 7/15) SEASON COMPLETE (at 21st) *DCUK/DCE score Next show: nothing until 2018.
  8. It's a SKYLINER SHOW DAY - and our HOME SHOW. Weather is amazing!! Come on out, and see a great show. TONIGHT! Jake Sobeski Stadium, 120 Boston Ave., West Pittston, PA! Thunderbirds! Hurricanes! Bushwackers! White Sabers! NY Skyliners Alumni! Caballeros Alumni! and of your course your SKYLINERS! Tickets are $15 for adults, $10 for kids - 18 and under, if you wear your show shirt of band jacket or are under 6 years old, YOU GET IN FREE!
  9. June 22, 2017 vs. June 23, 2016 Higher scores out of the gate in 2017 than 2016. #1 and #2 are consistent with Bluecoats edging out Carolina Crown by 1.35 this year, an increase over last year's 0.50 margin.
  10. Three weeks from today, DCP will have its first postings after we have seen actual performances. In prep for that, anyone interested in offering up a brief - brief - tutorial on how judging works? I’m not a doofus, but also not qualified (nor even interested) in the details necessary at the judge level. Rather, I’d like to be a little more intelligent about what I am seeing and hearing with respect to how scores are determined. Primarily, I want to enjoy the shows. So “be a little more intelligent” is an important qualifier. To put this in context, here is this: I’m a long-time university professor. I know the difference between student work that is (say, for example) 87/100 vs. student work that is 93/100. But the difference between 87 and 86 or 88? I’ve no clue. Or a student scoring an 89 gets a B+ and one scoring a 91 gets an A-. That’s how it works. But honestly, in so many cases, the quality of what either of those students can accomplish is essentially indistinguishable. In 2016 Coats were 97.650 and BD 97.250. Crown 97.088. Is that just the way the numbers shake out and everyone knows that? Or is there some sense that qualified people really can determined the Coats were 0.41131% - yes, that’s less than 1/2 a percent - better than the Blue Devils? (BD was 0.16685% better than Crown.)
  11. Keep in mind, I believe that only once the winner of this show has won the championship (going back to 2011 when all the corps participated the same day) That corps was the undefeated monster that was the 2014 Blue Devils. That being said, who do you think wins this show and do you think whoever wins this show will win it all? My prediction Blue Devils will win this show and Carolina Crown will go on to win in the finals. I could see Bluecoats also winning this show, but for some reason my mind has been made up about Crown winning this year since I saw the show at Muncie.
  12. Just in case we didn't have enough ways to over-analyze scores, I have created another one. This isn't groundbreaking; I just worked to align the calendars between 2015 and 2016 (started and ended about a week earlier last year) so that we can see how things compare at approximately the same time of the year each season. Note that there is 1 more day of competition in 2016 so there will be no side-by-side analysis for June 24, 2016. Also note, that this chart will always show the most recent score received to date.
  13. I marched with Troopers in the 80s and find I still enjoy following drum corps, not only nostalgia but also keeping up with present developments and competition. I make it out to 1-2 shows a year. I look forward to the discussion and reconnecting with old friends and making new ones.
  14. Corps (in preforming order): Start Time: 7:30 PM Weather: -The Crossmen Partly Cloudy, high of 97 -The Bluecoats -Carolina Crown -The Blue Devils -Santa Clara Vanguard -Phantom Regiment -The Cadets -The Cavaliers WHO'S ALL GOING??? My Predictions: 1st: Cadets 2nd: BD 3rd: Coats 4th: Crown 5th: SCV 6th: Cavies 7th: Phantom 8th: Crossmen
  15. Greetings DCP Marketplace! I am looking for someone who might have an extra copy of The Blue Devil Book of Drumming they'd be willing to sell, or maybe if you have it on PDF - either way. Have tried eBay for a long time, but no luck. If so ... please feel free to email me: mbdrums@aol.com. Many thanks! Mark
  16. Rank - Latest Score - Date and Location of Latest Score (Change from, and date of previous score) Open Class: 1 - 94.20 - Reading Buccaneers - 8/29 Reading PA (+2.50 - 8/22) 2 - 93.55 - Hawthorne Caballeros - 8/29 Bridgeport CT (+2.50 - 8/22) 3 - 92.85 - Cadets² - 8/29 Reading PA (+3.95 - 8/22) 4 - 91.00 - Minnesota Brass - 8/22 St Peter MN (+0.10 - 8/21) 5 - 89.90 - Fusion Core - 8/29 Reading PA (+3.15 - 8/22) 6 - 89.50 - Kidsgrove Scouts - 8/29 Bridgeport CT (+14.55** - 7/25) 7 - 88.60 - White Sabers - 8/29 Reading PA (+2.20 - 8/22) 8 - 87.95 - Atlanta CV - 8/22 Rockmart GA (+7.25 - 8/1) 9 - 84.20 - Long Island Sunrisers - 8/29 Bridgeport CT (+2.25 - 8/22) 10- 83.85 - Carolina Gold - 8/29 Reading PA (+2.00 - 8/22) 11- 82.95 - Connecticut Hurricanes - 8/29 Bridgeport CT (+3.10 - 8/22) 12- 80.65 - Bushwackers - 8/29 Reading PA (+1.40 - 8/22) 13- 78.30 - Skyliners - 8/29 Bridgeport CT (+2.80 - 8/22) Class A: 1 - 83.45 - Govenaires - 8/22 St Peter MN (+0.60 - 8/21) 2 - 76.40 - Alliance - 8/22 Rockmart GA (+3.85 - 8/1) 3 - 75.10 - Kilties - 8/22 St Peter MN (+0.30 - 8/21) 4 - 73.60 - Chops - 8/22 St Peter MN (+2.15 - 8/21) 5 - 69.55 - Cincinnati Tradition - 8/22 Rockmart GA (+11.80* - 8/3) High score 70.55 on 8/1 6 - 68.15 - Erie Thunderbirds - 8/29 Reading PA (+2.90 - 8/1) 7 - 66.30 - Excelsior - 8/29 Bridgeport CT (+2.90 - 8/22) High score 67.30 on 8/2 *score from a DCI show **score from a DCUK/DCE show
  17. I published the following tweets on Finals day: https://twitter.com/CorpsScores/status/498092291064868864 Top 4 scores of all time are: 99.15 (05 Cadets & 02 Cavs) 99.05 (02 Cavs (semis) & 09 BD) 98.9 (10 BD) 98.8 (89 SCV & 03 BD) And then followed it up with https://twitter.com/CorpsScores/status/498101149925642241 I guess I should have mentioned that BD's score last night of 98.95 is both the highest Semis score ever (incorrect! 2002 Cavs was higher) and the third highest score ever. And I was taken to task by user @Brilow7 https://twitter.com/BriLow7/status/498293699017584640 @CorpsScores I have to correct - BD's score last night was the FIFTH highest score ever, since four higher scores have been given. So here's my question: clearly when ranking corps to determine all-time placements, the corps and the score both matter, so the current top of the leaderboard looks like this: Top-Scoring DCI Corps Performances of All Time: 1. 2014 Blue Devils, 99.65 2t. 2005 Cadets and 2002 Cavaliers, 99.15 4t. 2002 Cavaliers at semis, 2009 Blue Devils, 99.05 But when it comes to ranking the top scores of all time, is a score considered to be just the number? or if two corps get assigned the same number, should that be considered two scores? In other words, which of these is more valid: Top DCI Scores of All Time: 1. 99.65 - 2014 Blue Devils 2. 99.15 - 2002 Cavaliers & 2005 Cadets 3. 99.05 - 2002 Cavaliers (semis) & 2009 Blue Devils Or should it be: Top DCI Scores of All Time: 1. 99.65 - 2014 Blue Devils 2t. 99.15 - 2002 Cavaliers & 2005 Cadets 4t. 99.05 - 2002 Cavaliers (semis) & 2009 Blue Devils Obviously, I see both sides, but I see the former as more valid. To me, the score is the number itself, and although 09 BD is the "4th highest scoring corps performance ever", their score of 99.05 is the "3rd highest score ever achieved". Opinions?
  18. Just for the fun of it, I went back to the start of the 2014 season to see which corps had improved the most over the course of the year. I took the first recorded score for each World Class corps, and then compared it to the score they received in their final performance. This turned out to be quite revealing, because not only did the Blue Devils set a new record with their amazing score last Saturday, but they came further than any other corps this year when measured against their own season-opening performance. I think this measure is in some ways even more impressive than a corps' overall placement at the end of the season, because this is a marker of how responsive they were to the judges' comments and how hard they worked to resolve any problems. It's possible that I've entered some incorrect numbers here; please correct this list if there are any mistakes. Final Score First Score Difference Blue Devils 99.650 73.200 26.45 Cavaliers 93.675 67.300 26.375 Blue Knights 91.150 65.150 26 Santa Clara Vanguard 96.075 70.150 25.925 Blue Stars 89.600 63.800 25.8 Colts 85.350 60.400 24.95 Carolina Crown 95.675 70.800 24.875 Cadets 96.875 72.100 24.775 Bluecoats 97.175 72.800 24.375 Crossmen 86.225 62.200 24.025 Phantom Regiment 91.425 68.300 23.125 Troopers 84.775 61.700 23.075 Boston Crusaders 88.950 66.400 22.55 Madison Scouts 87.575 66.200 21.375 Pioneer 68.850 47.500 21.35 Spirit of Atlanta 81.550 60.300 21.25 Mandarins 78.150 57.900 20.25 Pacific Crest 78.900 59.450 19.45 Academy 81.875 63.800 18.075 Cascades 72.250 55.100 17.15 Oregon Crusaders 80.100 66.000 14.1 Jersey Surf 75.800 62.600 13.2
  19. So I'm going through some scores from DCI Finals past and was shocked to see the scores from Semi-Finals to Finals. Perhaps I was so blown away by Phantom coming from behind and tying BD for the title and I didn't pay attention to the scoring changes and place changes that took place. So here goes. So did the bottom 9 Corps have bad performances? Did it rain? Did Phantom Regiment performance wake up the judges? I assume the performances at Semi's were that good. Keep in mind back then our first viewing of the all these shows was when DVD's or VHS tapes were delivered, so I have no idea how these Corps performed in the Semi's. 5 point drop off for the Colts? Imagine this happening today, the DCP would crash.
  20. Lots of agreement early on that this range would be an exciting one to watch as we go into finals. These placement seem to have become consistent since just before San Antonio. So, current placement a lock? percent chance of moving up? percent chance of moving down? Of course if someone moves up, someone has to move down or tie (God forbid). My thoughts: Crossmen: 12th place A LOCK show and performance places them there solidly Troopers: 13th place A LOCK not enough in the show construction to get them higher, too good to move down Colts: 14th place A LOCK this could have been 12th with more talent and cleaner music book sooner voice over not quite right, don't think they are willing to budge much there Spirit: 15th place 40% LOCK 60% Chance to move down show is poorly designed, but they have more talent than some below them and have the finalist experience The Academy: 16th place 50% LOCK 50% Chance to move up better show than SOA all around, some sections as talented, really need to clean OC: 17th place 50% LOCK 50% Chance to move up better show than Academy or SOA, lots to clean yet Pacific Crest: 50% LOCK 50% Chance to move up tidiest show in 15-18 range, gotta turn up the communication and lower individual mistakes
  21. There's an afternoon occurance in Arkansas where on a hot summer's day, sometimes the clouds will decide to explode and dump eleventy billion metric tons of water. A perfect set-up for a drum corps show, no? God would not have any of it, as He took His mighty hand and shoved that mess aside just in time for the 8pm delayed start. I wish He would have thrown in a big divine blow-dryer as well. We could have seen full-on versions of these great shows with no short-cuts or boo-boos. That being said, a great evening was enjoyed by all, including my two teens and their tag-along friend. I will be sharing their perspectives with you as well. The field, as expected, was treacherous and we in Arkansas thank all the participants for risking your health and well-being to give us fantastic entertainment. There were about three to four thousand in attendance at the horrid, unaccomodating War Memorial Stadium in downtown Little Rock. Despite sad, poor conditions, nine corps persevered and all represented themselves well. They were: Cascades "Turn" - Small. That is the first impression you get with this corps. Small. And tiny. And small. I do not know why some administrators and staff of these corps misstrategize how these groups should compete, because I would rather see Cascades win Open Class than for them to finish next to last in World Class. The program was well designed, but elementary in its difficulty, rightfully appropriate for its membership. You didn't see them overly struggling like some small corps tend to be subject to by an overzealous staff. Good foresight and judgement on the part of the show designers. I thought the kids did an admirable job with the arrangements, especially "Turn, Turn, Turn". They finished a distant 9th in all captions. In a open class environment, this corps would easily challenge for a Top 5 spot. Respectable. Stephen - "Not bad" Abbie - "Meh" Alex - "I wanna talk to that boy again" My rank - 9th Actual rank - 9th The Academy "Vanity Fair" - Slick, sharp and very clean for a corps at their tier level. This wonderful, elegant show features some amazing silks, and they are used to great effect by a very capable color guard. Visual is such a strong point for the corps in this very classy program featuring some good musical selections. Marching technique and execution was fantastic. I feel the brass, although good in quality, need a bit more difficulty for this show to challenge those ahead of them, and also - not hold back!!! Wonderful visual performance I think was also hampered with some design over-simplicity. Unlike Cascades, there is Top-12 talent in this corps, especially in guard and percussion. They would hang if they had the vehicle. They lost brass and music rep to Oregon. The show just feels safe and restrained and they need to just let it loose. Percussion were impressive with a nice feature. Striking uniforms with flowing capes added to the formalty of the show. The color guard was splendid, and performed with confidence. With some musical rewrites and another dynamic level of brass performance, this corps could get really interesting.... Stephen - "Wow, beautiful!" Abbie - "I want a lemonade" Alex - "I really think he likes me" My rank - 7th Actual Rank - 8th Oregon Crusaders "nevermore" - I appreciate the innovative idea of attaching a poetic narrative to a show, which the Blue Knights would also do later in the evening. The hornline and program concept is carrying the corps, plain and simple. "The Raven" by Edgar Allan Poe, was the DNA for the show, and the corps ably incorporated their selections into the theme. The guard did an impressive job of selling the visual. The hornline was powerful and loud, with good dynamic contrast but some obvious dirt. I have one main criticism - the overuse of sound bites!!! Now don't get me wrong, James Earl Jones narrating is something to be revered, but having him drop "nevermore" a dozen times, sometimes over brass hits is distracting, unnecessary and incohesive. That is no fault of the kids. The designers need to reduce the electronic clutter in the show. In other ways, the atmosphere set up electronically is quite nice and effective, but some refinement is necessary. The percussion slightly lags behind the other two captions who are holding their own. To improve, the narration needs to be honed better, the hornline a little cleaner and the percussion to bring some snap and aggression to their roles. It will be tough. Academy was better, over all in my opinion. Stephen - "Really interesting" Abbie - "Wow - I like dark and creepy - cool!" Alex - "I like the raven, it's really cool!" My rank - 8th Actual Rank - 7th Crossmen "Alma Gitana" - As much as you can in Arkansas, this was the hometown corps....a lot of Arkansan kids marching with Bones this year. They were getting serious and you felt it in this awesome, powerful show. Even though the only recognizable tune in this was their closer, I felt so comfortable with their selections, they were performed like I knew all the tunes already. They actually beat Boston in General Effect 1 (should have won the whole caption) and should have beaten them in Percussion. This gypsy-themed show was the turning point in the night, where the "ish" got real. There was a good amount of footwork and choreography in this show, and excellent use of accessories by the guard. Hornline was monstrously powerful, with only a small amount of noticeable anomalies. These guys and gals will solidly be in finals, no question. Stephen - "Whoa" Abbie - "Is this like from Aladdin, daddy?" Alex - "Hey that's a cross - neato!" My rank - 5th Actual Rank - 6th Boston Crusaders "Animal Farm" - For a show called "Animal Farm" there were a whole lot of macabric elements present. This was a dark and brooding show, understated and ominous. They topped Crossmen tonight on the judges sheet because they marched their shoes off, even defeating Blue Knights in visual proficiency, and rightfully so. They need to enjoy that while it lasts, because I do not see a lot of potential improvement with this program design. The hornline of Crossmen are slightly brighter and more impressionable than Boston's, but the apparently judges saw more in Boston's show, likely the complexity of its composition and integration. I liked the intensity the performers provided, and keeping the feel of it consistent. Good push at the end for a strong finish. Stephen - "The dark thing really gets me." Abbie - (Missed it - talking to boys) Alex - (Missed it - talking to boys) My rank - 6th Actual Rank - 5th Blue Knights "That One Second" - I absolutely loved the poignancy and emotional punch this show has. This was such a wonderful improvement from the corps' more esoteric previous efforts. To me, the program seems to be about recollecting memories that one second before you die, with its female narrator sending a strong message to appreciate all facets of life. The show also incorporated oceanic elements into the visual. I can get behind this program. CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN!! So crisply performed, much cleaner than The Cadets later (who, in fairness, had more difficult drill)!! The kids looked like machines programmed to march. BK had my favorite uniforms of the night, and their percussion was downright sicko. Crown's percussion better keep improving, or they will fall behind these guys. Excellent staging in the drill with very effective use of props and the poetic narrative. You can tell this program was put together by some of the best in the idiom. Stephen - "That's just cool." Abbie - "Can I get a lemonade yet" Alex - "I like the blue - pretty!" My rank - 4th Actual Rank - 4th Bluecoats "Tilt" - The best show of the night - but the Cadets were cleaner. Even with the Bluecoats playing it safe on the calisthenics and tarp usage because of the rain, they sold the bejesus out of this program. They won colorguard performance and percussion, and should have placed second in brass, and also should have won MA and GE. They will on finals week. Their cutting-edge repertoire selections were the most accessible of the night, and Doug Thrower's arrangements prove to be the best in the activity. The percussion put on a clinic and blew everyone else out of the stadium. They have the goods, people!! Well-balanced captions with a championship vehicle. There is just a slight bit of refinement needed in the hornline, and some transitionary issues to address in the program. I'll go ahead and say it, "Hymn of Axciom" is amazeballs. The transition into the next tune kills enthusiasm for the ballad. END IT COLD AND LET US RESPOND!!! Same thing goes for the final 30 seconds of the show after a perfectly executed pitch bend!! Even though the staff added a cold cutoff and a hearty "blue" (i think it's because they realized it was a problem) - staff....the last 30 seconds of the program needs work and improvement, it is anti-climatic!!! If these areas can be fixed, the Bluecoats will catch and pass Cadets on the judges sheets after they peak too soon. Get it done! This show is amazing and these performers are champions!!!! Stephen - "OH MY FREAKING GOD!" Abbie - "They're slanted all the time!" Alex - "That was awesome!" My rank - 1st Actual Rank - 2nd The Cadets "Promise: An American Portait" - To verify, this corps, with a couple of slight exceptions, is way clean and will peak before finals week. Short of pulling out a gigantic American Flag and releasing 13 bald eagles, there is simply nothing more the Cadets can add to this show. In fact, they should reduce the narration slightly. The hornline was impeccable, loud and proficient, but I can see how Crown beat them in this subcaption. I was very surprised and shocked to see the phasing in the hornline!!! Did I just watch two people out of step? The only other corps I saw do that were the Cascades. So how in the hell can Cole give them a win in Visual Proficiency? Ridiculous!!! Percussion - always reliable - held up their end nicely. The color guard was neck and neck with Bluecoats, but should not be. They did a great job of selling this show and not being overshadowed by the 150 large props on the field. I wouldn't be surprised, though, if the staff has them parking a bus on the field during finals week. Classic, wheelhouse Cadets show. Stephen - "History book - the drum corps." Abbie - "I hate school." Alex - "I want to talk to that boy again" My rank - 2nd Actual Rank - 1st Carolina Crown "Out Of This World" - The mics for Crown's singers fritzed out and they had to do the opening unamplified, just like in the olden days. The hornline put on the clinic this time. The all high-brass moment during the percussion feature was just insane - very entertaining! Percussion, while improved from last year, has only one flaw - they are not victory-quality. Some I talked to felt the excessive prominent featuring of the caption hurt the corps. I agree. They need a serious non-percussive brass chorale moment to improve GE a bit. Also, between the hoops, frisbees-to-nowhere and trampolines, there is a bit of design clutter on the field. A better purpose needs to be forged for these interesting props. The program design is interesting, but not smooth and cohesive enough to compete with the top 3. Stephen - "Dad, did they just bounce on trampolines and play?" Abbie - "I want a frisbee - yay!!" Alex - "I liked how they ran around the trampolines!" My rank - 3rd Actual Rank - 3rd Welp, there you have it, Drum Corps Community! I always like to be of service when there are goings-on in my state! A GREAT job by Robert Hesse and workers at the show who handled the elements and delayed schedule very well!!! How they can polish a turd like War Memorial Stadium and turn it into a useable venue is beyond amazing. It made the show - amazing - great memories for me and my attention-deficit-disorder-riddled teenagers, who were of no critical help.
  22. Hey guys, We made an attempt to predict who's going to win drums this year in DCI by crunching numbers from 40ish years of recap scores, and we also discovered some judging trends. If you've got 5 minutes to spare, come check it out! http://www.lonestarpercussion.com/Who-Will-Win-Drums-At-DCI-Finals-Predicting-with-Statistics.html
  23. Curious about that question, I took a few minutes to look at the past three years to see how much each corps' score has increased between the Southwestern regional and the Championship prelims (selected rather than semis or finals because all corps appear). Only corps who played in both events were counted--which explains Jersey Surf having no number for 2011. (Also, penalty deductions, of which there were only two, were restored on the grounds that they were anomalies that masked actual improvement, for good or ill.) I included the two corps that folded during that time. First, these are the overall score averages at each show and average change between them: 2011: 80.52 >> 85.59 (=5.07) 2012: 78.10 >> 83.98 (=5.88) 2013: 78.50 >> 85.41 (=6.91) 2014: 79.92 >> Any thoughts on why San Antonio scores went down after 2011? Or on why the average increase has gone up over three years? ("It doesn't mean anything" is a perfectly acceptable answer, in my view.) Here is the average improvement for each corps (with the three yearly changes in parenthesis): 7.23 -- Cadets (6.95, 7.10, 7.65) 7.10 -- Oregon Crusaders (n/a, n/a, 7.10) 7.03 -- Boston Crusaders (5.65, 7.45, 8.00) 6.98 -- Santa Clara Vanguard (5.70, 7.35, 7.90) 6.82 -- Bluecoats (5.20, 7.40, 6.82) 6.73 -- Phantom Regiment (6.75, 6.85, 6.60) 6.72 -- Carolina Crown (5.25, 7.05, 7.85) 6.70 -- Cavaliers (5.40, 8.00, 6.70) 6.62 -- Blue Devils (5.90, 6.20, 7.75) 6.43 -- Jersey Surf (n/a, 4.70, 8.15) 6.33 -- Blue Knights (5.80, 7.20, 6.00) 6.25 -- Spirit of Atlanta (6.45, 4.75, 7.55) 6.22 -- Mandarins (5.90, 4.75, 8.00) 5.80 -- Crossmen (5.30, 5.85, 6.25) 5.75 -- Blue Stars (4.00, 5.80, 7.45) 5.62 -- Madison Scouts (4.70, 5.50, 6.65) 5.35 -- Pacific Crest (3.55, 6.60, 5.90) 5.23 -- Colts (4.80, 4.55, 6.35) (5.20 -- Glassmen (4.35, 6.05, n/a)) 5.08 -- Academy (4.35, 5.35, 5.55) 4.82 -- Troopers (4.15, 3.75, 6.55) (4.75 -- Teal Sound (4.75, n/a, n/a)) 4.27 -- Cascades (4.35, 3.55, 4.90) 3.78 -- Pioneer (2.40, 3.60, 5.35) (Oregon's number is of course the least reliable, being based on just one year.) Any surprises here? Or heads nodding in recognition? Thoughts on why certain corps fall where they do? Why Blue Devils apparently improve more than Cadets early in the season and less than Cadets late in the season? Predictions as to which corps is likely to exceed or fall short of its historical gain? Or, again, does all this mean nothing--is the sample too small, are the differences too slight, etc.? Even if it does mean nothing, I was naturally curious as to what prelims would look like if each corps improved by exactly their averages from their San Antonio scores this year. Of course it won't happen that way (if we knew that it would, there'd be no need for the corps to practice any more!), but for fun, that would make this year's prelims scores as follows: 98.267 Blue Devils 98.208 Cadets 96.667 Bluecoats 95.983 Santa Clara Vanguard 95.417 Carolina Crown 93.625 Cavaliers 91.458 Phantom Regiment 90.433 Blue Knights 89.458 Boston Crusaders 87.475 Blue Stars 87.042 Madison Scouts 86.050 Crossmen 82.800 Spirit of Atlanta 82.717 Troopers 81.900 Oregon Crusaders 81.333 Colts 79.858 Academy 78.592 Mandarins 78.400 Pacific Crest 76.075 Jersey Surf 71.467 Cascades 67.908 Pioneer So if the numbers are reliable, we should expect to see very little change by Thursday, August 7. And in fact, looking at placement changes between Southwestern and Prelims the past three years, invariably a handful of corps shift one or at most two positions, and (apart from lower-scoring W.C. corps slipping more by being overtaken by O.C. corps) that's it.
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