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Best Drill Writer

Best Drill Writer  

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  1. 1. Who is your favorite drill writer?

    • Jay Murphy (Blue Devils 2007)
    • Jeff Sacktig (The Cadets 2007)
    • Michael Gaines (The Cavaliers 2007)
    • Jamey Thompson (Phantom Regiment 2007)
    • Pete Weber (Santa Clara Vanguard 2007)
    • Leon May (Carolina Crown 2007)
    • Mitch Rogers (Bluecoats 2007)
    • Rob Billings (Blue Knights 2007)
    • Brian Murphy (Boston Crusaders 2007)
    • Jeremy Hunt (Colts 2007)
    • Alan Mueggenborg (Glassmen 2007)
    • Chad Hannah and Randy Nelson (Spirit from JSU 2007)

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whoever mentioned madison '92.....yes. especially the ending.

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George Zingali, Marc Sylvester, Jon Vanderkloff

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Pete Weber, with Gaines just behind.

I love the way Weber's forms develop, the way he creates forms that stage the members in a way that allows them to achieve, and the use of contrary motion. Gaines is the master of geometric drill - though, he doesn't really get into the kaleidescope stuff like the cadets used to. If nothing else, the thing I like about Gaines is his ability to create massive GE movements that are deceptively easy (not that they are easy, but they aren't as impossible as the overall affect may lead one to believe) for the members to perform.

OT - who wrote the drill for SCV in '00 and 03?

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OT - who wrote the drill for SCV in '00 and 03?

I know that Myron Rosander wrote '03, and I THINK he wrote '00, but I'm not sure...

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