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Best Drill Writer

Best Drill Writer  

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  1. 1. Who is your favorite drill writer?

    • Jay Murphy (Blue Devils 2007)
    • Jeff Sacktig (The Cadets 2007)
    • Michael Gaines (The Cavaliers 2007)
    • Jamey Thompson (Phantom Regiment 2007)
    • Pete Weber (Santa Clara Vanguard 2007)
    • Leon May (Carolina Crown 2007)
    • Mitch Rogers (Bluecoats 2007)
    • Rob Billings (Blue Knights 2007)
    • Brian Murphy (Boston Crusaders 2007)
    • Jeremy Hunt (Colts 2007)
    • Alan Mueggenborg (Glassmen 2007)
    • Chad Hannah and Randy Nelson (Spirit from JSU 2007)

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5 hours ago, ftwdrummer said:

Cavies 1998-2011 was Michael Gaines, who's now at SCV.

Bluecoats 2013-present is Jon Vanderkloff.

Explains a lot. Nirvana had some epic drill, and I can totally believe that all of Bloo's best years were done by the same dude

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On 8/16/2022 at 2:14 PM, kdaddy said:

Maybe so. But the extent to which he couldn't get over it was something I haven't seen from a fan/parent (or whatever he was), regardless of how it was handled. 

I looked for that username on reddit also, and he still wasn't over it even into this season. To quote you, that ship HAS SAILED. 


I don’t know what makes me happier, the fact that corpsband is still bitter and caught up on the staff change or the fact that he can’t help but continue browsing DCP despite how much he claims to hate this place 

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  • 2 weeks later...

More about movement and choreography now than drill, but if we're talking older-school pure drill, I'd go with Vanderkloff of late.  "To Look For America" still has some of my favorite drill of the past decade.  I'm still al little bummed about Bloo's 2022 show because we lost the visual moment of the those uniforms and the contracting/expanding block near the end.  Not necessarily about the drill, but a very cool visual moment that had to be sacrificed (correctly so, IMO) for a bolder visual idea with the uni change.  Even stuff that gets thrown out is good is my point, lol.  

I miss Weber's work a lot.  

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I can only speak to the post tick era ... so here goes.  I'll try to keep it orderly


Comparing the top 2 all time greats (IMO) .. ZIngali and Brubaker

Zingali was truly drawing what he wanted .. intervals be ###### (1.725 interval .. make it work).. grid be ######.  It was always about flow, staging and expression.

Brubaker was VERY grid oriented.  I love him for this.  The visual impact was always very linear .. organized .. easier to clean ... smart.  That being said, he still had flow, great staging for voicing and expression .. just an "older school" feel to the design

Beginning his career while Zingali and Brubaker were at their height ..... Rosander seemed to be a combination of them both.   Freehand flow, smart gridding, good staging, he defined Vanguards visual style for 18 years?


Marc Sylvester and Vanderkolff continued what ZIngali was doing .... Gaines after Brubaker .. and all have done it very well.   Saktig, May, Weber and many more were the next generation.  Jeff wrote subsets instead of making them up on the fly.  They all got hip to the grid.  (Yes, I dislike grid writing .. but that's just me).


Where I find a big difference.... Brubaker still had a freehand expression to his design.  It was very organic.   The modern era of writers like Saktig, May, Gaines etc ... (and I mean ZERO disrespect) feels very pyware. 


Rosander, Vanderkolff and the rest of those early 90's cats that took over for the Legends .. some are still flexing their freehand skills.  I can always see a difference when a writer who learned to write drill with computer assistance .. rather than learning to see it all "in your brain" and then write it.




(I think there's the makings of a different topic here.  I'm just not sure what it is yet... and sorry if I skipped around .. that's just how I think)

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I’ll say it for the back for the room again….


There is no Marc Sylvester, Jeff Sacktig, John V, Leon May, Tony Hall, John Sanchez, Jeff Gooch, Jeff Gentry and many many others without him.

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