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Best Drill Writer

Best Drill Writer  

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  1. 1. Who is your favorite drill writer?

    • Jay Murphy (Blue Devils 2007)
    • Jeff Sacktig (The Cadets 2007)
    • Michael Gaines (The Cavaliers 2007)
    • Jamey Thompson (Phantom Regiment 2007)
    • Pete Weber (Santa Clara Vanguard 2007)
    • Leon May (Carolina Crown 2007)
    • Mitch Rogers (Bluecoats 2007)
    • Rob Billings (Blue Knights 2007)
    • Brian Murphy (Boston Crusaders 2007)
    • Jeremy Hunt (Colts 2007)
    • Alan Mueggenborg (Glassmen 2007)
    • Chad Hannah and Randy Nelson (Spirit from JSU 2007)

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I feel the same way. As odd as it might sound, Gaines has been so good for so many years, IMO, the novelty of his drills is wearing off and other writers (like Weber, for whom I voted) have stepped-up their games with drills that have a fresher look and feel to them. I'm not taking away anything from Gaines -- his drills are incredible, but they are just becoming redundant for me.

Yes. I compared the 2004-2007 drills, and I found a lot of moves that were very similar.

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yeah, go Pete!!

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Mike Gaines is a God in WGI for drill writing/design (Pride of Cincinnati 2007 World Champions)........but I really liked what happend with Cadets 07 this year.

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Me.I mean honestly you should see what I can do with the pyware demo :)

But no really, Pete Weber hands down.

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George Zingali was best ever. I wonder who he would be writing for if he had not met such an early death.

"Best Ever":

Although this thread seems to be centered on recent "Field Phenoms", it is great to see the likes of Zingali and Emmons remembered and included. Going back a bit farther we include Mickey Petrone (St Vincents Cadets), who actually INVENTED junior "Drum Corps Drill", the "Franks" Kubinak & Fisher of Blessed Sacrament & St Kevins Emerald Knights, Lenny Picarski (Chicago Cavaliers), and the late great Jim Jones who re-invented drum corps marching with the Casper Troopers.



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