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Best Drill Writer

Best Drill Writer  

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  1. 1. Who is your favorite drill writer?

    • Jay Murphy (Blue Devils 2007)
    • Jeff Sacktig (The Cadets 2007)
    • Michael Gaines (The Cavaliers 2007)
    • Jamey Thompson (Phantom Regiment 2007)
    • Pete Weber (Santa Clara Vanguard 2007)
    • Leon May (Carolina Crown 2007)
    • Mitch Rogers (Bluecoats 2007)
    • Rob Billings (Blue Knights 2007)
    • Brian Murphy (Boston Crusaders 2007)
    • Jeremy Hunt (Colts 2007)
    • Alan Mueggenborg (Glassmen 2007)
    • Chad Hannah and Randy Nelson (Spirit from JSU 2007)

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Two Cavaliers products! Splooie!

Obviously, this thread is for 2007. What about all-time? I'd have to vote for Steve Brubaker, there.

I would have voted for Steve Brubaker or George Zingali.....those guys INVENTED what corps are doing today.....but since they aren't included, my vote goes to Gaines.

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how anyone could even consider jamey thompson is beyond me. That's why he's not even there anymore.

That is not true

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Well, I have to say Zingali and then Jamey Thompson.

Thompson's drill for PR in 06 was unbelieveable, and 07 would have been 10X better if he were not strapped with such a difficult theme (that someone else was already doing! --- flight/birds). With that said, Gaines has produced some jaw dropping moments, but I like it when the whole 11 minutes is one big flowing 'story' in sound, movement and appearance. Thompson seems to do that and with passion and flair. I've been a fan of his work, AND .... he's a Cavalier product too!

Just my humble, unedjucated opinion............

I do think, if he were to return w/PR in 2008 (although we know otherwise) I think we'd see his real potential given a reprehensible theme that fits! I will say, I AM eager to see what this Regiment Alum brings to the table... I judge/make my opinion in June when I first see them............

(Jamey if you read this and feel inclined to retirn to writting for corps --- I'll help pay you're salary in 2009 if you come back with Regiment and the board wants you!!)

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I feel the same way. As odd as it might sound, Gaines has been so good for so many years, IMO, the novelty of his drills is wearing off and other writers (like Weber, for whom I voted) have stepped-up their games with drills that have a fresher look and feel to them. I'm not taking away anything from Gaines -- his drills are incredible, but they are just becoming redundant for me.

The other thing for me with Gaines is that I feel his best comes out with certain kinds of musical programs - this is why I did not vote for him based on the 2007 program. When The Cavies play very rhythmically based programs that rely more on short melodic motifs (or lots of sound effects) rather than full melodic lines (for example, Four Corners, Frameworks, Spin Cycle, Machine) the drill is simply genius. When the show is more focused on complete melodic lines (yes, actual music like 2005 and 2007) then the drill seems somewhat awkward. To this point, I felt that a lot of Gaines' 2007 drill was genius in its own rights but did not depict the music (melodic line) well. Turn off the sound (who wants to hear all those horn problems anyway) and you can enjoy it as just drill. In other words, if the music is very rhythmical, his geometric drills seem to fit well; if it is very melodic, his drills don't seem to lilt and flow with the emotions of the music.

Based on that, I'd put Saktig just ahead of Gaines as I see Jeff with the ability to represent both melodic and rhythmical moments well in his drills. But, like many others here, I'd have to say the real genius who could depict any kind of music in the visual was Zingali.

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That's a very interesting way to think of Gaines' work. My favorite shows of his are the more rhythmic, visually driven programs that the Cavies have done.

As far as all time, drill today is not what it is without George Zingali or Steve Brubaker. I don't think you can mention one without the other. They developed the two distinct styles we see today. The activity is not what it is now without them.

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where/when did steve brubaker write drill? i'm out of the loop.

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