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What you want for 2018

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On 3/14/2018 at 8:30 PM, dsefton said:

I really would like Flo to let the show stand for 24 hours so it can be watched and/or re-watch  for a limited amount of time.

sadly licensing costs make this call, not Flo

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On 3/17/2018 at 8:30 PM, jwillis35 said:


For most of us, when you see a show live you do not really see faces or emotions or closeups from the stands. Maybe if you are really low, but at most shows we experience drum corps from a distance. We see big picture. We see form, motion, color, and we hear audio.  Props can sometimes be difficult to interpret. Facial expressions and interpretive dance and/or body movement can be difficult to react to unless done in a big way.  We experience the total show when we see it live, so it makes sense that we want that from the video as well.  Not as easy to do, and I get that they want to show close-ups to offer a different perspective, but the big picture is always better. This goes for the sound, too. I don't want to hear too much pit or audio close-ups of various sections.  I don't want to hear poorly done amplification and tinty-sounding solos that overtake the brass and percussion.  I want to hear the total acoustic blend that should be the product of great brass and drums.  If electronics are your thing, please do it carefully and musically. 

see i like closeups, especially during percussion features

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On 3/21/2018 at 12:04 AM, BRASSO said:

 I want the DCI Competition season to start this Saturday.

 At a local H.S. Stadium.... across the street

 Where I can walk, and not have to take my car.

  With last season's Top 12 all in attendance in competition.

 With a Full Judging Panel.

 temperatures at 71 degrees, and low humidity.

 50 yard line seats... half way up.

  nobody talking or yelling during any of the performances anywhere around me.

 ( ok, so the last " want "  listed here is probably the least likely to occur of all of them,I know. But a fan can dream, can't he ? )




this made me laugh out loud it was so good...thanks, i needed this ( not laughing at you either...with you)

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On 3/22/2018 at 4:21 PM, BRASSO said:

This is a snippet of a song from '78 Bridgemen, " Spanish Dreams ".

Thanks! Great to watch and hear. 

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On 3/22/2018 at 3:21 PM, BRASSO said:

  Ediker...This is a snippet of a song from '78 Bridgemen, " Spanish Dreams ". This was the era of lots of Corps doing " park & bark " where there was not a lot of movement visually compared to today. But the DCI  Corps still could entertain diverse audiences back then despite the smaller brass lines. ( thats Jim Brady playing the soprano solo in the middle of the song ). This video/ audio does the Bridgemen no justice here as the video/ audio technologies was pure crapp compared to today's taping abilities. Live, the Bridgemen sounded much, much better than this. Corps  back then had a tendency to overdo the fortissimo sometimes, as you can tell ( haha) Most knew it, but nobody seemed to mind all that much back then, as sometimes the goal regarding the playing was as simple as just wanting to pin the ears back with the audience in at least one of the songs in a Corps show routine. Its just the way it was.






There’s a great photo somewhere of all the kids who’d already perform standing around watching the Bridgemen that night, myself being one of them.   Everyone went crazy when they “fainted”. Good times.  Thanks! 

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For 2018 I want all top 6 going head to head, not just 3, not just 2 , but 6 with great themes, fantastic music with amazing sounds, unbelievable spectacular visuals, emmaculate performances, giving the judges a real struggle to score them well from each other, they are all separated by half a point. :1_grinning: 

Or top three having a three way tie for gold for the very first time ever! Is that too much to ask ? ???? :laughing:

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4 hours ago, Ediker said:

Oh yuck!!!!!  Boo to ties

 MIchael is an ok guy, but he shouldn't be brought in to settle any ties, imo

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