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What would today's shows score if teleported back to 1989?

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24 minutes ago, N.E. Brigand said:

Yes, there are other facts that one might wish (or not) to consider as part of forming an opinion.

(That said, the parts where Bluecoats '19 move and play simultaneously don't appear to me to feature larger or faster steps than the parts where Bluecoats '89 did so.)

Some people's preferred drum corps / marching band aesthetic is for groups that don't appear to be standing around doing nothing. (Yes, that's an exaggration.) For such observers, the various elements you describe may not matter. I merely provided them with two data points to consider. If you're intent on convincing them they're wrong to feel the way they feel, then you should absolutely provide them with other data points explaining how it's harder to play on three valves than on two valves or whatever else you feel will win that argument.

As for myself, when the mood takes me, I'm going to keep pulling out the stopwatch and will enjoy any complaints that follow.

I didn't realize this was merely an exercise in argument for you.  I assumed that you were providing a comprehensive apologetic for your position (which would obviously need more data and context to be effective).

Mea culpa.

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13 hours ago, HockeyDad said:

He seems to be doing it in search of some positive reinforcement that today’s shows are super awesome and better than anything in the past.  You can’t compare shows of different eras developed under very different judging criteria. You just can’t. And also, you will never get people to agree. So, yeah....what is the point?

Not at all, but I don't view the past shows with some nostalgia vision. I probably only enjoy a quarter of the shows today, but the ones that I enjoy, I enjoy far more than most past shows. I have no idea who is performing if someone didn't tell me and it was the first time I saw a show, but that's up to the corps. I think a visual identity would be a plus, but some of the uniforms/costumes are cool. Troopers seem the most extreme of a change. But whatever, progress will continue to progress.

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