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On 8/22/2019 at 5:03 PM, xandandl said:

Cavies had 50. Here is the source.

Wow, that speaks loads for their surge  at the end of the season, good seasoning is important on steaks and Drum Corp !!

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To all the age outs that marched Corps that were not finalist, I would just like to say thank you !! Their were so many 13th + Corps that I enjoyed this year, and your commitment to these Corps allowed for so many in this activity to march finals in the future, because of the experience they gained marching with the likes of you.

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16 hours ago, LabMaster said:

I heard Boston is in the 34 -  36 range.  Don’t know what the breakdown is.  Maybe keeping the entire guard perhaps?  Wishful hoping.

There was a post that the guard only had a handful age out.  

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