SCV alumni: What was it like to march Phantom in 88?

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Hi all,

This is a bit of a random post.  I was just curious what it was like to march for SCV during Phantom in 88?

Not to take away from any of the other emotional performances of other corps. But to me, it's one of the most emotionally powerful shows that just leaves your heart spirited and your eyes wet with tears. 

For those who marched the show, (now alumni who are in their 50's)...what was it like? Were people crying as they were playing? What was the anticipation like at the start of the season and how did it feel to finish?   If you have stories to tell, just curious what they are. 


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I doubt they were crying while playing....they wouldn't be ABLE to play then.

One thing you have to do is NOT put a lot of weight on individual show HAVE to treat finals night like any other show.  Of course, the fact that it IS finals night means you turn it on anyway...especially if a title is in reach. 

But when you're out there, you have a job to -- doesn't matter if it's finals or the first show of the focus on THAT, and nothing else.   You can cry later.

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Hot, a lot of bus breakdowns, Romeo and Juliet was a good show.  :)


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4 hours ago, Mello Dude said:

Hot, a lot of bus breakdowns, Romeo and Juliet was a good show.  🙂


Yeah, I was trying to parse this subject heading too and thinking, "Romeo and Juliet was a good show."


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