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Academy seeks Corps Director

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The Academy is excited to announce 

the posting of the position of Corps Director for The Academy Drum and Bugle Corps.  On Thursday, August 18th, the Board of Directors gave the blessing to move forward with this strategic expansion of the administrative team for the flagship program of the Arizona Academy of the Performing Arts. 

For more than two decades, founding leader Mark Richardson has held the position of Executive Director for the organization while also serving as Corps Director for The Academy Drum and Bugle Corps.  As the organization has grown, so have the challenges for maintaining and growing an active World Class corps.  It has become clear that in order to operate a program and organization of this scale in the ever-evolving world, more administrative resources needed to be allocated in order to cover all bases on behalf of the entire organization. 


As Richardson remains at the helm of the overarching organization, the Corps Director will serve as the primary leader for all aspects of The Academy DBC and work to ensure that all aspects of the program are functioning effectively.  

Qualified applicants should submit their contact information, expression of interest, and resume with references to Executive Director Mark Richardson at mark@arizonaacademy.org.  Work begins as early as September 1, 2022.

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Crap. I'm not qualified. I think I got Academy's style down pat though, it's very similar to my own aesthetics

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19 hours ago, scheherazadesghost said:

The description is robust for what they list as "part or full time work" and no salary info. I see this all over nonprofits so it's not a direct knock. It's just part of the wider nonprofit industry's talent bleed... attrition from burn out, limited career progression planning,  and unclear pay. CD can be a really thankless job with high pressure so burnout has to be considered.

I'm starting to think the corps director role could be split into strategic operations and education/ member experience. Ideally both would be full time and equal in responsibilities/decision making. But I know I'm dreaming big here.

Yeah though a good concept and probably a winning formula, it would also cost 2 salaries instead of 1. As we all know, DCI is the corps (2 cents to Jeff Ream) and DCI (or individual corps) tend to be reactive rather than proactive and future facing. You can't expect the "kids" to be proactive metaphorically speaking if the parents have been "reactive" since 1972. 

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No drama here, just going to a similar structure to most other corps. Corps these days are just one program of a larger non-profit. The directors of that non profit used to run the drum corps day to day, but with the added programs, that’s not possible. They become the “executive director” of the org, and hire a “corps director” for that branch of the non-profit. Corps director is very similar to the “tour director” role most are familiar with but with more off season responsibilities.

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