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  1. I'm just drooling at the prospect of hearing a full Scouts sop line on these...
  2. Another thing to look out for is corps adapting charts they played on G to Bb/F. A lot of the time it's arranged a whole step down (as was the case Scouts 2016 vs. 1999). When Star Alumni did Porgy and Bess in 2010, it too was arranged down a whole step. From what I understand, this means the mellophone fingerings (on F now instead of G) were essentially unchanged.
  3. Do you know which are the two corps they remastered?
  4. Over the past year I've been going through each finals CD from 1984 onward, discovering a ton of great shows that I had somehow missed. Usually I've been spending about two or three weeks focused on each year. That is, until I got to 1995. I just can't bring myself to listen to the mess of cymbal crashes and otherwise indistinguishable trebly noise that is those recordings, and it's making it really hard to warm up some previously unheard shows from that year. It's been taking me forever to get through them. Every other recording up to this year seems to be crystal clear, so I'm wondering what caused this huge step back in quality. I remember reading that this was the year that IBM did the recordings, but is there a reason they messed them up so bad? So much of it is just noise, and it's a shame that they're the only recordings we have of some of those classic shows like Madison and Blue Devils.
  5. Sounds great to me
  6. Honest question: what was the last opener that did this, with the whole ensemble playing the entire piece from start to finish? Nowadays, it's almost obligatory to lead up to a big hit, and follow it with a (sometimes minute-long) percussion feature before the brass comes in again.
  7. Honestly, not that loud. They actually pulled a lot of the volume back as that season progressed, and added random dynamics in places just for no reason. The big hit in "Blue Shades" at the beginning of the season was fortissimo the entire time, exactly as you would expect maybe ten years before that. An ideal drum corps sound you dream about and makes your heart race leading up to it. I remember being blown back into the stands at a small high school stadium in Georgia at the end of June. By finals, that section had been been neutered with random dynamic contrast to the point of sterility.
  9. Most? I think a better question would be which couldn't. Music books seem to be less complex nowadays to allow for more visual demand, especially among lower corps.
  10. This live take on Crossmen 1993's "Freda": Edit: Not sure how to embed the video
  11. Anyone know who Cadets' new brass arranger is?
  12. New video up featuring a demo of the Bb soprano alongside another trumpet:
  13. Would love to see them return to musical theater for 2017. This type of stuff just screams Vanguard to me:
  14. I'm trying to do the math to see which notes would be unplayable in this configuration. How would this what arrangers could do with the music (not like it'd ever happen)?
  15. Crossmen 1994 as well. I'd LOVE to hear that piece again.