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  1. Aw man. That used to be the best way to hear them play through the entire show months before the season started. Speaking of which, it's amazing to think how different things have become since, say, 2004. That winter, the Cadets posted MP3s of the full corps playing through the entire 2005 show. I listened to it throughout the the off-season. No corps would dream of doing this now...
  2. It's honestly surprising no one has re-attempted this in the modern day (though Crossmen 1995 more than did it justice). It screams modern drum corps.
  3. It's amazing how Boerma "infused" that arrangement of Funny with Malaguena. I find a new bit I hadn't picked up before each time I revisit that show.
  4. What I wouldn't give to hear the Cadets play that show note for note. Colts 1995 was pretty good too!
  5. The point this what we really want from the DCI organization, for the judging rules to basically *disallow* that type of uniform? Is it good for the performers? The staff? The audience?
  6. Reading this thread you'd assume the Cadets have never been able to pull off successful, varying themed shows in that uniform. But if the French Revolution, aviation, medieval battles, West Side Story, World War II, Westerns, Chinese New Year, Stonehenge, New York City, Jethro Tull and Toy Soldiers aren't varied themes then what are?
  7. For me the issue is less breaking from tradition, and more new style uniforms just not being well designed. There was a reason Vanguard looked so good on the field last year.
  8. So, who will have military style uniforms in DCI in 2017, or at least something close to it? Boston Crusaders, anyone else?
  9. Almost as if music you wouldn't hear in any medium except a few months of drum corps...isn't actually substantial music. Who would have thought!
  10. What they did was masterful. Not only did 1993 start right where 1992 left off, but there are pieces (or hints to them) that appear in two or even all three years, in different forms. Would be cool to make a three-part Venn diagram to show them since some are hard to pick up on. Such great shows.
  11. Any chance you have the studio recording from that year?
  12. D'oh. I think that was my favorite part of the show too.
  13. I don't mind them doing a costume. I mind that costume being just a thin layer of patterned spandex...
  14. Crown's stretch of relying heavily on brass band music starting in 2012 has definitely filled the void I've noticed lately of corps shying away from wind ensemble music. Unlike others I never thought there was an over reliance on it. And especially last year, I can't think of a single top 12 corps that played it (I might be missing one).
  15. Eleven years later...does anyone currently own the original VHS recording, or a recording of their encore that year when they played it for the audience? I hope that piece isn't lost to time. Surely there must be someone!