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  1. Predicting 2nd place.
  2. My equivalent of this Crown 2009's Puck One. Every time.
  3. Seems like Bocook did the same thing in 2006 with their original piece heavily inspired by "Jim's New Life" from Empire of Sun, also where Cadillac of the Skies is from. Freelancers 1989 did a pretty tried-and-true arrangement of this, before music licensing was really a thing in drum corps.
  4. Now I want to hear an arrangement of this for an actual orchestra.
  5. Yep. This is modern BD we're talking about after all.
  6. Which parts? Also add Madison 1997 (opener and closer I believe).
  7. I'm convinced the uniform proper will look classy, even if it is just a body suit. What I'm more concerned about is the lack of aussie and feather (but I'm sure the age-outs will figure something out for finals).
  8. The problem with music composed for drum corps (with some notable exceptions) is simply that music with only one purpose is not as high quality or as thoughtful as music meant to be heard and performed in multiple contexts. It's usually composed in a much more rushed timeframe, less of it is composed (only enough to fit the show), and is written under severe constraints in order to fit the visual program. In fact, much drum corps original music comes across as "sound effects" that serve as a background to whatever drill move or body movement is being performed.
  9. They'll also be performing at DCI West at Stanford I believe. Can't wait!
  10. I think it may make sense to group this distinction based on the types of instruments used. The horns in used in the 1970s are very different from the horns used in 1990s which are very different from those used today. This (along with instructional approach) is a pretty big determiner of the max volume you'll hear (or seem to hear) in any given show.
  11. Songs for Planet Earth Part IV. You can do this Crossmen.
  12. This seems exactly spot on.
  13. What about the Crown 1996 "Nimrod"-based fast-paced closer? I thought that worked well musically.
  14. I think the uniforms I'm looking forward to seeing most (with some trepidation) is Santa Clara Vanguard's. I'm prepared for the worst (spandex body suit, no hat or feather) but I'd love to be pleasantly surprised.
  15. With a new brass arranger this year, and the Cadets consistently putting some of my favorite arrangements on the field throughout the years, I wanted to update (and possibly correct) this list: 1983-1986: Jim Prime 1987-1992: Michael Klesch 1993-2001: Jay Bocook 2002-2003: Don Hill 2004-2016: Jay Bocook 2017: Drew Shanefield Anyone know if anything looks off or missing here? Who arranged prior to 1983 and when?