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  1. A Drum Corps Fan's Dream Part Tres

    The implementation of the Thurston lick at the end of this year's Crossmen show was pretty faithful I think. Best in a while.
  2. I don't really know what changed, and I've always found post-2000 drum corps mostly incredible (even if there's stuff I've hated), but four days after finals I can safely say 2017 has been my favorite year in a while from an entertainment standpoint. Some observations: Designs and concepts have been largely mature, and pieced together maturely, rather than insipidly as has happened in the past. Gone are the preachy, one-dimensional, kindergartener-esque themes I remember from some shows not too long ago. Enigma, Wicked Games, It Is and Ouroborous were all refined themes with integrity of meaning that could stand up to artistic scrutiny. There is even flexibility for essentially "themeless" drum corps shows like Jagged Line, diversity that should be more than welcome again. The closest to missing the mark were Phantom Regiment (and only because of the repeated voiceover and its implementation) and perhaps Blue Stars, in its cliche and limited depth. Musical design is more mature as well, flows much better and seems much more listenable. Source music across the board was the most substantial as I can remember it being recently, and same goes with the integrity of the arrangements. Corps are doing a much better job presenting music, rather than "using" it to support a theme, and there is more seamlessness and less chop-and-bop as a result. One corps even played a good minute or two of music with almost identical arrangements as their 1983 and 1990 shows, which is the true test. I'm not really sure what changed, since arrangers remain mostly the same, but I do feel the pendulum has swung back in the right direction. Hornlines are starting the emphasize volume again. I'm talking sustained, full-out ensemble moments featured meaningfully throughout every show as a default mode of musical presentation, reminiscent of the characteristic shows of the '90s. Tone quality hasn't been sacrificed per se, but 15 years after Frameworks, corps don't seem to be focusing on it at the expense of volume anymore. Even younger corps like the Crossmen, who would sound tiny (think their 2008 Planets show) as a result of pedagogical concerns, sounded big this year. Could just be that I was sitting on the 50 on row 9, but there a ton of moments I can remember of just pure sustained power, or HUGE successive stabs of brass and percussion that were actually somewhat visceral, especially from corps like Boston, Bluecoats, Crown and SCV. Possibly the season during wish I barely even wished for what I was hearing to be played on G bugles, which was surprising to me. Pacing of when the full ensemble plays, and thus of shows in generally musically, is night and day even from last year. In 2016 virtually every show would start with a full corps buildup to a hit, followed by *only the percussion* playing for the next minute or two. It would basically set the stage for the brass not really being an integral part of the show. This year seemed to eschew that construction completely. Not sure how this changed so quickly, and this year could've been a fluke. (SCV still had issues with this this year, my literal only gripe about this show.) At many of the outdoor venues I was at, especially Chester, amplification was overbearing. But being in Lucas Oil for three days made it clear that the balance and volume are intended for the acoustics of that stadium. Somehow the amplified elements seems less piercing, and more willing to blend. Even the thunderous goo wasn't as egregious as I can remember in recent years when I sat even higher up. What other observations have you noticed after this season, and what have you noticed about these in particular?
  3. Madison Scouts 2018

    Use the 1988-2002 uniform. Just to out-uniform literally everyone else on the field. To have a 14-year-old look at them and say "THAT's the corps I want to march." Why not?
  4. Carolina Crown 2018

    Still can't believe that happened. This will be the example used for years to come...
  5. Well, I don't know if this Santa Clara show can win, but if any performance could do it, it was the one we just saw. Holy ****.
  6. Overheard in the stands: "On the bright side, what we just saw is why Crown is never using a vocalist again."
  7. Ohhhhhh my God. We may have just witnessed the best Boston Crusaders performance of all time. Absolutely fantastic Finals performance.
  8. Cadets 2018

    With the Cadets a shoo-in for 7th tonight, their lowest placement in 36 years, where do they go from this flawed yet enjoyable show to medal in 2018? What has to change music, drill, staff, and design wise? Let's get this ball rolling. I believe in you, Cadets!
  9. Sounds like SCV alumni is using a mixed Bb/G line? Would have been cool to hear on all G. Still, incredible
  10. Is that supposed to be a stylized San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge on BD's snares?
  11. Take out all the voice and design more creatively to portray the witchcraft and trial theme, and you've got one of my favorite shows ever.
  12. That's the thing: these "are" the corps now. They are their theme-forward show designs. (Not that I think the theme of any drum corps show could ever be good enough to base your entire corps uniform on, but I digress.)
  13. Definite tear in PR's opener and seemed a bit flatter than yesterday overall. They'll bring it tomorrow night though!