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  1. When has amplification in drum corps *ever* been balanced properly, as opposed to what's being amped being too loud? After 13 years, there's really no reason to think it ever can be.
  2. Best drum corps show for sure.
  3. "The future" is a funny way to say "what DCI/WGI was at the time." They could have charted their own vision for the future, though again, with the economic situation as it has become, it was becoming extremely risky not to simply assimilate to what DCI was doing.
  4. I didn't, though. I grew up watching the same shows live as you have. It's just that I've actively sought out exposure to and been so spoiled by hundreds of older, much higher quality shows as produced under the previous DCI rules. I would recommend trying it too, but it would unfortunately make it more difficult to appreciate today's shows. Ultimately though, I think a new drum corps organization will one day need to sprout up. DCI would have to have completely merged with WGI and BOA for that to happen, and there are important economic hurdles to overcome, but there would be a huge demand from performers and fans young and old for such an activity to exist as a separate entity. No time soon, but someone dedicated who can make a compelling case for it can make it happen one day.
  5. It's not also how they look up close? Why does DCI still produce multi-cam videos then? Why do corps still march in parades?
  6. It is?
  7. Which examples did you have in mind? Audio if you can, but I can references timestamps and such also if they're hard to find.
  8. I don't hate modern DCI, and I still enjoy going to shows, but I do think the overall productions that hit the field are a shell of what they once were. There is something to be said about an accelerationist approach of having it fully morph into WGI, with full WGI-costuming, woodwinds and all, or even have the organizations merge. At which point one could test the waters and see if there is demand for ensembles that resemble early- to mid-1990s DCI corps. It's certainly possible; the only (obviously very tough to clear) barrier is economics, not lack of interest of students wanting to perform in such groups as some would claim. Even the tooling to make those types of instruments is still around and companies can produce them. I honestly wonder what exactly it would take to get an exploration like that off the ground.
  9. Care pointing me to a musical example from the past few years that in anyway approaches this, say, random 8th place show from 1993, in terms of substance, style, maturity of arranging, attention to detail etc.? (Purely from a brass/percussion content standpoint, not performance.) Aside from several recent Crown shows, can't really think of any.
  10. Have...have you heard any DCI shows from before 2000? I might agree that it's "fine" if you don't treat drum corps now as the same activity, but anyone familiar at all with the musical content back then would be hard pressed not to bemoan the drastic loss of quality and substance in this new era.
  11. (Double post)
  12. (Double post)
  13. That show parked and barked even the slow (ballad) part
  14. It reminds me at least a little but of the Puck One segment from 2009, which I think the body movement totally made. I'll reserve judgment until I see them live.