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  1. 2017 DCA Finals

    good for you and DrS and others in this conversation as Bucs Alumni. Proud moment for sure. Last year, I really thought C2 deserved it. It was a shocking, crazy moment. Tonight, Bucs cranked out an awesome show. And so did Cabs and CV in particular. If CV wins I would look at recaps and try to figure out how they did it. But, it could happen and I'll say be deserved. Just thought I'd go on record about that. A little extra competition at this point, very healthy. The shows and the complete corps tonight, all awesome. Proud to have been in and be staying close with the activity. (don't look at our national and world news until next day - this is a true getaway!) And Moto, yah go for it. (easier said than done)
  2. 2017 DCA Finals

    prop panels, simple, effective guard colors wow
  3. 2017 DCA Finals

    french horns and trombones are working well ... embrace change! CV french horn moment just now, beautiful.
  4. 2017 DCA Finals

    for sure, Bull Call was there
  5. 2017 DCA Finals

    trpt trio - cabs classic. and a High A maybe?
  6. 2017 DCA Finals

    C2: got to give it - big full brass sound at the close. Really fine. All proud as drum corps fans? (glad the judges need to mark it) (oh yeah, so most of season I was in there #####in' at amplification, and the related malfunctions. Well now here I am with the home sound system, all amplification LOL. Full circle. No acoustic horns and drums here! Levels the field. No amp comments tonight!)
  7. 2017 DCA Finals

    C2: phenomenal end to that last piece, big jazz band sound, swingin'. (before closer) And really knife clean drill formation at end.
  8. 2017 DCA Finals

    Really appreciated the WS drill from the cams - again Flo when you are on, it is great! (lol - personification of our friend Flo)
  9. 2017 DCA Finals

    agreed on both. Kidsgrove horn runs (all 16th's) for like 8-12 bars was awesome, all sections.
  10. 2017 DCA Finals

    Kids; final chord all Tonic (root, the 1). Do I have that right? Interesting power of unison note. Age contrast from prior corps is jumping off the screen! Good for Kidsgrove to have some serious "all age". Both body and physical marching skill attributes by age have their merit. The mature horn sound is a winner. Battle of ages. Great shows tonight all.
  11. 2017 DCA Finals

    Kids: That walkin' bass pizzicato synth very effective. Heard at Reading show and was not sure. Mentioned it to others - it is there. Very cool use.
  12. 2017 DCA Finals

    Fusion - great performance, everyone threw down, and the group energy was ON. About 8 bars from the end, low brass figure - wow, not sure I have heard anything like that! Loved it. Proud charter member here. And Sop nailed the High F - yeah.
  13. 2017 DCA Finals

    Minn - wow closing statement! Mids powering thru, and pit high sticks! Nice push.
  14. 2017 DCA Finals

    Minn guard uniforms in gold look sleek and great, esp against the horns and battery dark blue/black. When Flo video working I think spectacular, close-ups are great. And now sound is perfect - keep goin' no jinx!
  15. 2017 DCA Finals

    running well now. Thanks McLovin ... I switched to hardwire ethernet this AM. As I wrote, plenty of bandwidth here. I'd say on Flo's end. Also seems they don't recover old streams that are dead. So reload after a freeze >10 secs, I'd say. Each new stream starts about 30 seconds back from real time, buffer needed I suppose. Multiple tabs gets interesting. Last, the split screen (Multi - High) seems to get independent sound feeds and can be out of sync. So Multi one screen here. Happy now .......... btw, saving 15 hours of driving this time, thankful for the what we get Flo!