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  1. oh no. I'll have to fill in the comments. Nahhh that would be mucho biased. Joey and David interviewing now - fun.
  2. These Box5 interviews are a great addition. Joey and David serious vets with perspective. And Joey brings the humor. "outta jail" David right there on the jokes. LOL.
  3. As you reported these tarp changes, I was trying to figure out what science did the color change. LOL So these triangle flips are cool and changes the visual geometry. Overall color tapestry gorgeous. And the whole corps works in with those shapes - well done. Love the hornline, ever since Kingston 2017. A corps to beat.
  4. just wrote some lyrics... >>>"Purple mountain majesties" wow - gorgeous sunset and Box5 screen view is gorgeous.
  5. Interesting. Are you at stadium or on Box5? I had same thought when watching from Box5. On stream it is all carried to us by electronics (mics, amps, stream tech, networks, your computer, video and speakers etc.) So the effect of amplification at stadium when on Box5 streaming, I think is much less and compared to watching live. Ya know what I mean?
  6. Kevin, awesome play by play as usual. Suggestion: maybe turn off your signature for tonight, and get more posts per page?
  7. Thanks Box5. I joined for Prelims around 6:45 PM last night. Service was excellent. High Cam view was solid. Audio great. Now for Finals just joined for Sunrisers and on. All good. Using home wifi - no troubles.
  8. Actually, they won Kingston last year. I remember blogging out about seeing them warmup, looking strong, and the the victory concert was great. That nite was an arrival. Inside their corps there's probaby other perspective. Last year Fusion 2nd, Cabs 3rd. And 4-5 Bush-Sun as this year. Some perennial competition here folks.
  9. At Kingston White Sabers now in victory concert [1] 0.05 over Cabs [2] Sabers 2.85 over Fusion [3] Scores are up on DCA
  10. A great night for drum corps. Cabs have a great tradition here. Bought an unreserved ticket, floated around, visited souvies, had at least 15 conversations with folks I rarely see now. Watched entire show from stands (3 spots) last by right side 40, stands perspective right), or sidelines. Cabs alumni - sorry I heard it as I circled the stadium to walk a few blocks to car. A few comments, not nearly a review ... Encore – really groovy pit w/ elect kybd, and set drummer awesome in the pocket, he may have been 12 YO if that. A corps from college alma mater New Brunswick. Great energy on the field, lots to work with. Strong trumpet sounds. Full package, guard and battery. Great to see a 1st season corps. DCI circuit I believe. Saints – new uniforms and gorgeous. They have some big trips possible for 2020 – watch this space. Skyliners – rebuilding time. (same for alumni, but the repertoire is great to live on!) Hurcs – great sound, energy. Now the competition is ON. Bush – many examples of great musicianship, as always. Pablo panels apparently not ready. Tough choice to have blank very present panels on field. Will probably be very cool uplift when ready. Sun – sorry, distracting troubles with amplification. Buzzed out for last 5 mins or so. <side note on sound systems) Ain’t easy to compete with the sounds systems of all. Geez C2 had a huge stack with audio engineer on the track. Other corps I spotted with the really cool remote pad control. All corps using them seem to have impressive sound systems, represents investment, and effort. Some have double speaker set on each side. No limits here folks. On field and sideline mics for horns remains a big show attribute. Often featured. Fusion – spectacular display of large color guard silks at end, full rainbow of color. One drill set, probably inspired by Star Wars, of corps fading in like 3d perspective to backfield, for me breathtaking. Lots of potential. Some rebuilding. Horn line blend great, very unified line. Bucs – big brass sound lots of fun. The pit is huge and talented. Need to see then again and again. C2 – best big brass sound of the night. Perfect pyramid of sound, balance in 4 voices of horns. And powerful. Thought they took the show. This was sidelines view. Cabs – Open brass set best of night. Making you want more and more. Rest of brass pieces often struggled. Closer soloists very effective, very talented. Needs to lock in. But the stereo effect seemed quite unique, and appreciated. Cabs Alumni – this is their home. The 16 beat cadence alone, worth the price. Loved all the corps. All of these comments have other sides. Only offered to spark discussion and to say yeah we are out here enjoying.