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  1. Rufus67

    Couchmen 2018 Show Announcement

    This announcement has me so excited I almost couldn't take my morning nap!
  2. That's the thing that gets me the most about the activity (a mix of art/athleticism). Take figure skating - everyone knows if a performer falls during a routine they're not winning that day (unless other competitors fall more). During a drum corps performance where you see marchers out of step, using different marching styles, etc., and yet see them score higher in visual than other corps, it doesn't instill a lot of faith in the system (i.e., doesn't pass the eye test).
  3. Couple of steps: Define what "visual" caption means, specifically what's being evaluated and how by the judges (beyond the flowery language that explains each caption - give specifics regarding why one corp's visual is rated higher than another's) Make sure judges are evaluating based on what they see and not what they want to see (peer reviews, training, testing out, etc.) Make transparent their ratings and notes to keep them honest and inform the paying public Give up on the first three ever happening and just enjoy the shows - it'll never be defined and adjudicated to everyone's (anyone's?) satisfaction
  4. Had mine removed during the week while marching DCA and went to rehearsal the following weekend. Remember laying low (informed brass staff what was going on and why) during the day's rehearsal then, like the dumb-a$$ I was, got into the horn arc and thought "I'm feeling ok - let's try this triple forte chord!" Once done brought the horn down and saw blood in the mouthpiece. Yuck! Thankfully that kind of thing didn't linger long and am pretty sure I was able to play during that weekend's performance. Definitely not worth pushing this early in the season.
  5. Rufus67

    The future of the Cadets

    Your point is well taken. I was on the first flight out of San Diego on the 14th traveling to Atlanta. I remember three things: The captain went down the aisle and eyeballed every single passenger on the plane before we pushed back from the gate. When they passed out the plastic silverware for the meal all the knives had been removed. As a group we were ready, willing, and eager to defend the plane if anyone tried anything. The Cadets will be just fine and, dare I say, should be able to grow out of mess that was GH quite nicely.
  6. Rufus67

    YEA board resigns

    Thank goodness. Healing thoughts to all affected.
  7. Ok, you win the internet today. The rest of us can stop trying now...
  8. Not that my voice counts for a lot but, as a parent who's sent tuition dollars to the Scouts and volunteered time with them, I'm very glad to see them make this move.
  9. Rufus67

    Moving to a top 4 corp

    Our son's marched for two different corps over the last couple of years, neither a finalist. This is his age-out year and he never thought for a second of going somewhere else, thinking of the first corps as his home (he was a late-season fill-in for the other corps). Who's to say that's right for everyone though? If your kid has the chops and desire to audition for perennial contenders then that's what they should do.
  10. Is there a vendor site, or someplace on DCI, that took photos of the corps during their performances this weekend? DCA has that, broken down by corps, but I can't locate the same for DCI.
  11. No, it isn't, and is at least based on something objective.
  12. Rufus67

    Madison Scouts 2017

    Not sure how you maintain their identity while rebranding but here's the thing as I see it - they needed to change, bigly, to remain relevant in today's drum corps. Someone mentioned that they don't see anything to draw young performers to the ranks but I'll politely disagree. Trotting out the iconic green tops, or variations thereof, and thumbing their nose at where DCI is headed was no longer working. It was also probably turning off a good number of young gentlemen who might have come out for auditions. In any case, they've moved the needle from "what do they need to do to become part of competitive drum corps" to "they should've have done the change differently." Regardless how you view the changes this year there is no denying (1) they went big with the change and (2) they put themselves back on the competitive landscape. Now it's about refining, paying attention to the way the wind blows competitively, and keeping the product fresh. Also, as far as identities go, they will always be Madison, always sing MYNWA, always have alumni adopt a current marcher and present their NAIL, and always be a brotherhood. The Cadets maintain their traditions, Blue Devils theirs, and newer corps like Crown evolve seemingly with the sunrise (Purple Pants Band, Abandon All Hope, etc.). Those traditions will continue and tie the various generations together more than the product put on the field ever could.
  13. Rufus67

    Madison Scouts 2017

    Didn't think I'd like that show but have to admit I like both the costumes and uniforms. This from an admitted old fart whose son marched with Scouts. I know! I'm shocked too! Oh, and go big or go home! Scouts went big!!