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  1. What goes around comes around

    Aside from BWBB, which was completely epic and brought the house down every night, I find 2002 Cadets mostly forgettable. I'm not sure why you'd pick this one out as something the corps should rehash, especially since 2002 itself was a rehash of the superior 1995 show. Compared to the preceding decade (93-02), 2002 might be the weakest show of the bunch. Compared to the subsequent decade (02-11), 2002 fares a little better but that's mostly because Sarah Jones' breast cancer and the music of Jethro Tull were total duds as show concepts. But certainly 05, 07, 09, 11 were much stronger shows. In many ways 2002 foreshadows a lot of the Cadets' subsequent design problems with the performance overshadowed by a bunch of unappealing cheese (the pledge, the fire sirens, etc.)
  2. Video edits 2017

    I have to say that the never-ending stream of licensing problems has killed the BluRay product for me. There are just too many edits that remove too much core material from the performances to make it worth the money. DCI is now something to enjoy while it happens each summer. I feel quite sad for Boston - cutting a quarter of their show entitled Wicked Games because they couldn't get sync rights to the song Wicked Game is just madness.
  3. Cadets 2018

    You know, sometimes it's best not give people ideas. I'm just saying...
  4. 2018 Staff Announcements (new thread)

    I am really sorry to see Weber leaving SCV. Over recent years, I've found his to be some of the most musical on the field. Not that SCV isn't in great hands with Gaines, but I certainly hope Pete pops back up somewhere else, maybe after taking a bit of a break.
  5. Yes, no doubt it was a good compromise. It's held for, what, 6 years? And greatly reduced tensions from where things stood in winter 2011. TOC has mellowed out, too - there's no longer any talk of them crowning a TOC champion, for example, and they've included many more non-G7 corps in the shows. Nobody needs to be in any hurry to mess with it IMO. I think the "silent partner" in the deal has been the relatively good economics of DCI in recent years. Lots of attendance records means that many insiders are more focused on growing the pie rather than taking a bigger slice. But good times never last forever ... some of the same concerns from the top groups are bound to resurface the next time there is a downturn.
  6. Cadets 2018

    This is true - they do need consistently strong show designs. But they also need to attract the kids that can perform those shows at a Top 3 level. And they also need the money to pay for the whole thing during a couple more years that are likely to be competitively pretty rough. I don't think there's any quick fix. It took Cavies 4 years after the crash to come back and they still haven't won another medal. It took Phantom 4 years from crash to medal, but things haven't gone so well for them since then. It took SCV 7 years from the Rennick/Shaw staff changes to medal (and they also added the single biggest design name in the activity into the mix this past year). The optimistic scenario for a Cadets turnaround is 4 years. For the pessimistic scenario ... well, check out the Madison threads sometime.
  7. No, but they also remember where Cadets' brass finished this year. They have as much chance of winning the Ott in 2018 as BK, i.e. basically none.
  8. Phantom Regiment 2018

    In this case, Lauridsen specifically doesn't want marching bands to do O Magnum. He's done arrangements of the work for brass ensemble, string orchestra and concert band according to his website.
  9. Cadets 2018

    Costume is one aspect of visual scoring (and it obviously has no impact on music scores). The fact that a good costume isn't a golden ticket to a finals spot doesn't mean that it's irrelevant to the scores. Academy had great costumes this year, which probably helped their effect and visual scores. Fact: visual judges have commented on uniforms for forever. Every single guard on the field has used show-specific costumes for decades. Most of the top 12 used show-specific costumes this year, and likely all will do so next year. There's no way that every visual designer in the activity would put this kind of effort and money into costumes if they believed it has no impact on the score. I think you do have point that costumes aren't a competitive advantage once everyone does them - but it's still a competitive disadvantage if everyone else does it but you do not. So like many changes in the activity, there was an advantage to the first mover - Bloo '16. Now everyone else finds themselves doing similar things to keep up, with the long-term competitive balance unchanged.
  10. Phantom Regiment 2018

    Morten Lauridsen is a prof at USC , and I am sure would be amused at the idea that his "estate" is making decisions rather than his own preference of how his works are used.
  11. This has to be the first time in the history of the internets that DCP has been described as a "love letter to WGI". Thank you for bringing a smile to my face this Friday afternoon!
  12. Cadets 2018

    If BD wants it, nothing in the current rules prevents them from pre-recording 16 professional sax players. I am actually sort of surprised that nobody has done this yet.
  13. How About Some Common Ground?

    A timing penalty is a different thing from a lower score in GE. If you start late - beyond the "oh ####" period now allowed for groups to fix their electronics - you certainly should get the timing penalty that the rules specify.
  14. Hitting Hard 2018

    This is the hard truth of DCI. Many corps will get better in 2018. Only a few will place higher.
  15. Corps Income/Revenue Stream

    According to his bio, Boston was his first corps. Maybe he just wanted to get back to his roots? Maybe you should learn something about the staffers, instructors and judges whose integrity and motivations you are so willing to impugn?