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  1. I guess you could just as well say that live brass playing is never going to sound like a brass sample picked from dozens of takes with a bunch of effects applied. Nevertheless, most of us would be pretty dissatisfied if a corps played pre-recorded brass. DCI is a performance activity. IMO, if you want to use singing as part of your show, you should bring a singer to perform it. In regards to Crown's vocalist, like others have said, I think that she is a good stylistic match for For Good, but not such a good match for N12K1 - in the original the voice is much thinner/breathier so it works better as a quasi-percussion instrument.
  2. Were there some changes to the Dona Nobis Pacem section in the latest video? I've always felt this was one of the most obvious drum corps moments in Mass, but I wasn't really feeling it in the Denton video.
  3. Another very impressive recap for SCV, 1st in content from all 8 judges. I am definitely starting to believe they have what the green shirts want this year.
  4. We're now up to 60 responses that followed the OP's rules (1 pick per year), which include 83 shows from 15 corps. Here are the top 3 for each year: 2007 Phantom Regiment (18), Carolina Crown (14), Cadets (8) 2008 Phantom Regiment (35), Carolina Crown (8), Cavaliers (5) 2009 Carolina Crown (19), Vanguard (14), Blue Devils (12) 2010 Cavaliers (14), Phantom Regiment (13), Blue Devils/Bluecoats (5) 2011 Cadets (25), Phantom Regiment (12), Cavaliers (6) 2012 Blue Devils (15), Carolina Crown (10), Phantom Regiment (8) 2013 Carolina Crown (28), Vanguard (12), Blue Devils/Bluecoats (4) 2014 Bluecoats (21), Blue Devils (20), Blue Knights (7) 2015 Carolina Crown (19), Blue Devils (13), Bluecoats (9) 2016 Bluecoats (24), Academy (9), Vanguard (7) And your overall decade-long medalists Bronze: The Cadets 2011 Between Angels and Demons - 25 votes Silver: Carolina Crown 2013 e=mc2 - 28 votes Gold: Phantom Regiment 2008 Spartacus - 35 votes
  5. Well obviously if a corps hosts the show, they keep the net after expenses. One of those expenses is the DCI-mandated appearance fees that the host must pay to all the participating corps. Are there other revenue sharing deals amongst the former G7 around the TOC? It seemed like there might have been back when TOC got started - when they formed Music in Motion as a separate org and awarded a separate TOC champion - but I'm skeptical that any of that still survives.
  6. Actually, I'd say any number of videos I've watched this year on Youtube - presumably all shot on an iPhone or Android - have been superior in video and audio quality to the Flo broadcasts. I don't think it's mostly an equipment problem, I think it's what they're doing or not doing with that equipment. I agree with your other points about the issues with Flo.
  7. If I've learned anything from being a DCI streaming media consumer for more than a decade, the answer is always "licensing".
  8. SCV has to be feeling pretty good from that recap. #1 in drums & visual proficiency. #1 in content for ge music & guard. #2 in content for vis analysis, music analysis, brass. If they can get the performance scores up to the content scores, they will have a very strong caption picture late season.
  9. We've had Murfreesboro with the top 8 for a very long time - 2 decades? And certainly any show with 8 finalists is going to sell very well and generate a lot of interest. So it's fan-friendly to have few of these each year. The initial point was that the TOC shows were operated by "the seven", so they got to keep all of the net income from them. I know this is still the case with some: Dekalb = Phantom, Winston Salem = Crown, Chester = Cadets, Massillon = Bloo. Are they all produced by the former G7?
  10. I don't know that they need to lose them entirely, but for sure they need to take them off much sooner as they make the drill look like a big blob. Look #2, from the high cam, looks much like the classic Cadets uniform - I want to see more of it!
  11. This is definitely something of an arms race. There are a lot of competitively hungry groups in DCI right now. If you can score better by micing a small ensemble, groups are going to do exactly that. After SCV gets a medal and a great brass score this year, there will be a bunch of others next year. For many people, the sound of a big acoustic brass line is a fundamental part of the identity of DCI. But there's nothing in the adjudication that specifically rewards it. If you were just concerned about maximizing score, you'd amplify an awesome 16 person brass line and put more GE-generating guard members on the field. I'm sure someone is going to try it in the not very distant future. If that's not what the corps collectively want, they and the new Artistic Director are probably going to have to make rules/scoring changes.
  12. Tom Blair = guy who produces the DVD/BluRay/cinecasts. Steve Rondinaro/Dennis Delucia = guys who do commentary for the theater broadcasts
  13. We had 2 or 3 buffering events & 1 full freeze when watching Dekalb, none after we switched to Denver. Their web player is astoundingly primitive - no way to go full screen? The video quality was OK - although it seems to me we've had higher res streams in past years. Audio was better from Denver than from Dekalb. The least professional area was the multicam shot selection. Many times they cut to a camera showing empty grass, or to the soloist/section that just finished playing, or to someone in the midst of swinging their camera around. Surely they can do better than this - why not just contract some of the people who did this in past years for DCI Live/Fan Network? Are we still going to get Tom Blair & team for championships?
  14. I think all the concern about placements is overdone - that ship has sailed, Cadets won't need to worry about whether medals coordinate well with their uniforms for a few years IMO. The question is more whether they can put a compelling show on the field and give strong performances of it as the season goes on. I think there are parts of the show that are quite strong. The choir is good and is well used and well integrated. The 3 uniforms, taken by themselves, are nicely done - especially #2 is a pretty good modernization of the traditional uniform. The music book is quite faithful to the original work, and pretty enjoyable if you know the source material. But it seems undeniable that it's failing to reach the audience. My wife, who does not know Bernstein's Mass, was mostly scratching her head as we watched the stream last night and didn't get much out of it. They obviously started with an idea of portraying the same dramatic arc as the original work - "faithful, fallen, forgiven" is a pretty good 3 word synopsis of Mass - but they aren't successfully portraying this. So it kind of comes across as a heavy handed, literal show about crosses, bibles and a hectoring preacher rather than a story about religious people who rebel against their faith, lose it, and eventually rediscover it. If there's one thing that they could fix, it's probably the male narrator. Is he playing the character of the Celebrant? If so, we should see him portray the loss of faith like he does in the original work - but instead he just seems to "preach" from beginning to end and doesn't develop much at all. On the other hand, if he's just a voice over, then they should cut 80% of his material - a small phrase at the beginning of each section to help the thematic change would be fine.
  15. I don't know that it's anything about BD. Plenty of people made the exactly the same comments about Cavaliers 'and Cadets' 99.15. And about all the caption 20s that have been handed out over the years. If judges run out of room, it just means they need to manage their numbers so that they can award the top unit the spread they deserve. BD 2014 was a great corps with a great show, but they'd have been just as great (and maybe gotten a bit bigger spread to Bloo) if the judging community had calibrated lower and awarded a 98.65 on finals night.