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  1. That was a pretty convincing recap. Winning 6 of 8 sheets, with guard the only thing that maybe looks weaker. BD and Bloo mostly mixing up ordinals with each other, not with SCV. The fat lady, she is warming up. If the weekend brings a better guard result, maybe then she will be singing?
  2. For fun, the DCP thread for Allentown 2008 catches up with their performance (which was on Fan Network, with each video posted a few minutes after the corps' performance) somewhere around page 15. This was the very first time they killed poor Will. You can see plenty of people went nuts for the ending immediately:
  3. The answer to the OP, BTW, is "no". SCV is in the driver's seat, is certainly going to medal, and I will be surprised it's anything below Gold.
  4. Yes, pretty much the whole summer people saw it coming. When they introduced the ending and won their night at Allentown (beating Cavaliers IIRC), lots of people on DCP thought they would contend the next week. I remember talking to an old timer in the lobby of my hotel in Indy when I checked in that "this could finally be Phantom's year". Live in the audience in Bloomington, it was totally obvious that they were better than Crown and Cavaliers on Thursday/Friday. But the back-to-back with BD on Saturday night was very intense. Lots of people wanted it to happen on Saturday night, not sure how many believed it had before they read the scores. Edit: Nope, PR had 2nd highest score at Allentown (0.075 behind Cavies, 0.175 ahead of BD) but on a different night from BD/Cavs
  5. ShortAndFast

    2018 Tour Premiere

    I liked Crown and Bluecoats across the board. Crown has an excellent music book, save for a boring ballad. Bluecoats have a fantastic music book, and are trying some really interesting things with their singer. Cavaliers and Boston struck me similarly - clear performance improvements from last year, but sadly not as many design improvements. I though Boston bringing back the fire prop, but for like 75% of the show this time just in case you missed it last year, was a total eye-roller. I thought the Cavaliers brass line was a really pleasant surprise. The only show I really disliked was Phantom. You know, after waiting 29 years, maybe they should have just kept on waiting.... Overall - In general, everyone seemed to have backed off the amped brass, which was refreshing. It was especially interesting to hear the Bluecoats do a much more "unplugged" show. - Seeing them right in a row, it really struck me that PR, Cavaliers and Boston had the same show. All are built around one familiar musical theme, that they keep bringing back in similar ways at similar points in the show. It felt very much like Hollywood movies that hit the same story "beats" at the same time markers, no matter what the ostensible theme of the movie is. - Crown's costume is pretty well done. I also liked Bluecoats' "non-uniform" - very clear overall look despite everyone being a little bit different. Blue Stars with everyone in the same uniform was interesting, but mostly seemed to make the guard hard to see. I thought Boston's corps' uniforms were the worst of the night - I'm not sure what about purple spandex was supposed to suggest "shipwrecked survivor".
  6. What did it take in this high-profile case of an artistic leader who was fired after credible accusations of harassment? I note that Mr. Levine apparently had no difficulty finding a lawyer willing to argue his case for defamation and breach of contract. Admittedly he has more resources to pay the lawyer and more to gain from a possible settlement than GH does. None of us, I assume, are privy to the details of GH's employment agreement with YEA so none of us know for sure what causes of action he might have. I can guarantee that YEA is taking care that they do not provide him with any due to clumsy public statements. I do agree that an active criminal investigation raises the bar much higher if GH is considering it.
  7. ShortAndFast

    Update from the Philadelphia Inquirer

    My assumption is that the stories are out there, and the reporter has probably heard a lot of them in the last 6 weeks. Her job as an investigative reporter is to confirm the stories, get people to talk on the record, give those accused the opportunity to respond, ask people in authority to respond to the allegations, and so forth. I'm sure that all takes time, but it's pretty easy to imagine one substantive/credible story a month for quite a while. I doubt DCI is well-positioned to survive this kind of "drip drip drip" of negative publicity. I wonder who is advising the DCI Board on how to handle this?
  8. ShortAndFast

    Update from the Philadelphia Inquirer

    I'm going to guess this isn't the last such story that could be told. Why would the Philly Inquirer reporter stop until she has published all she can verify? Does DCI really want a story like this hitting once a month for the whole summer?
  9. This is unfortunately often true in this type of situation, in my experience. If YEA gives GH a cause of action, I would expect him to sue. Wrongful termination or defamation are probably the two most likely complaints - after all, GH has not been charged with or convicted of any crime to this point. I'd certainly expect that the new BoD's counsel is advising them very carefully on what they can and cannot say. So far, all of their public statements have been well-vetted, and they should definitely continue that way.
  10. It's very hard to imagine GH ever returning to the activity in any capacity. He's too well known, and the news coverage of his misdeeds is too extensive. But, without any first-hand knowledge, I suspect that there are other people who were not so well known and whose misdeeds were handled quietly. If there's no arrest or conviction or news coverage, it's probably not going to show up on a future employer's background check. Even with the best of intentions and a solid vetting process, it's not possible to have perfect knowledge of the background of every staff member and volunteer in a large organization.
  11. ShortAndFast

    The future of the Cadets

    I think it's a good ask. They unquestionably are going to need the money - all of the cleanup, lawyers, pr, investigations, audits, etc. doesn't come for free - and more strategically, it's a great idea to ask people who had stopped supporting over the years to contribute once again now that the org is under new leadership.
  12. ShortAndFast

    The future of the Cadets

    I agree with your points as well. I don't thing they should worry about their competitive outcome at all this summer. Let their staff do their jobs, pay the bills, get the corps down the road to August and it's "mission accomplished" in my book.
  13. ShortAndFast

    The future of the Cadets

    I have personally helped a non-profit recover from an Executive Director's malfeasance. What you say is true - if they survive, organizations can emerge from a crisis like this stronger in every respect. GH managed to burn an absolutely epic number of bridges during his long tenure, and you have to imagine at least some of those people will now want to support the org again. If that's harnessed, a few years from now YEA could find itself with a clear strategy, better leadership, good management, stronger programs, healthier financials. But first it has to survive. I find it hard to imagine that GH combined the personal behavior that's been reported with, say, amazing fiscal rectitude or great record keeping or best practice IT policies . So I imagine the new board has quite a few other messes to clean up beyond what has been publicly discussed. Even with the best of people and the best of intentions, it's going to be years before YEA has this fully behind them.
  14. Yes, the YEA board certainly has to be careful here to avoid providing grounds that GH could use to sue for defamation, wrongful termination or similar. I am sure they are being advised by their counsel to toe the line in their public statements.