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  1. Hey! That me at the end of the opener! Fun season!
  2. Actually, there has been some discussion on the Crossmen Alumni Facebook group about it. It seems as though the new Director is is being very clear eyed about addressing it amongst the alumni’s concerns. Then this announcement tonight.
  3. I grew up in Casper. Mr. Jones started touring to give kids in Casper the opportunity to travel who would have probably never had that experience. It is ironic.
  4. Right, more kids that CAN afford it. Money, more and more money. Cheap experience? I couldn’t have afforded it, let alone march for 6 seasons. I have heard that argument before, and DONT BUY IT. I am sure there are performers who can’t afford it. That is by far the minority. By. Far. I guess we can agree to disagree. But I watched the change. I was there in the trenches. Where I worked there wasn’t any mercy for kids who couldn’t afford it. Kids who 20 years ago could have done it. That’s a fact, chum. Drum Corps is an activity for the top 10%. I have heard that with
  5. The “inclusion” rap is laughable. The sheer cost makes the experience unreachable for way too many. Inclusion? Look for ways to reach more kids who can’t afford $5,000 for a summer. Just the economics of it makes Drum Corps exclusionary by class.
  6. Maybe all time... The best teachers I have EVER SEEN are Middle School teachers. Period. Fact. No credible argument can be made unless you are galactically ignorant. I guess that’s how some judge quality teachers. What grade they teach. Stupid. Dazzlingly stupid.
  7. Don, I am sorry you are having to defend yourself in this forum. This kind of thing represents the worst side of this Forum. People who, anonymously for the most part, spread half-truths, idle gossip, and dirty laundry here. People who think they know something and mostly don't. As Don said in an earlier post; these are real people you are talking about. A good friend of mine described drum corps as "Politics for Peanuts." Outside of the 10-12 people who can actually support themselves through this activity, the rest of us do it out of love for the activity, an honest desire to
  8. I am just going to limit my comments to the management style. It was a very "Political" management style. There were two kinds of people, "The people who were there, and the people who heard about it." Conversations that were had on the bus were reported to management. It was like a twisted game of telephone. People were set against each other, purposefully. I don't know who EXACTLY was doing this but, it was the management style. Some relationships recovered some have not. A great friend of mine told me," if you can get through a summer with the same friends you came in with, it been a g
  9. The thing I think the YEA situation and this situation have in common is competent Board over sight. YEAs Board, it seems, were enablers and blind supporters of the Executive Director. In this second case, there really is no Board Oversight. The Board are the owners/buyers of the Crossmen, a recent age out, and one other person. This is an issue with many drum corps and an area that needs to be addressed. DCI does have the authority to get into internal Day to Day business. I worked for a drum corps who’s board couldn’t meet regularly because Board Members simply would not come to m
  10. I have been watching this thread since the article came out. I feel like I need to clarify some things. My name is Jason Buckingham and I am the staff person quoted in the article. Let me state a couple things clearly. 1. I have no first hand knowledge of ANY issues with Joel during his time at the Crossmen. As far as I know, nothing happened there in my time. 2. When it came to speaking to Mgt. about concerns with the situation staff members (2012) were told "it was none of our business and you can leave if its a problem for you." 3. I said it was an "unwarranted risk." To
  11. Yes and thanks for the kind words! I am beyond thrilled to be working with Chuck again. Especially with this Corps.